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Prompt number : 11
Title : The Father-Son "Slightly Similar To Camping" Experience
Pairing : Kris/Suho
Rating : PG
Warning : (if any) mpreg
Word count : 5187
Summary: Yifan learns that his five year old son, Sehun, feels hurt from attention only received by his younger sister, Sophia. So he (with the help of his husband, Junmyeon) goes on a trip with Sehun to make him feel loved and happy.
Author note : I want to thank the mods N & Z, first and foremost, for hosting this fest! You guys were so nice and understanding~ ^^ To my beta-reader, Y, I greatly appreciate all your comments so much. You're the best, bb! Finally, to the OP, I hope you enjoy reading this. ^^

Wu Yifan described his life as fast-paced. Since graduating from university, he pursued a career in business where he had his internship. A year after, the company promoted him from an assistant to an associate and after another two years, he became a team leader.

Despite his quick career growth, Yifan decided to transfer to another company. His job constantly stressed him and rarely gave him time for himself. He realized it one day during a company outing.

Never had he regretted that decision.

Shortly after, he met junior high school teacher Kim Junmyeon. They hit it off after a couple of dates and three years later, Yifan popped the question.

Junmyeon’s, “Yes” sounded sweeter than any melody Yifan had ever heard.

In their spare time, the two constantly discussed the wedding and sometimes talked about starting a family. They shared a common interest in wanting a family and promised to start when they were ready.

Their engagement was short, and they married a couple of months later. They had already bought a house prior to the wedding and were excited to move in.

Like most of Yifan’s major milestones in life, they had a baby boy sooner rather later, just a few months after their marriage.

When Junmyeon announced it, Yifan was overcome with so much joy that he cried. He began caring for Junmyeon even more and Junmyeon savored each and every moment.

The parents-to-be were excited and nervous to meet their little boy soon. They named him Wu Sehun, and they couldn’t be any happier. They made sure to record all of his firsts. First walk. First laugh. First smile. First words. Yifan was the most emotional during those times.

It was tough being new parents. It was months and months of adjustments. There were times when one of them never saw one of Sehun’s first times. They barely got any sleep and they were constantly tired. Junmyeon took time off work for three months to take care of Sehun, while Yifan had an agreement with his boss regarding his work schedule.

Although they were constantly exhausted, they remembered the little bundle of joy in their home. Sehun was their source of happiness, inspiration, and purpose. They babied him and played with him even when they were tired from work.

At the end of the day, they reminded themselves how lucky they were.

Probably one of the many things they laughed about was that Sehun never seemed to smile a lot. Junmyeon joked that Sehun got it from Yifan. He was the Cutest Poker Faced Baby they had ever seen.

When Sehun turned two, parenthood became easier with routine and habits developed. On weekdays, Sehun would be dropped off at either Yifan’s mom’s or at Junmyeon’s parents’ houses. During the weekend, they would spend time together at home or outside.

Sometimes, the couple’s cousins would come over their house and bring their children along. They were glad to see Sehun spending time with other kids. He was so lively and joyful while he played with his relatives. This got them thinking, Would we want another child?

“I don’t want Sehun to be alone,” Junmyeon said to Yifan as they were about to sleep.

“I hear you, Junmyeon, and couldn’t agree with you more.” Yifan replied.

The couple got their wish after a lot of hardships. They were stressed from work; they weren’t able to find time with each other. They got false positives from tests. It went to a point were they gave up entirely, but it all changed when Junmyeon started having morning sickness and was able to confirm through many tests, that they were indeed expecting another child. All of it was worth it when they learned that they would be having a girl this time.

“You’re going to become a big brother, Sehun,” the parents announced.

Sehun threw a fit. He cried, sobbed, and screamed. The parents felt a little sad for the reaction they received from Sehun, nonetheless they hugged him and comforted him.

It took Sehun a while to get used to the idea of being an older brother. Even if he didn’t like the news, he still helped Junmyeon and Yifan whenever he could. The parents appreciated their little boy’s efforts despite his initial response towards the new sibling.

When their newest addition arrived, they named her Sophia. Sehun saw he was hesitant to look at her and could barely even say hi.

