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Prompt number : #101
Title : The Nanny
Pairing : Yixing/Sehun, side pairing!Jongin/Jongdae
Rating : G
Warning : Slightly angst (not really much since I love fluffy)
Word count : 7988 words
Summary: Jongin found for Sehun the part time work for the summer break. And it was as a nanny for the Yixing’s kids.
Author note : First of all, thanks to the mods that held this fic Fest. This is unbeta so there might be the typos and grammatical errors here and there. I’m sorry if I butchered the prompt. Enjoy it~

It’s already twelve p.m. Yixing loosen his tie while his other hand was gripping the steering. He messed his hair. Clearly the tiredness drew on his face. He hummed the song, followed the rhyme. Yixing parked the car and took out his belongings; briefcase and coat before locked it. The coat was thrown on his shoulder. Yixing nodded slightly towards the security guard when he passed the lobby. After arriving at level eight, he rummaged his pants pocket, unlocked the door and slowly stepped in.

Yixing was putting his shoes on the rack when his ears captured the small foot taps. The two bobs head appeared. The slanted eyes boy with a sleepy smile while trailing behind him was Yixing’s youngest son with his little hand clutching his favorite toy, pororo. Yixing smiled with the sight. He squatted and fondled Baekhyun hair makes the little boy leaned to touch. His other hand pulled Kyungsoo into his embrace.

“Where is Luhan?” Baekhyun pouted towards the couch where only the head visible. Yixing nodded and played with Kyungsoo’s hair, which long a bit. He needs a haircut soon.

“You guys are waiting for me?” Baekhyun nodded. “I’m sorry I’m late today.”

“It’s okay baba. But Kyungsoo asked for baba and started crying before he goes to sleep.”

Baekhyun glassy eyes make Yixing sighed. Guilt overwhelmed. He hugged Kyungsoo tightly, caressed the little boy’s back. Kyungsoo are only two years, three months and he knew nothing about Yixing’s works. He really busy nowadays, especially after he just been promoted as CEO. He glad Baekhyun is a bit mature, and always act like good hyung towards Kyungsoo – overprotective too – even he’s only five years old. Yixing pushed Kyungsoo slightly, scanned the little boy. Tears stain still there made him guiltier.

“Let’s bring your brother to his bed.”

With the sudden words make Kyungsoo mumbled ‘Baba’ with a grabby hand gesture towards him. Yixing obligated, hoisted tiny Kyungsoo. Kyungsoo nestled his head on Yixing’s shoulder while sucking his thumb. His other hand was clenched Yixing’s shirt; still held pororo doll with the remaining fingers. Then, Yixing looked down and offered hand for Baekhyun. However Baekhyun refused, huffed a bit, which reminded him how Baekhyun said he already big enough. Yixing ruffled Baekhyun hair.

He walked towards the couch and slapped Luhan’s butt which make the male startled. Luhan blinked his eyes repeatedly, scratched his neck. Without being told, Luhan took his bag, waved before leaving the premise. Luhan house just next door him so he not really worried about his safety. Yixing continued walking towards his kids’ bedroom.

Yixing switched on the light make Kyungsoo grimaced before continuing to suck his thumb. He looked around the room. The kids’ room has simple decor. There are two single beds – one with a pororo bed sheet while another one is ironman - beside each other with only a tiny space between its. The upper part of the bed, there are racks with car toys and plushies. At the other corner, there are two small desks. There was a simple puzzle play mat on the floor with a few toys scattered around. At the end of the room, two small wardrobes with colorful patterns make the room completed.

Yixing make away to bed that have a pororo bed sheet. Kyungsoo really love pororo, always asked Yixing bought him pororo related items. The latest one was the pororo onesie which quite big for Kyungsoo since the small size sold out. But Yixing ended buying him one because he cannot resist Kyungsoo’ gleamy eyes. He also reminiscence how Kyungsoo always sang along with the theme song and dance; mostly wagged his butt the most, which never failed to amuse Yixing.

Yixing puts down Kyungsoo, however the tiny groan from Kyungsoo makes Yixing waiting for a while which he ended sat on the bed. Kyungsoo buried his face in Yixing’s chest and his tiny hand fisted his father’s shirt. Yixing fondled Kyungsoo’s hair. Then Baekhyun appeared with struggling face, dragged his briefcase and coat; looked him with face ask for help. Yixing mouthed him left his things there and Baekhyun obligated. He ran forward, eagerly climbed the bed and rested his head on Yixing’s lap. Yixing smiled and tapped slowly Baekhyun, lulled him to sleep.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The kitchen utensils clanked make Yixing awake. He rubbed his face, still resting his head on the pillow. There was the sound of a door being pushed and Yixing can guess who was entering his room. There was audible footsteps approached his bed. Yixing always letting his door slightly ajar since Kyungsoo could need him during the night. Yixing lay to his side and opened his eyes. Only Kyungsoo big eyes were seen since his bed.

“Hello Soo.” Kyungsoo blinked and tilted his head slightly.

“Want to come up?” Kyungsoo eagerly nodded and raised his arms. Yixing carried Kyungsoo and cuddled with him. He pampered Kyungsoo with kisses when the sudden voice made him stop.

“I’m sorry Xing-hyung. But you suppose to wake up now and the boys need to have their breakfast.” Yixing pouted while Kyungsoo giggled. Yixing tickled Kyungsoo which make the boy squealed before kissed his cheek and let the boy down.

