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After 7(+1) days of postings, the first round exohousewarming is complete! Now it is the time that you’ve been waiting for, it’s GUESS WHO time!~

With a final total 37 participants and 38 fics (thank you guys, we never knew our first round would have this much participation!), can you think of someone who possibly write your favorite fics from this round? ;D


🏠 Day 1🏡

#5 You, Who Came From The Belly (Luhan/Xiumin) | 2,245w | PG-13
Minseok and Lu Han know that parenting isn’t easy. Parenting is an art. They need to be patient, diligent, and extra careful. But they didn’t think that it will require so much creativity, especially to find the safest answer for an unexpected question.

#54 (Un)Lucky Number Eighteen (Chen-centric, Chen/Xiumin) | 4,585w | PG-13
Jongdae didn't think that his family would forget about his eighteenth birthday, but with ten other siblings he couldn't exactly fault his parents for letting it slip their minds.

#148 You Are My Sunshine, My World (Kris/Lay) | 2,720w | G
Their fate intertwined when one was six and the other was five, brought together by a troublesome kitten and red claw marks.

#64 What’s my age again? (D.O/Kai) | 5,745w | G
Jongin comes home with Kyungsoo cooking deonjang jiggae and with an unexpected guest waiting for him.

#142 We Can Learn To Love Again (Baekyun/Chen) | 8,924w | R
Maybe getting married at a young age wasn’t the best of ideas.

🏠 Day 2🏡

#40 Over Soup and Kisses (Luhan/Xiumin) | 3,027w | NC-17
Minseok catches a cold so Luhan comes over bringing soup and warm blankets to keep him company and help him get better.

#111 404 Comfort Not Found (Kris/Suho) | 1,520 | G
A domestic au in which Junmyeon and Yifan have been together for a little over a year and a half. Although they have learned a lot about one another throughout this time and have changed their ways for the sake of their family, the two still have yet to solve the ongoing feud on who deserves the control over the blankets.

#126 Shower You With My Love (Kris/Lay) | ~5,900w | NC-17
Yifan adores every little bit of change in Yixing's body ever since they had their first child, especially that line of scar inches below his husband's navel.

#45 Lutefisk and Love (D.O/Kai) | ~7,400w | PG-13
Kyungsoo had the perfect vacation planned out, and then Jongin inserted himself into it.

#156 And It’s You (It’s Always Been You) (Baekhyun/D.O) | 7,700w | NC-17
Kyungsoo has always had a weakness for Baekhyun. He just never knew to what extent until now. (Otherwise known as the fic where Kyungsoo follows Baekhyun's whims because oh, he actually does love him.)

🏠 Day 3🏡

#3 Cake For Breakfast (Baekhyun/Chanyeol) | 108,280w | M/NC-17 (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) (13)
Like the wise Byun family proverb says: Hug it till it loves you.

#99 Unconventional Perfection (Chen/D.O/Tao) | 3,538w | NC-17
A tiring work day as a police officer makes Kyungsoo crave to return home to the welcoming embraces of his two lovers.

#108 I’m No Good Without You (D.O/Kai) | ~9,700w | PG
Jongin and Kyungsoo are living a domestic life under the same roof. But the thing is, they’re not a couple.

🏠 Day 4🏡

#103 All That Matters (D.O/Kai) | 5,214w | G
Today might just be Jongin’s worst day, but how can he complain when he knows that no matter how terrible his day would be, he would always have the two loves of his life waiting for him at home.

#145 come to me (don’t hesitate) (Baekhyun/D.O) | 4,628w | PG-13
Kyungsoo asks Baekhyun to move in with him. (Alternatively, Baekhyun reads the daily horoscope, Kyungsoo is a Capricorn and they get a puppy.)

#110 Rainfall (Chanyeol/Kai) | 4,914w | NC-17
In which the power goes out and Jongin decides that's the perfect excuse to have a romantic night with his husband.

#10 Spring Day (D.O/Suho) | ~2,284w | G
kyungsoo attempts the conversation after both of them have had their first mug of the morning coffee

#139 too long since i’ve been a fool (Chanyeol/D.O) | 18,272 | PG (1) (2)
Chanyeol feels something weird and funny in his stomach whenever he sees Kyungsoo with another guy. Chanyeol convinces himself that it’s nothing and dismisses the fact that he may be catching feelings for his flatmate.