“It’s okay, Sehun,” Junmyeon said, holding the infant in his arms.

Sehun stared at it—her for a long time.

He eventually stepped closer after much coaxing from his Baba.

“I’ll give you a lollipop if you say hi to your little sister,” Yifan bribed. Sehun sighed and waved at Sophia for the very first time on the day she was born.

It was not easy for the parents. If they thought having one child was difficult, having two was pushing it. It was worse whenever Sophia cried in the middle of the night and Sehun would be angry or irritable. Yifan always knew how to soothe Sehun but the comfort wouldn’t last long as Sophia’s cries would last throughout the night. The baby was almost inconsolable sometimes.

After a while, Sehun started getting along with Sophia. He grew fond of her whenever she was quiet or when she smiled at him. He warmed up to her and started sharing some of his toys with her. He was learning how to become an older brother.

However, the fact remained that Sophia was the new baby of the house and Sehun was jealous. Yifan, most especially, had shifted his attention to Sophia and Sehun had yet to know why.

Junmyeon noticed it one day. Sehun had grown more attached to him; not that Sehun wasn’t close to his Mama. It was just that Yifan knew how to handle Sehun better, and Junmyeon loved that about Yifan. It rang alarm bells in his head when he saw Sehun cling to him more, stay by his side longer.

They figured it out one night.

Junmyeon was home early, but he decided not to cook dinner so he had food delivered over. Sehun was happily playing with his Mama and Sophia was still taking her nap. Usually, whenever Yifan arrived home, Sehun would greet him with a hug.

But this time, it didn’t happen.

“Sehun,” the little boy heard his Mama speak, “why don’t you give Baba a hug?”

Their son didn’t want to obey him, and so he shook his head and pouted. Junmyeon wanted to seem like the stricter parent, but he couldn’t get angry with Sehun.

Junmyeon sighed and kissed his husband when he got home.

“Sehuuuuuuun!” Yifan said joyfully with outstretched arms but Sehun ignored him. His Baba frowned, and Junmyeon only shrugged his shoulders. They finally ate dinner, and Yifan volunteered to wash the dishes and clean the table with Junmyeon.

“Honey,” Yifan started as he wiped the table. Junmyeon hummed in response. “Is there something wrong with Sehun?”

Junmyeon wordlessly rinsed the plates.

“I feel like he’s ignoring me,” He added. Then he rested his forehead on top of Junmyeon’s head.

Junmyeon finished with all the plates and turned around to talk to Yifan. They both sat down on the couch to discuss Sehun’s current behavior.

“He told me yesterday,” Junmyeon started, as he rested his head on Yifan’s shoulder.

“You’ve been paying more attention to Sophia instead of him.”

Yifan was surprised that a five year old would say something like that. He couldn’t help but take care of Sophia. She was still a year and a half, and she still needed her fathers to care for her constantly. Yifan didn’t think he neglected Sehun completely. He made time for his son, but still, Sehun was sad… maybe even disappointed with the time Yifan gave his son.

“You should go talk to him,” Junmyeon suggested.

Yifan stood up leaving Junmyeon in the living room. The nervous father entered his son’s room.

“Hi Sehun!” he greeted him. His son did not answer back.

He sat down on his bed; his son covered himself with the comforter.

“You still don’t want to talk to me?” Yifan asked. Sehun did not comply.

Yifan sighed in disbelief, whatever had he done to receive this treatment.

“Why are you mad at me, Sehun?” He asked with a frown. Again, no response. He tried to pull the covers out of his son’s face, but Sehun protested.


“Sehun!” Yifan shifted to a sterner tone.

“Noooooo!” their son whined again.

Yifan gave up eventually but managed to bid him goodnight. He then headed to his and Junmyeon’s bedroom where he found the latter reading.

Yifan rested his head on Junmyeon’s lap, the smaller of the two comforting his devastated husband by combing his hair with his fingers.

“Our son hates me,” Yifan sulked.

“Then show him that you still love him.”

“But I do!”