“Eat first with Baekkie-hyung and I will come later.” Kyungsoo smiled and ran towards Luhan, held his hand and went to the kitchen.

A few minutes later, Yixing joined the breakfast. Luhan gave him coffee, which his compulsory drink in the morning. Their breakfast for today was pancake, maple syrup for him and chocolate syrup for the kids. Kyungsoo ate sloppily, smeared some chocolate at his cheek. Yixing took a tissue and wiping the latter cheek. Kyungsoo grinned, showing his teeth that turned dark brown, made Yixing chuckled.

“Xing-hyung.” Yixing hummed. “This summer break, I will go to Canada with Wuwu.”

“Oh, the whole break?”

“I don't know. It depends to Wuwu. He said he needs to settle some family matter there.”

“I wish I can stop you, but you have already helped me a lot with the boys. You deserve holiday for a while. I will ask Jongdae to find someone to replace you for a while.”

“Thanks Xing-hyung.”

Yixing nodded and continued eating. He was hoping that Baekhyun will not throw tantrum when he knowing that Luhan will not with them for a while.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sehun stopped and gasped for a breath. His hand wiped off the sweat. His shirt already damped. Sehun tried making his twirling smooth. He still needs more practice for the foot shuffling part. Sehun decided for a few minutes break. He let the music play and went to the back of the room when Jongin burst into their practice room. Jongin shoved his phone towards Sehun. Sehun tilting his head, confused before squinting his eyes to read the text.


“Yes. I asked Jongdae to find you part time job since you need one after you lost the job last week.”

“But that is the nanny?”

“Yes, I know. This is job for summer break only. Besides, the wage they offer are quite high.”

“But this is the nanny.”

“This is the only job he could find for me. I wish you take it or else I cannot stop from feeling guilty. It’s my fault you lost the job.” Jongin pouted.

Sehun sighed. He thought Jongin already forget about his work issue. They did have talk after Sehun being fired.

“I repeat again Jongin, that's not your fault. How come that old man molested you in front of me. And for this nanny thing, I don’t think they will hire the college boy like me to care their kids.”Sehun shrugged and rummaging bag, searching for the some snack.

“But this is Yixing-hyung’s kids.”Sehun snapped his face and looked at Jongin with the surprise look. Jongin grinned and nodded frantically. He knew that Sehun will take the job.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Yixing massaged his head to lessen the headache. The slow knock from the door made Yixing changed his posture before allowed the person to enter. Jongdae head appeared and gave him a small smile making a way to Yixing. He gave Yixing the file which Yixing can assume the content of it.

“They are many candidates that quite experience in handling kids.” Yixing hummed with Jongdae explanation. His hand flipped the resume. There was one resume did make Yixing take a second look.

“This is Oh Sehun resume. He just has experience handling his friend’s niece? Is this convincing enough?” Jongdae just gave him a bitter smile.

“Let's see. Hmmm. I think this and this quite okay.”

“How about Oh Sehun sir?” Yixing saw the hopeful looks from Jongdae.

“Do you know him?” Jongdae nodded a bit.

“Let's give him a chance.”

“Really?!! Thank you sir. ”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sehun ran through the lobby to the information counter. He almost late for the interview. After he got the level that he should be heading from the help desk, he went to the elevator. The elevator was empty since it was working hour already. He supposed to go level eleventh. At the fifth level, someone entered the elevator. That person looked at him momentarily before standing beside him. This person kept glancing towards Sehun make him flustered.

“I never saw you before. Coming for an interview?” That person breaking the silence makes Sehun jolted.

“Yes.” Then the silent engulfed them until they arrived at eleventh floor. Both of them went outside. Sehun nodded slightly before going to the small meeting room at the corner.

“What you are doing here Jun hyung?”The sudden call of his name made Junmyeon looking back.

“Oh Xing. I want to ask you for some advices. Where are you going?”

“I’m from the toilet.” Junmyeon nodded. His eyes kept glancing towards the small meeting room.

“Xing, is there any interview for today?”

“Yes. For the nanny of my kids. Why hyung?”

“I don’t know. Seem like I saw Luhannie. But Luhannie suppose to be in your home right? It’s weird if Luhannie came here for interview since he already your kids’s nanny.”


“Maybe someone that look alike him. But he does have some resemblances. Ah, forget about it. So let go to your room. Shall we?”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jongdae sorted the paper properly. He knocked the door and after getting the permission, he entered the room. Yixing was busy with a pile of paperwork that needs to finish by the end of the day. Jongdae gave him the file and Yixing scanned it.

“This is the finalize candidate?”

“Yes.” Yixing going through the resume. No one in resume did look as Luhan here.

“Jongdae, does anyone look like Luhan coming for the interview?”

“Luhan. Hmmm. Oh, you mean Oh Sehun? I did mistake him as Luhan before. He does resemble Luhan a bit.”

“Does he like kids?”

“I think he did since he loves playing with Jongin’s niece.”

“Jongin? So he is Jongin’s friend. Hire him then.” Yixing closed the file.

“Eh? How about the-”

“Soo is shy with stranger plus with overprotective Baekkie which make things harder. If someone looks like Luhan, I bet they will warm to him faster.”

“But, he is not really capable of cooking and housekeeping.”

“That can be learnt. Just let hire him. I just need someone that I can trust to. Besides, he is your friend.”

“But sir.”

