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It’s that time of the year again! We’re sending out the invitations!!

After a year, we finally open the SUMMER 2017 ROUND AND WE INVITE ALL OF YOU!!!

Hello guys! We’re back again! We are the mods of exohousewarming, you can call us Mod N and Mod Z. Quoting last year; this fic fest is “a fic fest centered around the wonderful world of domestic!au. This fic festival is the result of the two mods who had always wanted to host their own fic festival and also because we want more domestic!au fics going around the ficdom!”

Until now, we still can’t believe the amount we’ve received since last year, despite our mistakes and shortcomings. Last year was our first time being mods, and this year, we hope we’ll do even better than last year. We will try as best as possible to make this fic festival run smoothly and also enjoyable!

Soooooooo, who’s ready for many and many domestic!au fics?! (Because we are and just imagine all those wonderful fics!!)

We hope you’ll enjoy the ficfest and also join us on our journey to bring out more of the wonderful world of domestic!AU fics!

Much ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥,

Mods Z & Mods N

Prompting : 1st-15th of June 2017
Prompt revealed : 18th of June 2017
Prompt claiming : 20th of June 2016 - 31th of August 2017
First check-in : 30th of July 2017
Final submission : 9th of September 2017
Posting : 15th-29th of September 2017
Guess Who : TBA
Reveals : TBA
1. The fic you will be writing will be a domestic!au. And we accept genderswap, mpreg, parents!exo and any other additional genre.
2. The minimal word count is 1,500 words, and no maximal word count is set. We encourage you to write more!
3. We accept every pairing of EXO. Including pairings involving past members (Kris, Luhan, Tao). MAIN PAIRING has to be an EXO/EXO pair. For side pairing, we allow exo/exo pairing or crossover pairings, but no OC.
4. You must have an email address and also a second alternative to contact you! (Line, kakaotalk, twitter, tumblr, facebook, livejournal, whatsapp are all possible)
5. No plagiarism (any form) will be tolerated. This fic must have to be your own work.
6. You cannot reveal yourself publicly while the fest is going on. Remember not to reply comments on your fic until reveals happen.
7. There is no drop-out date; BUT you have to inform us if you want to drop out from the ficfest.
8. In case we don’t receive your check-in at the designed date, we will give you three weeks (with one email sent each week) from check-in date to inform us or send your check in. If in more than three weeks you we don’t hear anything from you, your claimed prompt will be dropped.
8. Extensions may be given if asked. Contact us as soon as possible.
9. THESE TOPICS ARE NOT ALLOWED : dubcon/noncon, incest, underage sex (under 18),
10. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions! :)

Contact :

Email : housewarmingEXOmods@gmail.com
Twitter : @exohousewarming
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