“I know that, but does your son know that?” Junmyeon smiled softly at his husband. “Maybe you can take him for an overnight or something?”

“Go on.”

“You know, like, set up a tent with him outside the apartment complex—,”

“We’re allowed to do that?” Yifan cut him off. Junmyeon clicked his tongue.

“Or… you could go camping.”

Yifan nodded and thought about camping with Sehun nearby.

“You’re the best,” Yifan praised his husband.

“Of course I am.” Junmyeon winked.

Yifan bought the supplies the next day after work, expressing excitement for this trip. He asked Junmyeon if had a friend who could give them a place to stay in Chungju. Fortunately, they found a small land with a cottage where they could camp out even if there were sleeping quarters inside.

Yifan called it, “Slightly Similar to Camping Trip.”

Everything went by in a breeze. Soon, Yifan found himself loading all the non-perishables in the car. The only problem was that he had yet to convince Sehun.

He asked for Junmyeon’s help to persuade their son to come along.

Junmyeon called Sehun from his room to help with the chores as his excuse. Sehun agreed easily. He then exited his room, saw his Baba right outside his door, and bolted back to his bed. Junmyeon immediately chased after him and carried him to the living room.

He set his son down on the couch. Yifan followed and sat on the wooden coffee table. Junmyeon sat right beside Sehun.

“Sehun,” Junmyeon started. “Baba wants to camp with you.”

“I don’t want to go!” Sehun opposed and crossed his arms. Yifan pouted.

“Is there a reason you’re angry with Baba, sweetie?” Junmyeon asked their son.

“I’m mad at him because all he does is be with Sophia!” Sehun sobbed.

Junmyeon glared at Yifan just for show and wiped the tears off their dear son’s face.

“Sweetheart, Baba loves you too, okay?” Junmyeon assured him.

Sehun shook his head. “No! He only loves Sophia!” Sehun huffed. Tears continued rolling down his face, and Junmyeon hugged his baby boy.

“Sophia’s still a baby,” Yifan explained as he squatted to Sehun’s level. “She can’t be alone because she doesn’t think like you yet.”

Junmyeon nodded and added, “And you know that too, because you’re always helping us take care of your little sister. Even if sometimes we don’t see it, we know that you care for your little sister. You’re growing up to be a good and independent boy, and someday, your sister will have you to look up to. We’re really proud of you and you’ll always be our favorite baby boy, okay?” Junmyeon added.

“That is we won’t have another one,” Yifan said through his gritted teeth, and Junmyeon elbowed him.

Junmyeon kissed Sehun on the forehead and wrapped up their talk with, “Just because Sophia is here doesn’t mean we love you any less. You’re the best son in the world, Sehunnie.”

Yifan agreed and nodded to Junmyeon’s statement.

“Fine, I will go with Baba.” The little boy pouted as he stomped his way back to the bedroom. The couple stood up and gave each other a high-five.

Yifan then ran after Sehun, however, the little boy was insistent that Junmyeon help him. So, Yifan called his husband and Junmyeon followed Sehun to his room, and Sehun’s Mama helped him pack.

It was the day of their father-son outing. Yifan had a whole day planned (with Junmyeon’s help). He woke up at dawn so they could go through all of the activities until tomorrow evening. He did not wake Sehun so as not to anger him any further. Instead, Junmyeon, who got out of bed thanks to Yifan’s alarm, dressed their son and roused him awake.

Yifan packed all the meat in the icebox, placed them all in the car, and returned to carry Sehun to the car. He kissed Junmyeon and Sophia goodbye, although their little girl was still asleep in her Mama’s arms.

“Text me when you get there,” Junmyeon whispered as the father-son started their first bonding trip. He set Sehun at the backseat so the boy could lie down peacefully. Yifan could finally head out for their “slightly similar to camping” experience.

He had to stop at a nearby convenience store to buy coffee, drinks, and snacks since he knew it was more or less a long drive. He remember he shouldn’t leave his son in the backseat, so he piggybacked him to the convenience store and rushed to buy their snacks and refreshments.

Almost an hour into their journey, Sehun finally woke up from his slumber.