“Jongdae, I think he is the best.” Jongdae nodded and took the files. Maybe Oh Sehun is lucky enough to get this job.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sehun’s hands were sweating a lot. His finger on the bell, but he was contemplating to press or not. He supposed to meet the boys that evening. Their nanny was with them so he can learn about the boys before the nanny went to vacation (which he not really sure where is it).

Sehun pressed the bell and kept praying inside. The small audible of ‘coming’ from the other side make him nervous more. After exchanging and small introduction through the intercom, the door opened. There was a male with two curious eyes kids behind his legs. Sehun just smiled which make the kids hide more.

“Welcome Oh Sehun-sshi.”

“Just call me Sehun.”

“Okay. I am Luhan. You can call me Luhannie or Luhannie hyung. But I prefer you call my name without hyung.” Luhan chirped happily before allowed Sehun entered the house.

“This is Kyungsoo and his brother Baekhyun. Soo, Baekkie, this is Sehun-hyung.” Sehun squatted and tried to hold Kyungsoo’s hand when the other little hand pulled Kyungsoo away to their room.

“I am sorry. They not really fond with new people, especially Baekhyun. Kyungsoo always follow his hyung. It took me about 4 months for him to totally like me. But they are good kids. Don’t worry about it. Oh, you want a drink?”

“Sure.” Luhan excused himself. Sehun wandered around the house. There were various picture frames decorated near the shelf at the television. Mostly are Yixing and the boys’ picture.

Sehun kept glancing and searched the woman picture before Luhan interrupted him. Luhan kept talking and telling about the boys. He also gave Sehun the list of things about the boys. Luhan was also briefed the nanny work scope to Sehun which literally like the maid work. He just needs to make meals and some simple house chores. Sehun also needs to send, and fetch Baekhyun from the kindergarten. But his main role as a nanny was accompanying the boys and keep good care of them. They boys not really picky eater, so does their father, which made Sehun relieved.

Luhan also apologized Sehun since his need to go Canada earlier therefore he does not have enough time to teach Sehun. Sehun just gave the bitter smile. He was quite nervous to handle the boys. They are really contradicted with Jongin’s niece which bubbly and active girl. He kept staring at the door that Baekhyun pulled Kyungsoo previously. He wondered when they will come out from their room.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sehun was preparing the breakfast. He decided to prepare simple breakfast – sausages and sunny side eggs. However, it turned pretty bad. Sehun was struggling to flip the egg to the other side. He put too little oil, which made the egg stick to the pan. When he succeeded flipping the egg, the other side already burnt and that was holed at white part. Sehun pouted. He had already studied through the internet about the way to prepare sunny side egg last night. His sausages looked quite okay (there was slightly burnt). However, when he cut the sausage a bit, the inside was a bit red.

Therefore, he decided to just serve cereal and bread with jam for breakfast. Sehun put the plate and orange juice on the table. Then he made a cup of coffee for Yixing. The only thing that he proud was the coffee. He was working at Coffee Café before. Therefore, he was good at making the coffee (Jongin said his coffee is good). He sure Yixing will like his coffee. Suddenly someone was hugging his leg. It was sleepy Kyungsoo. Sehun squatted and caressed the little guy head.

“Morning Kyungsoo.”

“Morning.” He still sleepy and his eyes barely opened. His head now rested at Sehun’s shoulder blade.

“Have a nice sleep?” Kyungsoo nodded slightly. Suddenly there is a small push at Sehun’s shoulder. It was Baekhyun with a confused look.

“You are not Lu-hyung.”

“Hi Baekhyun. I am Sehun-hyung.”

“Hun?” Kyungsoo tilted his head slightly and Sehun nodded towards him. “Lulu?” Kyungsoo pouted, confused since Sehun does resemble Luhan.

“He is not Soo. Come here.”

Baekhyun pulled Kyungsoo away and helping his brother to climb the chair before he settled himself in his seat. He looked at cereals box and milk momentarily. The boys kept silence. Kyungsoo was looking at Sehun. Baekhyun attention now back to Kyungsoo, caressing his brother chubby cheek and whispering to the boy. Then he tried to take the small bowls which make Sehun help giving to him since his arm still short.

“Where is baba?” Kyungsoo was asking Baekhyun.

“He will come later. Let hyung help put cereal for you.”

Sehun wants to help but he afraid of rejection. Therefore, he deciding to observe them and help when necessary. However, Sehun did help with pouring the milk since Baekhyun almost spilled it.

“Morning babies.” Kyungsoo was squealing in delight when Yixing pampered him with kisses.

“Morning Mr. Zhang.”

“Oh. You are Sehun. Wow. You do resemble Luhan a bit.”

Sehun smiled. He kept fidgeting since he did not know what should he do right now. Should he return to the kitchen?

“Let’s have breakfast together. Luhan does eat with us every time. Anyway, I need to talk about something too, since I too busy to meet you beforehand.”


“My mom will send someone to help you later. Have Luhan told you what you should do?” Sehun nodded. “So, I think I will entrust the boys with you.”

“Okay, Mr Zhang.”

“Just call me Xing-hyung. It’s okay. By the way, you are good making the coffee.” Yixing’s compliment made Sehun blushing.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“I never thought it really easy like this.”

