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Prompt number : 168
Title : Stray Cats Can Stay
Pairing : Yixing/Zitao
Rating : PG
Warning : none
Word count : 1,615 words
Summary: Yixing was stupid enough to let a stray cat in when it only leaves after being filled. Incidentally, he sees that Zitao and the stray cat are alike.
Author note : sorry to the mods who i stressed out about the deadline, forgive me for such a short fic but thank you for making me write <3

Yixing never noticed when he started being accustomed to making coffee for two every morning. It was unclear when it started being normal, how he gently places the mug on the bedside table, careful to wake Zitao up from his slumber. It was unclear how instead of dreading the sunlight that passes through the blinds in his room like he did way before; he stood by his own bed staring at the blonde male in his sheets watching the said man glow.

"Xing?" The name came out of the latter’s lips as a groan, far from the pleasured moans that he had uttered the night before, or all the other nights before that. It's been a while now since they've decided to keep the accidental thing going. He's just a really good friend, Yixing convinces himself the first time, and so when he finally had the words stuck on his head, the first time had more next time's. "Coffee?"

If Zitao didn't stretch sleep out of his limbs, Yixing wouldn't have to see the marks he made all over the tanned skin in broad daylight; it made him flush at the thoughts, as if it was their first time all over again-- "Yixing," Zitao repeated, now seated comfortably with the sheets covering half of his body and the warm cup in his hands. "You seem distracted?"

If you weren't that beautiful early in the morning then I could've saved my brain. Zitao is undeniably gorgeous, and Yixing suddenly regrets starting on the wrong foot now because although they agreed to fuck for fun (as Zitao once said it was), he couldn't just get used to the fast beating of his heart as he sees the marks he left—the love marks, he says to himself, when he made love to him… Yixing cleared his throat to shrug the thoughts off as the feline eyes bore holes into his soul, as if they were mocking him for knowing that he fell into the trap. "Please... dress up."

"Now you want me clothed? I can clearly remember you being so impatient last night, you tore the button--"

With a sigh, Yixing cut the words from the male, knowing it is true and it’s embarrassing though they're in this kind of set up. He turned around, headed to his own wardrobe. "I'll buy you a new one--maybe when you're...free or whenever you like. For now, I'll get you something--"

"Of your own? No thanks." Zitao went from being a tease to his diva self, a condition he probably got from his bitchfriend Baekhyun. "You know you should totally change your style on clothing. Like Yifan's. That fucker's a hottie."

Yixing’s hold on the closet doors loosened, and the words from Zitao, though not meant to offend him, seemed like a bucket of cold water poured down on him. He only hummed as a response, trying to figure out if he should still lend the blonde something of his. Well, he’s done more than that but sometimes, or even most of the time, he doesn’t get Zitao. One moment his stomach feels like bursting with the sight of the man, the next he'll have a gray cloud over his head hearing the same man tell him things he should be because he still can’t match his standard.

"But you're hotter every time you own me on your bed," Zitao’s fingers suddenly traced his clothed back, and soon enough there were warm hands beneath the thin fabric. The male’s breath against his sensitive neck ensues, before the touches retreated as quickly as they landed his skin, and there was a playful slap on his butt. "And I stink because of that. So I'm gonna wash up at my apartment and tell my aunt slash land lady I'll be staying over here again later. She won't even let me past that goddamn early curfew...."

Yixing felt his hard on as he looked back, but he stood there saying nothing, watching Zitao chuckling to himself as he slid into his clothes from the day before. The atmosphere was ruined, and he doesn't know if he should either feel relieved or disappointed for letting this tease even hang around. Yixing would always get just half of what he gives; there are nights when Zitao refuses to relieve him, days when he drinks only half of the coffee mug's content, give back only half of everything that Yixing always hoped would someday become whole because right now, as he watches the guy chugging the entire cup of now cold coffee, he's sure he's given his whole being to Zitao, but he just have a claim on the latter’s body, not on the guy’s heart. "At what time will you be back?"