“Mama?” He called out for Junmyeon in a gravelly voice but there was no reply. The little boy rubbed his eyes, heavy from sleep. He sat up and after a few minutes he began to realize that he wasn’t in his room anymore.

“Sehunnie, you’re awake?” Yifan asked when he heard Sehun call out for his Mama again.

The little boy responded with an undecipherable word.

Looking from his rear view mirror, Yifan saw his son crossing his arms and glaring at him. He knew he wasn’t forgiven just yet. The dad could only chuckle at his son.

They were overcame with silence. He actually switched on the radio, but Sehun requested peace. Yifan then heard something. Sehun’s tummy grumbled.

“You hungry?” Yifan asked.


“You sure?” He prodded.

Sehun shook his head, but they heard another grumble. Yifan tried to stifle his laughter at how adorable Sehun could be when he was mad. Eventually, he had to find a rest stop so they could eat their breakfast. It was a good thing they had to because Yifan needed to take a break from driving.

It took him a while to get Sehun out of the car. The little boy was still angry with his father, but Yifan did whatever it took to get back to his good graces. As part of their father-son trip, he and Junmyeon agreed not to call each other. He would only send a message once they have arrived at their destination.

Yifan had chicken ginseng soup, while Sehun had a variety of dishes in front of him. The father let his son eat as heartily as he could since he was a growing boy. As they ate, Yifan wanted to lighten the mood so he revealed that he and Junmyeon had their first date sharing a bowl of chicken ginseng. He added, laughing, that he was a total doofus for forgetting his wallet while Junmyeon had a couple of bills in his wallet.

Sehun only stared at his Baba as he told this story.

“The moral of the story, Sehun, is to always have extra cash with you in your pockets or your shoes or wherever you choose to hide it,” Yifan said, and Sehun nodded. Yifan sighed at his first attempt to make his little boy laugh.

He expected his son to laugh, but it seems he’ll need time to make Sehun happy again. Defeated, Yifan sighed and told Sehun to finish up his breakfast, and the little boy did so quickly. Once out of the rest stop’s eateries, Yifan even ran to the car (also making sure no cars were passing by) to show how enthusiastic he was about the trip and how he wanted Sehun to follow him. However, Sehun dragged his feet, and didn’t look happy at all. Seeing his son like that made him even more determined to put a smile on his face. Once they arrived in the car, he lifted Sehun and helped him sit on the backseat, while he went over to the driver’s seat and they headed out on the road once more. The two remained silent throughout the drive. Although Yifan wanted to play ‘I Spy,’ Sehun chose to look out the window and be amazed at the sights.

It took them another hour before they arrived in Chungju. It was the countryside, and Yifan was happy to go somewhere outside the city after a long time. Back when he and Junmyeon were still dating, they would have long drives or travel to rural areas in the country. He was happy to share this moment with Sehun now. One day, he hoped that all of them would get to go on a trip soon.

Once they arrived at the cottage, Sehun immediately opened the door and ran to the nearby field. Meanwhile, Yifan unloaded all their things. The little boy saw other children playing in the playground close to their campsite.

“Baba!” Sehun said. Yifan paused as he carried a bag. “Can I go play with them?” The child asked, pointing at the other kids.


The kid jumped in joy and ran to play with the other children. It was the first time Yifan saw Sehun smile during their whole trip and he couldn’t help but smile as well. To make sure Junmyeon didn’t worry, he texted his husband that they have arrived. Junmyeon replied that they should have fun together.

Yifan placed everything inside, save for the tent he’d pitch later that night. Once done, he walked over to the playground and said hi to the other children. He sat at a stone bench with another elder. The elder struck up conversation with him and even offered him a watermelon.

“Baba!” Sehun called out to him. He was surprised that Sehun did.

He stood up from the bench. “Yes, Sehunnie?”

The little boy ran to his father and suddenly he was out of breath. Yifan told him to rest for a while. But when he said he could handle it, he pulled him to the other kids.

“We’re playing What’s the Time, Mr. Wolf, Mister,” One kid said.

“You really want to play with me, Sehunnie?” Yifan asked him. Sehun nodded excitedly.