Currently Sehun just finish making chicken soup for lunch. Mrs Lee was smiling with Sehun enthusiasm. She was here for the Sehun training session. It was already two weeks since Sehun start working at Yixing place. So, he did learn a few simple dishes that he can do for the boys. Sehun never thought the cooking was really fun. He just never had time since he too busy with the part time works. He just grabbed the convenience store foods most of the time.

After Mrs. Lee leaved, Sehun prepared some apples and strawberry for Kyungsoo snack since it just ten in the morning. Kyungsoo must be hungry right now. Kyungsoo was nowhere when Sehun came to the living room. He sure Kyungsoo was here, watching pororo.

Sehun sighing. He still trying to make Kyungsoo talk to him, but the boy just quiet and avoiding him more when Baekhyun returned from kindergarten. Both of them always locked themselves either in their room or playroom after lunch. Sometimes Sehun did bring the snack and try to engage conversation with the kids, but he always left in an awkward situation. The boys did not say anything and Baekhyun never letting Kyungsoo stay far away from him every time Sehun around. The only replies he got from them were the body language.

But it does mean that Sehun give up. Since Baekhyun was not there, he can use this opportunity to be close with Kyungsoo. Kyungsoo was not in the living room which Sehun assuming either he was in his room or playroom. Sehun opened the door and saw Kyungsoo sprawled on the carpet with the crayon and drawing book. He was reading ABC book and giggling. Beside him was the unfinished coloring sheet.

“What are you doing Kyungsoo? Oh, you are coloring something. Can I see it?”

Kyungsoo roused and blocked his drawing with his tiny hands that barely covered it actually. He shook his head and turned away suddenly continued his unfinished work. Sehun put the plate beside Kyungsoo. He nibbled one strawberry and fed some to Kyungsoo. Kyungsoo letting him to be fed. That was the only achievement he got during these two weeks.

Sehun was looking around and smiled when he noticed a few pororo related items which he knew belongs to Kyungsoo. He also has seen Kyungsoo dancing and singing at pororo theme few times (Kyungsoo did not know Sehun watching him). Suddenly Sehun got an idea. Sehun left the room and returned with A4 paper with him.

Sehun was lying down beside Kyungsoo and taking the crayon, starting drawing. His phone was showing the picture of pororo and Sehun was copying the drawing onto the paper. Sehun tries to make the eyes of his drawing bigger and put the goggles when the soft sound from Kyungsoo made him stop. Sehun looked towards the little boy that already squatting in front him. His little finger pointing to Sehun’s drawing.

“Pororo.” Audible word from Kyungsoo but the glint of the little boy’s eyes shown that Sehun succeed attracts the boy's attention.

“Yes, it is. You want to color it?”

Kyungsoo nodded repeatedly and taking the blue crayon and colored it. Sehun was also helping him by giving and teaching him the color name at the same time. Kyungsoo low voice, repeating his words almost made Sehun crying inside. How come he did not think this idea before. He did not regret taking an art class last semester. He never thought he would use the drawing lesson for something like this.

Kyungsoo really talkative if anything related to pororo. Sehun drew all pororo’s friends and surprised Kyungsoo when he writing all the characters names. Kyungsoo was clapping every time Sehun mentioned their name correctly (actually he did watching the series with Jongin’s niece after all. He never thought he can memorize it).

Even they too immersed in their activity, Sehun not forgetting to make Kyungsoo take his snack. After the drawing session, Sehun noticed that Kyungsoo did rub his eyes repeatedly and yawning. So it might be his nap time already. They still have a few hours before fetching Baekhyun from his school. Therefore Sehun letting Kyungsoo have his nap and cleaning the kids’ room. Sehun was satisfied with his achievement for that day.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

From: Yixing-hyung
I’m late tonight. Can you stay for a while with boys?

To: Yixing-hyung
Sure hyung. I will.

Sehun and kids just finish their dinner. Baekhyun was dragging Kyungsoo immediately into the room and left Sehun in the living room alone. It’s almost one month and a half already and Kyungsoo did give him good response, but Baekhyun still giving him the cold shoulder. He almost did everything (ironman related things too). But failed.

He never thought Baekhyun was persistence like this. He was a five years old boy that really mature among his peer that Sehun ever met. He really has no idea to make Baekhyun accept him since Baekhyun never giving him any opportunity. Even when Sehun asked about his day, he just answers with one word and it's frustrating Sehun a lot. Even there still an improvement since he did get the verbal response instead of the body language.

Sehun was lying on the big couch and switching the television channel. It’s already 10.30 p.m and the boys already sleep. Sehun watching random drama and did not realize his eyes fluttering close.

The sudden thunder made Sehun jolted and awake from his sleep. Sehun remembered the weather forecast did say there will be thunderstorm tonight. Sehun glancing towards the clock and he realized that he falls asleep for one hour. He was stroking his face and deciding to look at the boys.

Sehun was at the door when he heard small sniffling. Sehun switching on the lamp and the first thing he saw was Kyungsoo crying and calling ‘Baba’ while Baekhyun beside him did wheedle his brother. Sehun approached them and Baekhyun looking at him with a sad face. There were tears trailing down his cheek too.

“Soo want baba.” Baekhyun hoarse words made Sehun sat on the bed. He was wiping Baekhyun’s cheek and carrying Kyungsoo.

“Hun-hyung is here. Don’t worry Soo.”

