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Prompt number : #102
Title : For You
Pairing : Chanyeol/Kyungsoo
Rating : PG
Warning : (if any) -
Word count : 2846 words
Summary: Chanyeol confesses in the only way he knows best, through his music.
Author note : First of all, thank you to the mods for organizing this! You guys are the best! Secondly, I apologise in advance for the mistakes I have made and if this wasn't what you envisioned your prompt to be like but I still hope that you will enjoy reading it! Thank you!

If there is one thing that Do Kyungsoo enjoys the most – other than his ‘ME’ time -, it is watching Park Chanyeol make music. There is just something very magical and eye-catching about the way Chanyeol would often weave words, sounds and beats together to make very harmonious melodies that Kyungsoo knows very well can only come from Park Chanyeol himself. The way his music often sounds – it was something that is entirely and purely Park Chanyeol; it always leaves a long-lasting impression and that is something Kyungsoo always finds hard to express: in short, words are never enough to fully describe the content, the joy, Kyungsoo experiences whenever he gets the chance to listen to Chanyeol’s compositions.

(Kyungsoo has been busy lately with his own personal schedules. The movie he is currently filming for requires him to travel back and forth between Seoul and Goheung and it isn’t something that Kyungsoo can easily skip because his greediness in wanting to deliver wonderfully doesn’t let him do that. Most of the time, whenever he arrives at the dorm, Kyungsoo would be too tired to head over to Chanyeol’s studio and instead would just spend what little time he has to himself by either catching up with his parents, resting and studying his lines).

Whether it be a cover or an original, Kyungsoo extremely enjoys watching Chanyeol make music. There is never a point in time – ever since Kyungsoo met him, at least – where he had been envious of Chanyeol’s talent; Kyungsoo knows what he lacks in that particular area, he makes it up with singing. Kyungsoo isn’t one to toot his own horn but Kyungsoo knows his own voice, knows how to express the emotions, knows how rich his voice is compared to his friends – Jongdae’s voice is sharp and clean while Baekhyun’s range is no joke as well. Kyungsoo loves listening to his friends’ voices but he loves watching Chanyeol making great music the most. He admires Chanyeol’s amazing talents.

It is lost on Kyungsoo when Chanyeol had eagerly asked him to come with him to his studio that night. Kyungsoo had only just returned back to the dorm after a long day of training as well as filming and reading the script for another movie – he is currently reading the script for Hyung: a movie about a Judo fighter whose older brother had been released from prison – when Chanyeol approached him.

“Come with me to the studio.” Chanyeol had grasped his hand and gently turned it over so that he can caress Kyungsoo’s palm with his thumb. “I have something I want to show you.”

Kyungsoo had been startled out of his reverie and he furrowed his eyebrows as he raised his head to look at Chanyeol. Chanyeol is looking at him with an expectant expression – there were some emotions that flashed in his eyes but they had been too fast for Kyungsoo to read and he was also tired too, the feel of Chanyeol’s thumb rubbing against his hand was slowly lulling him. Though Kyungsoo definitely enjoyed the attention Chanyeol is giving him because he simply missed the latter a lot. “Okay.” Kyungsoo nodded his head – nowadays, he barely even had enough time to hang out with Chanyeol, like how they used to. So when the opportunity presented itself, who was Kyungsoo to decline the offer. “Let’s go then.”

Chanyeol smiled at him so brightly, so contagiously Kyungsoo cannot help but smile back at him. He turned around and only dropped Kyungsoo’s hand so that he can properly hold Kyungsoo’s hand before the two of them walked out of the dorm.

Disregarding his tiredness, Kyungsoo decides to follow Chanyeol to his studio. The walk to the studio is filled with comfortable silence and minute chatters about how their days spent apart had been – sometimes the thing Kyungsoo and Chanyeol have gets a little bit confusing because they had gradually crossed over the lines of simply being best of friends to something more a long time ago but neither had addressed it officially – and Kyungsoo is hit with how much he suddenly misses Chanyeol. Although despite their time apart, it definitely felt like nothing had changed at all between the two of them.

To his surprise, when they finally reached Chanyeol’s studio – the studio was only a good ten minutes’ walk from their dorm, nothing much has changed except for a few more added decorations – Kyungsoo recalled Chanyeol texting him about how he had won a figure from the claw machine when he had gone on a vacation to Tokyo with Sehun – and a few more photos pasted over the wall, by the computer and a few framed photos of Chanyeol and himself. Kyungsoo couldn’t help but smile when he sees them – he is filled with so much warmth right now and if he wasn’t tired, Kyungsoo would probably have shed a tear or something.

“I missed this.” Kyungsoo mutters but it is loud enough for Chanyeol to hear because the latter threw a grin over his shoulder at Kyungsoo and tightened the hold he has on Kyungsoo’s hand and pulled Kyungsoo inside the studio. The studio certainly feels like how it used to: comfortable, homey and it brought back a lot of memories. This studio had also been the place when Kyungsoo and Chanyeol had first kissed. “You printed a lot more photos.” Kyungsoo observed.