They played What’s the Time, Mr. Wolf for five rounds. Yifan noticed how much energy Sehun—no, all the kids—had. The elder even had to buy them water, and Yifan was thankful he was around. He was happy to see Sehun cheerful and playful with the other children. To Yifan, that was enough. So long as his child was happy, so was he.

All the other children had to leave since they had to eat their lunch, but Sehun insisted he and his Baba go on the swings. Yifan stood up and pushed for Sehun so his son could reach higher. Sehun laughed and enjoyed the swing with his Baba.

“Higher, Baba!” Sehun ordered, and Yifan obliged. Eventually, they had to stop since the little boy was getting hungry.

Before returning to their rental, Yifan asked, “Are you happy, Sehunnie?” The boy just grinned in response. Together, they walked hand-in-hand and returned to their accommodation.

Before the dad prepared to cook, he had Sehun change clothes and had him drink plenty of water. Yifan then headed to the kitchen and started cooking the meat he brought.

Sehun, on the other hand, brought out his action figures and dolls. He even bugged Yifan, but his dad didn’t mind. Yifan went outside to have the meat grilled instead as it took longer on the pan. His son complained that he was getting hungry, and Yifan assured him that the food will be ready in a few minutes.

Prior to their trip, Yifan pre-cooked the vegetables while Junmyeon stored side dishes. He instructed Sehun to ready the table, and the little boy did. Yifan dashed to the kitchen immediately and grabbed a plate to put all the meat as he might burn the meat. He then returned inside and placed it on the table.

“You can start eating, Sehunnie, I’ll just finish grilling the other meat.” Sehun nodded and dug in. After a few minutes, Yifan finished cooking and settled on the table, placing another plate of meat on the table. He noticed the veggies and side dishes weren’t there, so he grabbed them from the house and placed it on the table.

“Do you like eating the meat, Sehunnie?” Yifan then asked.

“Yes, Baba.”

After lunch, Sehun took a long nap and Yifan washed the dishes and set-up a treasure hunt for tomorrow. Yifan foregone the tent he was supposed to pitch as he preferred sleeping inside instead.

When Sehun finally woke up from his nap, Yifan brought him to the nearby market to buy ready-made food that could be heated.and had them for dinner. Sehun insisted that they play some more, but it was already dark and there weren’t any kids to play with. Sehun pouted, but got over it when he played with his action figures.

Yifan stepped outside for a while, admiring the night sky. There were lesser lights in the provinces and he loved looking at the stars. Sehun followed him, carrying an action figure in one hand. The little boy poked his dad on his side and Yifan laughed it off.

Sehun looked up in the sky too and noticed, “Why are there so many stars here?”

Yifan then hoisted up his little boy and answered, “Because there are more lights in the city, Sehunnie.” He hummed thinking of another way to answer without confusing him. “The really tall buildings with the little lights, you seem then every night, yes? They make it hard for the stars to twinkle in the sky.”

“Oh.” After a beat, Sehun said, “What’s the name of that star and that star and that star?” Sehun asked as he pointed with his toy.

Yifan chuckled. “I guess Baba has to do his homework and then I’ll let Sehunnie know the name of the stars up in the sky.”

“Baba,” Sehun then said. Yifan looked at him.

“Why do you always play with Sophia only?” The little boy pouted, looking at his toy. He put Sehun down as he was getting exhausted from carrying him. They sat on the stony platform outside of the rental home.

“Mama and I aren’t always playing with Sophia.” Yifan looked down. “Like we said, Sophia’s still little so she always needs our help to eat, sleep and walk. There are many things babies can’t do on their own yet.

“You, on the other hand…” He then ruffled his son’s hair, “can do many things on your own.”

Sehun puffed his cheeks.

“You have to understand, Sehunnie, that Sophia’s your little sister. She will need you too when the time comes. You’ll have to help each other when Mama and I aren’t in the house. You’re her big brother, and one day she will walk up to you and say, ‘Sehun, can you help me with this?’ Or she’ll ask you to go with her somewhere or you might need her to do something for you.