Kyungsoo was chanting ‘Baba’ and sobbing. Sehun only can pat Kyungsoo and keep whispering he was there for Kyungsoo. Baekhyun was biting his lips and peering at both of them mostly towards Kyungsoo. There still tears glistening in his eyes. He looked trying hard to be strong for his brother. But he still five years old boy after all.

Every time the lightning striking, Kyungsoo bury his face more at Sehun shoulder. Baekhyun was shivering too, so Sehun giving the boy's hand and pulling him towards Sehun. Baekhyun was holding Sehun’s shirt and his eyes still at Kyungsoo. Baekhyun did hug him too after the sudden flash. The boys must afraid with thunder.

Sehun was tapping Kyungsoo back and stroking Baekhyun hair occasionally. He has never handled this kind of situation so he was panicking inside. However, he needs to still calm since it will affect the boys emotion. So Sehun just singing softly the kids' song that he knew until he felt Kyungsoo breathe calmer and Baekhyun shivering lessen.

They stay in that position for a few minutes and Sehun hands felt numb. He wanted to peel Kyungsoo hand, changing the posture, but the boy grip was tight. So Sehun decided to bring them to the living room since the bed was small and Sehun need more space for three of them. Baekhyun followed him with his hand still holding Sehun’s shirt. Sehun sat on the big couch and Baekhyun climbing, sat beside him. Sehun pat his thigh, letting Baekhyun to lie on it. The boy looks hesitating before he lay down. Sehun stroking and he continue singing the lullaby. He wishes for thunder to stop soon since the boys’ terrifying face did hurt him inside.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“So, only this and this left.”

Yixing was cracking his knuckles and Jongdae was yawning. They were deciding to stop their work since it's already late. They have already finished some of important paper works. So, it only a few works before they can return to the normal life. The few months staying late at the office was worthwhile.

He was going through his phone and Jongdae gathered the files. He only a few steps out of the meeting room when the sudden flash from a window panel made he turned. It was raining and it was the thunderstorm actually. Oh my god! The boys. Yixing running towards his room and Jongdae was trailing behind him with the files.

“Since when it was raining?” Yixing was started packing his things.

“I don’t really know. It’s already lightning when I return from toilet sir.”

Yixing was biting his lips since he forgets that the meeting room was sound proof. In addition with the blind at the glass pane and the brightness of the light in that room also making the flash of lightning cannot be seen. Yixing was dismissing Jongdae and rushing to the parking lot. He wished the boys will not really upset. Luhan barely able to handle the boys before each time thunderstorm occurred. So he cannot imagine how Sehun capable to handle it.

It was still raining when Yixing arrived. He entered the house, but the house seems really quiet. No crying, no panic sound which really weird. Yixing directly went to the kids’ room. There was no one there. Where are the boys? Sehun? Yixing changed his clothes and walking to the living room.

He just noticed all of them on the couch. Kyungsoo was top of Sehun’s. His tiny hands were holding Sehun chest where Sehun was cradling Kyungsoo body on his arm. Sehun other hand was hugging Baekhyun that lay at his side. They were sleeping soundly made Yixing reluctant to waking them up. Yixing carefully wrapped the three of them with a blanket. He was sitting at opposite seat and looking at the sight. There was something stirring inside him when seeing Sehun protectiveness of his kids.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

When Yixing opened his eyes, he realized he fell asleep on the couch. There was a blanket on top of him. Yixing still disoriented and stretching his limb that sore since he sleep while sitting. His eyes were looking at the couch where only Baekhyun and Kyungsoo there. Sehun was nowhere where Yixing assumed the male might prepare the breakfast.

Yixing walking to them and petting Kyungsoo hair fondly, made the boy stirring. He kissed the boy face repeatedly made Kyungsoo eyes fluttered open. Yixing smiling towards Kyungsoo and calling ‘Soo’ name sweetly made Kyungsoo smiling back.

Then Kyungsoo sat up and spreading his arm, asking Yixing to carry him. Yixing carefully hoisting Kyungsoo up and Kyungsoo’s head flopped against his shoulder. Yixing walking around the living room and sweetly whispering to Kyungsoo made the boy giggle. Yixing walking to the kitchen and he saw Sehun was busy preparing the breakfast.

“Oh morning hyung.”

“Morning.” Yixing made Kyungsoo sat on his seat and fondle the latter head. Today breakfast was kimchi fried rice. Yixing did notice Sehun improvement in term of cooking.

“I’m sorry. I did not realize when you return.” Sehun put the cup of coffee in front of Yixing.

Just when Yixing wants to reply Baekhyun was coming while rubbing his eyes. “Baba.”

“You are waking Baekkie. Come here.”

Yixing stroked Baekhyun face and the boy facing the side, lay on Yixing’s lap. Yixing hoisted Baekhyun to take a good look at the boy, the boy letting Yixing to carry him. Baekhyun always denied being carry, but he letting Yixing today which meant one things, he still upset. Baekhyun was leaning on Yixing chest and mumbling about the incident last night. Yixing felt guilty, he was just caressing the boy's head.

“Thank you Sehun for last night.”

“It’s okay hyung.”

“Since today is Saturday, how about we go somewhere? Baba no needs to work today. We can buy you anything you want.”

“Ice cream!” Kyungsoo piped out.

“Chocolate! Iron Man!” Baekhyun added, made Yixing pinching the boy’s cheek.

“Yes, we can have ice cream anything you want. But have breakfast first.” Baekhyun was squealing in delight and jumping down, walking to his seat.