Zitao smiled before taking quick strides towards the confused man. Yixing knows that the gorgeous male's not supposed to be back in his house until the next weekend, because weekdays aren't supposed to be spent as friends with benefits, just friends; but he hopes, unfortunately on his side, that Zitao prefers to be with him more often now, just like how he does. "Asap," he answers before taking a quick peck on his lips.

And Yixing swears his legs felt like jelly the whole morning, and the kiss, as innocent and natural as it was, is all that he could think of as he washed the two mugs, dried them, and placed them side by side. Would he even stand a chance?

“I told you I’ll be back soon.” Zitao smiled at him, a genuine one which confused Yixing—he may be sappy at times but he’s sure enough that Zitao didn’t emit this kind of vibe before—like they weren’t just friends, which they really aren’t—but still something else other than being friends with benefits. “I brought something to eat.”

“I hope it’s decent.” Yixing took the bag from him and quickly checked what’s inside as the other male went into his house as if he shares it with him. He’s not complaining if ever that happens, but he thinks it’s far enough from today. “Ramyun? Really, Zitao?”

“It’s the only thing I like that’s decent enough for you,” Zitao murmurs, now draped all over Yixing’s sofa. “I’ve brought in stuff a whole lot of times and they either end up in the bin or the stray cat gets fed—that stupid cat’s cute but he can’t even stay; he just leaves after getting filled.”

“Aren’t you like that stray cat?”

“I’m—pardon?” Zitao opens his tired eyes, surprised by the sudden remark. Yixing was never the type to tell him such things, because first of all they spend time together not for dramas or comparisons to strays. “What do you mean by that?”

“You’re cute.” But you can’t stay, and you leave after getting filled. Yixing found it ironic for the thought to come from Zitao but he’s not heartless to tell him straight. Maybe somewhere in the back of his mind, Zitao isn’t a stray cat at all—or not any more. “Anyway, I’m going to get some hot water. Where do you want to eat?”

“Maybe in that Tupperware where you feed your cat,” Zitao got back, eyes not looking at Yixing’s. “Why do I feel like you mean something else?”

“I’m not.”

“Don’t fool me, Yixing. We’ve spent much more time together than we did with anyone else—especially you since you don’t let anybody in other than me.” Zitao doesn’t know what to do after standing up so he sits back down, allowing himself to process more words to say to the man he never wanted to get too attached with. “I’m not stupid.”

It was probably the nth time that Yixing sighed for the day, but he thinks it’s time for them to talk about these things and clean up the mess that they’ve made. “Then I must be more stupid. I thought this was a one-time thing, Zitao.”

“I thought so too! But you always let me in and you were always there when I thought I needed someone—Yixing, you made me feel as if your home is also my home.”

“Is making a friend with benefits giving you a homey feel now? Zitao, I waited for us to be somewhere more than that. But I can never match your type, can I?” Yixing feels a tear escape his eye and he looks away as Zitao turns his head to him when his voice cracked. Before the latter reached him, he immediately wipes the tear away and stands back. “I always held back because we aren’t in a serious thing anyway, so why should I ever feel disappointed?”

“It’s because you love me, stupid.” Zitao grabs Yixing’s hand away and pulls the body into an embrace. “And even though I regret starting this stupid set-up with you every night, I still look forward to all the mornings we could share together so I don’t complain.”

Yixing holds the other man tighter in his arms before he whispers, “Does this mean we can already spend the night just waiting for the dawn to come?”

“We can. Even for a million more times.”

Yixing is still unsure of when it became a normal thing to set or make things for two. But it doesn’t matter now—as long as Zitao finishes the cup of coffee he makes every morning. Yixing doesn’t change his style on clothes. It doesn’t matter now—as long as Zitao’s own clothes occupy a part of his wardrobe. Yixing doesn’t really know when the stray cat learned to stay. It doesn’t matter now—he wants him there anyway.


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