“Needed my muse.” Chanyeol said cheekily and Kyungsoo almost pouted at the implication but he knows Chanyeol doesn’t really mean it and he is proven correct when Chanyeol draws Kyungsoo in to his arms. Kyungsoo smiles to himself before he wraps his arms around Chanyeol’s waist and the two of them just stood in the middle of the small studio, basking in each other’s presence. “Missed you.” Chanyeol buries his nose on the top of Kyungsoo’s hair and Kyungsoo lets out a chuckle before tightening the hold he has on Chanyeol.

“I have something I want you to listen to.” Chanyeol finally pulls away from Kyungsoo after a while and Kyungsoo tilts his head to the side, dropping his hands to the sides. Chanyeol wrings his hands nervously – a habit he seems to only do whenever he is worried about how Kyungsoo will react – and Kyungsoo reaches for one of Chanyeol’s hands, holding on to it so cutely it almost makes Chanyeol want to combust with happiness that is threatening to burst out of him. He lifts Kyungsoo’s hand to his lips and gives it a light kiss – he needs to do this before he loses all of the confidence he has been gaining.

“What is it?” Kyungsoo asks softly. Chanyeol has never acted this nervous in front of him and even though Kyungsoo has known him for the longest time, it still worries him whenever Chanyeol is out of the ordinary with him. He scratches the back of his neck and Chanyeol gives him a small smile before inhaling and exhaling loudly. It was almost cute how nervous Chanyeol was.

“You should probably sit.” Chanyeol mutters as he moves to give Kyungsoo his chair and sat on another chair. “Do you remember the demo the company gave to me about a year ago?” Chanyeol asks – it was a bit of a stretch but Chanyeol thinks Kyungsoo would be able to remember it – sometimes Kyungsoo remembers the most minute things about him and despite knowing that, it still surprises him when Kyungsoo nods his head, moving his chair closer to Chanyeol.

“Yeah; you wouldn’t stop talking about it – did you finally manage to work on it?” Kyungsoo asks when he recalls the countless crying emojis Chanyeol had sent to him whenever he was away from the dorm – which is most nights. Chanyeol nods his head, a grin appearing on his face once again. Kyungsoo’s eyes lit up with delight. “That’s wonderful!”

Chanyeol nods his head and turns to look at his computer before he began searching for the file. It had taken him a long time before he finally got it just right. Chanyeol is aware of the compliments Kyungsoo shower him with whenever Kyungsoo talks about Chanyeol to other people, or when some people talk to Kyungsoo about him and it always make him feel happy and warm; he likes how he can make Kyungsoo happy just by doing what he loves the best: music. “It took a while but I think I am finally satisfied with how this turned out.” Chanyeol finally finds the file and suddenly he’s nervous once more.

Kyungsoo lightly bumps his forehead against Chanyeol’s chin causing the two of them to chuckle. “I’m sure however it sounds like, I will still like it.” Kyungsoo reassures Chanyeol and Chanyeol gives him a smile, one that was somewhat hard for Kyungsoo to understand the meaning behind it.

Chanyeol turns to face Kyungsoo. “First thing’s first, I want to ask you a question…” He trails off and Chanyeol’s mouth suddenly feels dry. He can definitely feel his confidence slipping away and he gulps. “What are we?”

Out of all the questions Kyungsoo had expected to come out of Chanyeol’s mouth right at that moment, this was definitely not one of them. True, he had expected Chanyeol to ask this question to him sometime after they crossed the lines between being just friends to something more, but Kyungsoo had expected this question four-years ago, not now. Kyungsoo opens his mouth to reply before he promptly closes them again. He doesn’t know how to say it – he could feel the tip of his ears starting to feel hot.

Chanyeol chuckled nervously and cleared his throat. “You can answer that later. Before I lose my confidence,” Chanyeol clears his throat again, “I just want you to know that the inspiration of this song mostly comes from you.” Chanyeol tells Kyungsoo sheepishly, averting the surprised gaze Kyungsoo is giving him and although he rarely gets embarrassed, having Kyungsoo stare at him like that makes him feel self-conscious and naked.

“I know we haven’t been hanging out in a while mostly due to differences in schedules and I know that in the future we will continue to be busy as well and might never have time to hang out but I still want you to know that I will continue to be loyal to you and only you, Do Kyungsoo.” Chanyeol finally gathers enough courage to profess his feelings.

“I have actually been thinking about this for the longest time but I never had the courage to ask you so I am asking you now. Please listen to this song – I made it with you in my mind. I know our relationship, if you are willing, started off rather quick but I want you to know that I really do like you, Do Kyungsoo. You make me so happy – you are my heaven.” Chanyeol tells Kyungsoo and watches in slight delight when Kyungsoo’s cheeks turn red and before Kyungsoo could even say anything, Chanyeol continues to talk.

“This song I am about to play is called Heaven… the company also gave the green light for this song to be included in our next album.” Chanyeol clicks the mouse a couple of times and he is not surprised to hear the demo beginning with Chanyeol’s voice and Kyungsoo closes his eyes to listen to the song and the lyrics.