“Do Hun go?” Kyungsoo asked. He messily ate and some of foods smeared on his chubby cheek. His eyes were blinking innocently towards Sehun.

“No. Just have fun with your baba.” Sehun wiping Kyungsoo smeared cheek with a tissue.

“Can Hun go baba?” Kyungsoo looked at Yixing, surprised the latter. Yixing looked at Sehun and the boys.

“If he wants? Do you want to go with us Sehun?”

“Let’s go Hun!”

Sehun scratched his back, did not know what the best excuse he could give. He just afraid Baekhyun did not liked him following them. He just gives awkward smile and his eyes glancing towards Baekhyun. Yixing just watching, he realized that Sehun was looking towards Baekhyun. He does understand Sehun unwillingness.

“How about Soo ask Baekkie-hyung too. Is Baekkie-hyung wants Hun-hyung to follow us?”

“Hyung, you want Hun go too?” Kyungsoo was asking Baekhyun now. Everyone was waiting for Baekhyun answer.

“If Hun-hyung want.” Audible answer from Baekhyun made Kyungsoo cheering. Sehun was surprised with the answer. Later he was blooming into a smile. Seem like Baekhyun started accepting him now.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

At supermarket, Yixng was pushing the cart with Baekhyun beside him. Usually he always put Kyungsoo on the cart but since Sehun was here, he can help monitoring the active and curios Kyungsoo. Kyungsoo tottering towards the shelves and keep asking the questions anything that he saw. Sehun was answering him and patiently following the boy.

At the snack section, they are choosing some chocolate and Kyungsoo was taking everything that he can reach. Yixing stopped the boy and asking him to put back. He almost burst into tears with Yixing strict voice. However Sehun fast enough distracted him with mimicking the chocolate was not good with ugly face, made Kyungsoo giggling. Then Sehun said ‘ice cream’ which Kyungsoo delighting followed him with Baekhyun trailing behind.

When they arrived at the fruit section, Kyungsoo was amazed with the variety of fruits. He never touches the fruits before, so he was running around and touching here and there. Sehun was following the boy diligently. Every time Kyungsoo stopped, he will ask about the fruit’s name and either Baekhyun or Sehun will answer his question.

At the watermelon section, Yixing and Sehun were choosing it for the snack. Sehun knocked the watermelon and lean his ears into it. Kyungsoo was asking what he was doing. Sehun explained he was choosing the watermelon. Kyungsoo shouting he wanted to listen. So, Sehun squatting down, let the boys knocking and leaning their ears. Their confusion when they cannot understand how to check it made Sehun laughing.

After doing the shopping, they went to the playground. Kyungsoo became more active when he saw the swings and sliding made he ran around. Baekhyun was following Kyungsoo now, making sure his brother safe. Yixing was asking for Sehun to sit with him. He can use this time getting know more about Sehun.

“The boys seem like you now.”

“It took me a lot hyung. Baekhyun seems a bit difficult. Kyungsoo open to me first.” Sehun was smiling while his eyes keep watching the boys.

“Where do you live Sehun?”

“Jongno-gu. With Jongin and Jongdae-hyung.”

“Quite far from here.”

“Took half an hour, but I always commute subway so it’s okay.”

“I heard you still studying?”

“Yep. At K-Art. Dance major same as Jongin. Right now is summer so its holiday.”

Oh, same university like Yixing before. But since he needs to inherit his family business, Yixing abandoned his dream to become the dancer. Suddenly Kyungsoo was falling. He started wailing. Yixing was running towards Kyungsoo but Sehun beat him. So Yixing just stands behind them, watching Sehun handled his kids.

“Good boy will not cry. It’s okay, Hun-hyung will blow it. See. Not painful more, right? It will be okay after I’m blowing it and put the magic tape.” Kyungsoo still sniffle and Sehun kept cooing at him. Yixing was smiling with the sight in front him.

“I think we should go now. Let’s go Baekhyun. Kyungsoo.”

Yixing was offering to carry Kyungsoo. However Kyungsoo was asking for Sehun to carry him instead. He keeps asking for Sehun to blow his wound and put pororo tape. Yixing shocked slightly by Kyungsoo rejection and made Yixing pouting.

“I think I have rival now. Kyungsoo is rejecting me.” Yixing words made Sehun laughing.

“It’s okay. Hyung is still his baba. He just hurt right now.”

Yixing still pouting however, he stopped it when Baekhyun holding his hand suddenly. He knew Baekhyun was trying to comfort him. So he was ensuring the boy he was okay. He just teased Kyungsoo.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The boys were starting to accept him. Baekhyun start telling his activities during classes. He also allowed Sehun to help him doing his homework. Kyungsoo became more bubbly and active. He thought the boy was shy, but if we knew him, the boy quite talkative especially anything related to the pororo.

Yixing also do return home earlier recently. He always returned to have dinner with the boys and Sehun. He already can manage the workloads at the office. Yixing was starting distributing the workloads between his workers (he still need to adapt to have people under him). So Yixing able spends more time with the boys now (Sehun too).

Sehun felt like how domestic his life now. He was in charge of cooking and take care the boys. While Yixing washing the dishes and help him cook sometimes if he returns early. Sometimes Yixing was helping him folding the washed laundry occasionally. They look like the married couple that sharing the house chores. Every time Sehun thought about it, he will turn to shade red.