“You might not like it when she cries a lot or is noisy but at the end of the day, you’re family. I know you don’t hate her nor Mama and me. I love you so much, Sehunnie. I feel sorry for making you feel this way, and I’ll promise to be a better dad for the two of you. But I’m happy that you’re still our little boy and you’re around to make us all happy,

“Do you understand now why Sophia needs the attention that we give her?”

Sehun puffed a cheek, pouted, and shrugged, “I guess.”

“Then at least continue being a good boy for Baba and Mama. Do it for me?” He asked Sehunnie and went in for a hug. The little boy, who didn’t seem to pay any attention while his dad was talking to him, hugged him back ever so tightly.

The two decided to hit the hay, and Yifan told him he had a surprise for Sehun tomorrow. It excited Sehun so much that it took him some time to fall asleep that Yifan had to sing a lullaby for the boy to sleep.

The next day, Yifan had woken up extra early. He prepared a simple breakfast and readied for their treasure hunt after that. He had drawn a fake map, complete with images to make Junmyeon laugh for a lifetime.

Once they finished eating with breakfast, Yifan acted as if he lost his things. It got Sehun’s attention.

“Oh no! One of your toy’s enemies misplaced some of my treasures! I need your help to find it, Sehunnie.” Yifan said as he handed out a map for him.

He pointed to what looked like a hotdog with arms and legs, and asked Yifan. “Baba, what’s this?”

“That’s a…” he tried not to chuckle. “lion.”

“A lion!?”

“That’s right.” Yifan nodded. “We have to be careful so the lion won’t attack us.”

“Okay, Baba.” Sehun held Yifan’s hand as they explored the fields outside.

Yifan allowed Sehun to take the lead in their treasure hunt. He pretended as if there were obstacles in there way, but they were just anthills or puddles. He made sure to have the treasure hunt feel as if it were really an adventure.

Through Sehun’s adventure skills, they were able to retrieve Yifan’s ‘lost treasures’. Inside the box, were some of Yifan’s rings and bracelets.

“Chocolates!” Sehun exclaimed when he saw the goodies inside the box. He immediately grabbed them out of the box. Yifan, however, had to stop him from eating all of the candies.

“Leave some for after dinner.” His son then nodded.

They had a quick lunch over at the market. Yifan and his son took a quick tour of the place they stayed in before going back to. Sehun said goodbye to his newly found friends in the playground and they finally headed home after they finished cleaning up.

They had dinner at a rest stop and Yifan bought some souvenirs for Junmyeon and Sophia. Sehun began feeling sleepy when they walked back to their car and Yifan had to carry him halfway through. They get home later than they expected because of the weekend heavy traffic.

Sehun was still asleep when they arrived. Yifan carried him to his bed and decided to unpack all the other things tomorrow. He found Junmyeon already asleep in their bedroom. He was probably tired from taking care of Sophia all day. When Yifan checked, their daughter was also asleep in her crib. Yifan washed up before heading to bed.

He slipped under the covers and wrapped his arms around his husband from the back.

The next day, Junmyeon woke up to someone with arms wrapped around him—said someone was his one and only husband. He turned around to look at Yifan; his face tired. He gave his husband a quick peck on the lips as he peeled off the long arms from his smaller body. He checked on Sophia to see if she was awake and safe. Fortunately, she was still sleeping peacefully.

He went over to Sehun’s room. His limbs splayed on the bed, and Junmyeon wanted to laugh. He sat on his son’s bed and stroked his hair.

Sehun stirred from his sleep; his eyelids fluttered, and he groaned. He saw a blurry blob by his headstand. When his vision cleared, he saw his Mama smiling at him.

“Good morning, Sehunnie,” He then flipped to lay down on his stomach. Junmyeon snickered.

“Did you have fun with Baba?” Junmyeon asked. His son nodded.

“Really, you did?”

Sehun grunted as hiss reply.

Junmyeon giggled and apologized for waking him up early. He kissed the crown of his son’s head, and walked over to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

In the middle of making breakfast for his family, Junmyeon felt the same weight he woke up to this morning. The biggest baby he had to take care of. Once again, he felt enveloped in his husband’s embrace. Yifan rested his head on one of Junmyeon’s shoulders.