Hello angel, you’re like a painting
When I look to the sky, I can only see you
City street lights, when the lights go out
And the moon disappears, it’s still bright
Because you are the star that fell from the sky

When the first line hits his ears, Kyungsoo’s eyes widen and he stares at Chanyeol who has been staring at him, with an expression that is very warm and filled with love. His breath gets caught in his throat and he pulls his gaze away from Chanyeol to stare at the computer – where the song is still playing.

Chanyeol decides to sing along to the song right then and he gives Kyungsoo a small smile before reaching for his hands, engulfing them with both of his larger hands. He takes it as a good thing that Kyungsoo hadn’t pulled away from him yet. Truth be told, Chanyeol wasn’t sure if he should confess to Kyungsoo because despite how close the two of them are, there was no way Chanyeol could know if Kyungsoo feels the same way about him too.

All of those trips he had done with Sehun were mostly filled with conversations about Do Kyungsoo. Sehun had been his pillar of support especially when it comes to Chanyeol sorting out his feelings and coming to the realization that yes, four years ago they had crossed over the line of simply being friends and all of those fleeting looks, lingering gazes, kisses away from prying eyes and impromptu dates meant a lot to him.

The sky gave you everything and this world gave you to me
I wanna place you next to me so you can’t go back to the sky
I wanna hold onto you, I wanna shut you in
I will hug you

“Don’t go far away, baby, won’t you stay? I will only love you for always.” Chanyeol sings along and right at that very moment, Kyungsoo is hit with love and it makes him tear up. Chanyeol is still happily singing the song – their song, Kyungsoo would like to say – and the expression and the love Chanyeol is showing him is just too much for his heart to take and Kyungsoo could feel his eyes starting to tear up. He feels happy because after all of these years of pining after Chanyeol and not having enough courage to confess to him, Chanyeol finally does it for him.

“Stupid.” Kyungsoo isn’t sure if he’s crying because he is relieved or if he is crying because he’s really tired at this point but he is leaning towards the former. The scare he had gotten when he thought Chanyeol was about to put a stop to whatever they had going on had been enough to bring the tears out and everything that Chanyeol had just told him made him feel like the weight of the world has just been lifted off of his shoulders and Kyungsoo feels happy. He is tired but he feels extremely happy, to the point of almost being giddy too. “You’re stupid.”

Chanyeol frowns but he panics the moment he sees the tears falling from Kyungsoo’s eyes and without even thinking, Chanyeol reaches to pull Kyungsoo in to his arms, peppering the top of his head with kisses as he tries to console Kyungsoo. His actions seem to cause Kyungsoo to cry even more and Chanyeol doesn’t know why but his eyes start to water as well. “Kyungsoo, please don’t cry.”

Kyungsoo laughs through his tears and pulls back enough just so he can look at Chanyeol. Chanyeol furrows his eyebrows and wipes away the tears from Kyungsoo’s cheeks, kissing them. “You’re stupid,” Kyungsoo sniffs and Chanyeol laughs when he realises there isn’t any bite behind the words and he hums as he nods his head.

“For you.” Chanyeol acknowledges and Kyungsoo would have laughed but Chanyeol had moved his hands to cup Kyungsoo’s cheeks and he is giving Kyungsoo a bright smile. “Only for you.” Chanyeol presses his lips against Kyungsoo’s and this is nothing like the kiss they have shared before; it’s shy, tentative with the way Chanyeol tilts his head and teases Kyungsoo’s lips until Kyungsoo has to tilt his head back a little and gently bite Chanyeol’s upper lip, nibbling on it causing Chanyeol to groan. Kyungsoo can hear the song starting once again – Chanyeol must have put it on repeat – in the background but he is distracted by Park Chanyeol.

“I love you.” Chanyeol pulls away, lips swollen and slick with saliva but Kyungsoo thinks Chanyeol still looks rather handsome. He grabs Chanyeol’s wrists and smiles at him.

“I love you too.” Kyungsoo leans forward to press a chaste kiss on Chanyeol’s lips, causing the latter to smile in to the kiss. “Thank you.”

Chanyeol chuckles and shakes his head before pulling Kyungsoo back in to his arms. Heaven is still playing in the background and Chanyeol knows, he knows very well that this song will be forever theirs – the two of them would be the only one to know the actual meaning behind this song. To Chanyeol, Kyungsoo has always been his haven – the one person that he can feel safe with and there is nothing that Chanyeol would not do in this world just so Kyungsoo can continue to be happy. He knows that he had successfully conveyed his entire feelings to Kyungsoo in the song and it makes him extremely ecstatic. Chanyeol presses a kiss on Kyungsoo’s temple and buries his nose in Kyungsoo’s hair once again. He feels Kyungsoo smiling against his collarbone and Chanyeol grins before he tightens the hold he has on Kyungsoo.

“No – Thank you, Do Kyungsoo for being my brightest star.”


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