During the weekend, usually Sehun rarely spends time there since he was only working during weekdays. He will work during the weekend if being requested by Yixing. However, now it has changed a bit. Sometimes Sehun will stay for movie marathon with them, which ended up him staying the night at Yixing’s.

At first, Sehun did feel awkward since he was staying at his employer. However, as time passes, he already comfortable with the situation since Yixing never said anything and the boys (especially Kyungsoo) were happy if he was sleeping with them.

Then the next day they will go to picnic or spend time buying the groceries. Sehun was really happy since he can spend more time with the boys and Yixing (he tried to be professional here).

The most memorable activity that they were doing together was during Baekhyun’s birthday. Baekhyun was asking for chocolate cake so Sehun agreed to make for him since he just learnt about baking lesson through cooking channel. It does look simple and Yixing offering to help him. They start preparing the ingredients in silent. The boys were standing on the chair, observing from the opposite of kitchen countertops.

Sehun did not notice that Yixing was watching at him when he mixing the batter. Some of the batter was splashing making his shirt dirty. Therefore, Yixing took the apron and slowly approaching Sehun. Sehun felt someone hovering him and the sudden hands circling him from back made he turned around. He was smearing some of the batter at Yixing cheek in the process. Sehun startled and Yixing was dumbfounded. The boys were laughing since his dad did look funny.

There was an awkward moment since Sehun face was really close with Yixing. To facade his embarrassment, Yixing smeared some of batter on Sehun face. Then Kyungsoo copying Yixing and putting some of batter at Sehun face. Sehun was surprised before he took some of it and put onto the boys’ face and they started giggling before they start running around the kitchen with the batter on each other hands. At the end, they ended up bought the cake for Baekhyun for that day. There are many events were shared between them and it did make Sehun forgetting his miserable life for a while.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Yixing was watching a random midnight movie. The movie was comedy one made him laughing. Suddenly his phone was ringing. The caller was Jongdae.

“Hello. Yes Jongdae. Why are you calling?”

“Sir, I am sorry for disturbing you. I just want to know is Sehun with you?”

“He's supposed to be home already. Why you are asking?”

“Actually Sehun and Jongin were having fight this morning and suddenly Jongin saying something that's not supposed to be said. So Sehun was upset. Really upset. I just know this. I just want to know his whereabouts since Jongin is worrying about him-”

“I’m not!” Jongin was shouting from behind.

“Shut up Jongin! I am afraid for Sehun safety after all.”

“Are you trying to find him somewhere?”

“Not yet. I just wait for him to return. But I think I will try searching for him now. Hey Jongin be ready right now! Bye Sir. I will contact you if I find him.”

Yixing dialing Sehun’s number, but the latter phone was turned off. He was peeping at the boys before going out. Yixing keep calling Sehun’s number even he knew the other will never pick up. There was a text from Jongdae saying Sehun was not in the dance practice room or at the internet café. They were trying to find him at the sauna. Yixing replying he will try to search Sehun around his place.

Yixing was trying his luck by searching at the playground near to his house. He spotted someone sitting on the swing with his back facing Yixing. Yixing knew that was Sehun from the body shape. He was pulling his phone, want to text Jongdae. However he did think that Sehun might refuse to let Jongin know his whereabouts. So Yixing puts his phone into his pants and approached Sehun.

“Jongin was worrying about you.” Sehun jolted with sudden voice. After he knew it was Yixing, he turned and looked down.

“He will not.”

“He is.” Sehun just snorted. Yixing sitting on swing beside Sehun.“So may I know what actually happen?”

Sehun sighing. “Nothing hyung.”



“I don’t think so Hun. They did call me before. Jongin sound worry.”

“It just Jongin was saying I abandoned him and our friendship.”

“Why he is saying like that?”

“He saying I spend too much time with you.

“Oh, I’m sorry-”

“Please don't be sorry hyung. His accusation about me abandoned him make me angry. I never did.” Sehun huffed.

“Maybe he is jealous?”

“Maybe. But he shall not mention that I make his place as hotel since I always return as I please. I am not hyung. I just want to give the privacy for him and Jongdae sometimes. I do sleep in our school practice room sometimes. I never told him. Never. Since I know he will scold me if he knows about it. I know I’m temporarily staying at his place and I also have pride hyung. I cannot help to feel that how I wish my life turn better after my parent’s death. I never regret becoming their child. But their debts that I need to pay off by selling our house do make me want to give up my life. It was already hard to survive hyung. With the school fee. Foods.” Sehun outburst made Yixing stunned. He never thought the younger was having a tough life.

“I wish I can help you Sehun. I know the sudden death of people we love did make us want to give up our life. But I was lucky to have my kids. They are the main purpose for me to move on.” Sehun looked at Yixing that has a gloomy smile plastered on his face

“I am sorry Hyung. I don't really want to make you remember-”

“It’s ok Hun. Don’t be sad something in the past because you can do nothing to change it. Focus on the present and create your future. You still young.”

Suddenly Sehun was sobbing. He never told his insecurity to anyone. Yixing now crouched down in front of Sehun and pulling Sehun to his embrace. His hand stroking Sehun’s back. After a few minutes, Sehun pushing Yixing and his face suddenly red after he realized he was being hugged by Yixing. Yixing was chuckling with Sehun response and went back to swing. Both of them were silent, just the sound of swing heard.

“Hyung. There is something I curious about. Why there were no pictures of your wife at your house at all?”