Like earlier, Junmyeon turned around to face Yifan and gave him a peck on the lips.

“Morning,” Junmyeon greeted.

Yifan groaned.

“Ah like Baba like son,” the shorter husband commented.

Junmyeon cupped Yifan’s face and said, “Sehunnie told me he had fun.”


Junmyeon nodded and returned to making breakfast.

The couple then heard footsteps and Yifan unwrapped his arms around Junmyeon’s. They saw Sehun come down the stairs with his hair looking like a bird’s nest. Their son immediately clung to his Mama.

“Did you really have fun with Baba?” Junmyeon asked as he plated the eggs and the fruits on another plate. Yifan then squatted to see Sehun at an eye level.

“I had so much fun.” Sehun replied to Junmyeon.

“Why don’t you tell that to Baba?”

“I had so much fun, Baba.” He looked at his other father. Yifan then outstretched his arms to ask for a hug from Sehun. The boy then hugged him back, and Yifan smothered him with kisses.

“Stop kissing me, Baba,” Sehun said as he wiped the wetness off his face.

“Why don’t we help Mama set the table, Sehunnie?” Yifan aked. Their son then nodded. While setting it up, they heard a cry from the room. Yifan rushed to the room and hoisted Sophia up. The father-daughter exited the room, and Junmyeon walked over to carry their daughter himself.

Junmyeon sat her in the high chair while Sehun climbed up to sit on his own.

“Se—,” the little girl mumbled.

Sehun eyes widened as he looked at his little sister.

“Say that again, Sophia.”


“Se-hun,” Sehun repeatedly said for Sophia.

She had yet to say his name fully, but she was getting there. The couple heard it, and they were happy their children were getting along.

“One day, Sehun,” Yifan said as he ruffled his son’s hair, “she’ll finally say your name.”

Sehun looked up at Yifan and nodded.

He knew that one day, he’d get along well with Sophia. The parents were confident enough that they’d have a good relationship in the future. It was probably going to be in the distant future because Sehun was still learning to understand why Sophia needed their help.

For Yifan and Junmyeon, right now, while their children were still young, was something they knew they’d look back to and cherish for a long time.

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From: [identity profile] mamalumimin.livejournal.com
AAAAAAH this is so heartwarming ;~; I've always loved the idea of kh domestic au with Sophia & Sehun as siblings ;;;; thank you so much for writing this!!!

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I'm glad you think so~ Hehehe. Thank you for reading and commenting on this, L-nim. Hahaha.
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This prompt that I've been looking forward very eyecatching. I like dynamic domestic krisho like this prompt then BAM the story revealed!!!! I instantly fallin in love since beginning /internally screams/. I loved how you portrait annoying sehun gdlsvfislsgdk kiddo sehun are always loved :333
Thankyouu for krisho family and everything. It was soooo heartwarming ♡♡

Date: 2016-09-25 03:18 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] sungun0506.livejournal.com
I tried my best to portray a father-son relationship, with the kid feeling jealous of their sibling, I'm glad you liked it. Thank you very much for reading and commenting~ ^^

Date: 2016-09-24 05:49 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] mochkee.livejournal.com
hello dear author-nim, OP here!!!!!

first of all,


i really enjoyed reading this while drowning in an ocean of fluffy feels over all the disgustingly cute krishun!! this piece really quenched my thirst for krishun and the overall "wu family". a jealous sehun is the cutest thing in the whole world and the efforts of his parents in showing him that he is still and will always be their baby boy makes me want them to be my parents too tbh XD

you wrote this in such a way that i can really picture out each of their interactions and i'm just in feels overload. once again, thank you so much for this wonderful piece of domestic krisho featuring their "children" :DD

Date: 2016-09-25 03:22 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] sungun0506.livejournal.com



THIRD, I'm so happy you thought it was heart-warming. <3 I'm glad you like it? Hahhaahhaa <3333

Thanks for reading and commenting bb
Edited Date: 2016-09-25 03:22 pm (UTC)


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