🏠 Day 5🏡

#9 Take Care (D.O/Kai) | ~7,709w | PG-13
Jongin knows he’s not supposed to injure himself lest he wants to face his husband’s nagging.

#129 Nepenthean Encounters
 (Chanyeol/Baekhyun) | ~10,000w | PG-13 (1) (2)
Baekhyun is willing to do anything to escape his sorrows, even if it means running away and starting his life over in a new city, with a new job. His nepenthean encounters come in the form of a single father and his five-year-old son.

#2 A Distance Beyond Dreams (Luhan/Xiumin) | ~6,008w | PG
Luhan and Xiumin look at photos and recall their journey throughout life with each other.

#118 It’s Never Too Late (Kris/Lay) | 10,446 | PG-13
Yifan and Yixing need to fall apart to realize how much they need to fall back together.

#1 Chef-d’oeuvre (Baekhyun/Kris) | ~4,700k | PG
Yifan's new career change is both sudden and daunting. All he wants to do is paint, and Baekhyun is responsible for keeping him grounded when he's threatened with stress. au.

🏠 Day 6🏡

#34 A Good Day In One Hunred (D.O/Kai) | ~4,715w | NC-17
Kyungsoo convinced himself that cutting would help. The rush of adrenaline, the buzz that he got after cutting, it was enough to fill the empty space in his chest.

#101 The Nanny (Lay/Sehun) | ~7,988w | G
Jongin found for Sehun the part time work for the summer break. And it was as a nanny for the Yixing’s kids.

#102 For You (Chanyeol/D.O) 2,846w | PG
Chanyeol confesses in the only way he knows best, through his music.

#11 The Father-Son "Slightly Similar To Camping" Experience (Kris/Suho) | ~5,187w | PG
Yifan learns that his five year old son, Sehun, feels hurt from attention only received by his younger sister, Sophia. So he (with the help of his husband, Junmyeon) goes on a trip with Sehun to make him feel loved and happy.

#66 Let’s Call It Fate (Chanyeol/Kai) | ~15,527w | NC-17 (1) (2)
Driving down the road of the countryside of Seoul, Chanyeol finds an young pregnant man. He takes the boy named Jongin home and it doesn't take long until Chanyeol falls for him and the baby under his heart.

🏠 Day 7🏡

#94 How We Love (D.O/Kai) | ~9,300w | NC-17
When their old roommates graduated, university couple Jongin and Kyungsoo decide to move in together. But life under one roof isn’t as easy as they thought it would be.

#61 (com)promises (D.O/Suho) | ~6,000w | PG
Moving in together is not as romantic as films paint it to be.

SP#1 Hint Juleps (Chen/Xiumin) | 2,760w | PG
Jongdae keeps dropping hints and Minseok just Doesn’t Get It.

#120 With Intentions of Gold (Kris/Lay) | ~17.700w | NC-17 (1) (2)
It was like retracing steps after years being away from somewhere; the same but so very different.

🏠 Day 8🏡

#46 Somnabulists Exodus (D.O/Kai) | ~18,000w | NC-17
Kim Jongin and his husband Kyungsoo have the perfect life together; they have two beautiful children, a wonderful home, good paying jobs and three fun loving dogs. But one day everything changes.

#95 3AM Story (Baekhyun/Chanyeol) | ~1,900w | PG
The more Baekhyun eats, the more Chanyeol loses his sleep. (Or alternatively, the story of a man handling the craving of his pregnant husband).

SP#2 Wu’s Special Bathing Service (Kris/Lay) | ~3,200w | PG
Sometimes all it takes for Yifan to make his husband feel better after an exhausting day is a hot bath.

#71 Days With You (D.O/Kai) | ~2,900w | PG-13
Kyungsoo has to babysit two of the youngest Kims sometimes. Or is it?

#168 Stray Cats Can Stay (Lay/Tao) | 1,615 w | PG
Yixing was stupid enough to let a stray cat in when it only leaves after being filled. Incidentally, he sees that Zitao and the stray cat are alike.

The wonderful writers that are writing for this fest are :

LittlestFrosty (2 fics)
jung joseok

Write a comment below with your guess(es)! Don’t forget to read all of the fics for every day so you can guess more! ;) (And don’t forget to write comments for our wonderful writers on their fics! Tell em your favorite part!)

We’ll post the reveals on Sunday, 25th of September 2016 KST!!! So, you guys have a lot of time to guess~ Until then, cheers!

Hugs and kisses,


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