“Wife? I am not married yet Hun. That's why no pictures of him.” Him? Oh. Sehun blushed with his inner thought.

“What?!! But Baekhyun? And Kyungsoo? How?”

“They are my nephew. I was adopting them right after their parent’s death. My sister and his husband involved in an accident. She was pregnant with Kyungsoo that time. Kings luckily can be saved, but my sister… I wish not talking about her. It still makes me sad.”

“I’m sorry hyung.” Now Sehun understand why there were no pictures of Baekhyun during baby and pictures of their mother.

“That's the reason Baekhyun is really mature since he knew about his background. He is a bright kid after all. He was three when he lost his mother. I wish him to be spoiled more like kids at his age. However, since you are coming, Baekhyun become like normal kids. Maybe his instinct knew you also lost the parents like him? We never know.”

Sehun was blushing with the compliment.

“So, should we go? I think the train not running during this time. It’s already late. You can stay at my house. Tell Jongin first since I am afraid he thought you abandoned him again.”

“I think Jongin should be more understanding this can be happening sometimes. He was the person that proposes this at first by mentioning your name. It was his fault, so he need to bear the consequences of it.”

“Mentioning my name?”

Sehun gulped. He slipped it without realizing He never thinks he could tell Yixing that he knew Yixing since high school. Sehun was there, watching Yixing performed during his last year at university performance. He never saw anyone that can do the nice popping dance as good as Yixing. Yixing was Sehun idol and also the reasons Sehun continuing his study in dance major.

“Emm. We need to go hyung.”

“It’s okay Hun. I think I will wait for you to tell me later. Oh, I think I need to tell Jongdae that I already found you. Can I?”

Sehun nodded. Yixing pulled his phone and dialled Jongdae number. Yixing was put on loud speaker. After a few seconds, Jongdae picked up the call.

“Jongdae, Sehun with me right now.”

“Really?!! Oh god.” Okay, that was Jongin voice made Sehun chuckle.

“Yes, he is with me. Where is Jongdae?”

There were hustling sounds as if the phone transmitter was being dragged on a piece of clothing which Yixing assumed Jongdae was taking his phone.

“I’m sorry sir. Suddenly Jongin snatch away from me when he saw your number. So Sehun is with you. I am glad he is safe.” ‘I want to listen too! Put on the loud speaker Dae!’ Sehun chuckled with Jongin whining.

“By the way, Sehun will sleep at my house tonight. There no train running since it’s late already.”

“Okay sir. Please take care of him.”

“I think, I will take back my words. From now on Sehun will stay with me.” Sehun taken aback and looked at Yixing who still calm.

“Why?!! What you mean by that?” Suddenly Jongin voice was heard through the phone.

“Yes, he will stay with me from now on since you will hurt him again.”

“I will never hurt him again. I promise.”

“Just kidding. I think this is the best time for him to move with me. He does not need to commute anymore to my house. Besides, I think my kid will like him more when he staying with us.”


“I will take his things tomorrow. That’s it.” Yixing ended his call and looked at Sehun that in a daze.

“It's only one more week left to work for you.”

“I know Hun. But I think you should continue staying at our home Hun. Not as nanny. But as family.”


“Yes. Family.” Yixing was grinning and showing his dimple.

“What you mean by that hyung? And Luhannie will return next week. How about him?” Yixing only giving Sehun meaningful smile.


Snippet 1

Yixing was getting the unknown number call and the number was coming from an international number. When he picks up, Luhan was literally shouting at him in excitement

“Xing-hyung! Wuwu asking for me to marry him! Oh my god!”

“Oh really? At last. He suppose to make it more earlier.”

“Yes, he is proposing me. But the sad news is I need to stay longer in Canada. So I cannot work with you for time beings.

“It’s okay Lu. Just focus in your wedding preparation. Even you cannot work with me anymore, it’s understandable”

“But, how about the boys?”

“I know what I will do about them.”

“Okay. I will send the invitation later hyung. Oh, I need to go now. Bye hyung!”

Yixing was nervous when thinking that Sehun only left a few weeks since summer break will end soon. But now he has one good excuse to make Sehun stay working with him.

Snippet 2

Kyungsoo and Baekhyun were coloring their books when suddenly Baekhyun asking Kyungsoo question.

“Soo, why do you like Hun-hyung?”

“I like him! He draws nice pororo. Not like baba or Lulu. And he knows crog, eddy, pobby. He also knows pororo dance. He sang pororo song with me.”

Baekhyun was chuckling with Kyungsoo answer. Kyungsoo and his obsession with pororo never failed to amuse him.

“You hyung? Why you like Hun?”

“Me? I think he just likes mama. Sing song to me when it rain.”

“Mama?” Kyungsoo was tilting his head confused.

“Nothing Soo. Nothing. Just keep coloring”. You said you want to show it to Hun-hyung.”

Kyungsoo nodded and Baekhyun was continuing his works. At least Baekhyun knew who he can went to if he missing his mom.

Date: 2016-09-18 04:09 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] jm-ruiz93.livejournal.com
this is such a sweet story.. ahh i wish there was a continuation of Sehun and Yixing falling in love and getting married heheheheheh thanks author-nim!!! im not the prompter but i really enjoyed this fic <3

Date: 2016-11-19 12:29 am (UTC)
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Thank you for reading this. Your comment make my day. I dont know how to continue it so. Hahahaha. Thanks again lovely ^^


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