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Today is the day! ♥ We’ll be accepting your wonderful ideas for EXOhousewarming fic festival! You'll have a lot of time to submit your prompts to us! Here are a few things to remember :

- We’ll be opening the prompting from June 1st until June 15th!

- Prompting will be open from NOW and closed June 15th 11.59 A.M KST. (We’ll be using Korea Time Zone)

- Because this is a domestic!au centered fest, the theme must be centered around the au(s). We also allow any genre (inc. mpreg) and any other au but domestic must be the biggest part of it. You can be creative with it!

- For your information, we will also include last year's prompts (from SUMMER 2016 PROMPT). So for those whose prompt last year is not claimed yet and wanting to submit again for this year, you don't have to. We'll provide a link to last year's prompt sheet, here.

- We only accept main pairing from EXO. Side pairings of another EXO members are allowed! Optional characters (OC) are not allowed. If you don't have any spesific otp in mind, or you have only one exo member in mind; you can write it as "ANY" or "EXO member (of your choice)/Any". Please also note that the main pairing has to be EXO/EXO.

- When you’re writing the pairing, PLEASE write it with their stage names. For example, write Jongin as Kai, Jongdae as Chen and so on.

- Write the pairing with alphabetic order, so if you want to submit a kaisoo prompt for example, you have to write it D.O/Kai. Not Kai/D.O.

- Pairings involving the former members (Kris, Luhan, Tao) are allowed. Please refrain from bashing or shaming them.

- We allow any kind of pairing, male/male, het!couple, genderbend etc!

- OT2, OT3+ are all allowed!

- We will provide you a google form, so you will not submit your prompt through livejournal comments. Links will be provided below.

- There’s no maximum at how many prompts you can submit! The limit is the sky~ So you can submit as many prompts as you want to!

- This is not an exchange. So you can leave prompts but you don't have to claim one later. And those who don’t submit any prompts, can claim one later.

- Your prompt should not be too vague, because it will give confusion to the writer and may lead to another direction the writer has in mind. Your prompt should not also be too detailed, because it leaves little to imagination to the writer. Leave them enough freedom to explore your prompt.

- If your prompt contains any triggering or sensitive topics, please label it properly. In the prompt submission, we will provide you a checkbox where you should “check” if your prompt contains any triggering or sensitive topics, and you should write the topic on the space provided.

*We’ve discussed and decided that MPREG is not included in the trigger warning/sensitive topics.

Trigger warning/Sensitive topics include : character death, gore, suicide, humiliation, war, depression, abortion, abuse (verbal or physical), mental ilness, self-harm, or other possible sensitive material.

- We do not allow any prompt containing rape/non-con, dubcon, pedophilia, incest and underage sex.

- If you are unsure whether something is considered triggering or sensitive, please ask us. We’ll decide it for you.

- Your prompt can be in the form of song lyrics, picture (you can’t upload the picture but you can copy-paste the link of the picture on the form), video (the same rules with picture applied), quotes or etc.


- All prompts submitted will be compiled and be revealed on June 18th.


Form of contact : Be it your email/ twitter/ livejournal /tumblr /asianfanfics, etc (for us to ask regarding yout prompt, if the situation arises.
Prompt : Your fic ideas!
Trigger warning : If your prompt contains any trigger warning/sensitive materials, please check “Yes” and write what is it on the space provided.
Pairings : The pairing you want your fic is about; it can be more than one and the writer will choose from it!
Rating : How far do you want your prompt to go? (G, PG-13, PG-15, R, NC-17)
Yay! xD : What makes your fic +++++++ for you!
Nay x( : What would ruin the fic for you?


Bad prompts : A goes home first and then tries to make dinner before B goes home from his work but he accidently sleeps while the stove is still on and the food burns. It sets off fire alarm and all the people leave the apartment building and B comes home confused etc etc etc" (Too long and too detailed. It will leave only little space for the writer to explore and elaborate your prompt.)

Good prompts : A goes home first and wants to make dinner for B. Accidently sets off the fire alarm but B is okay with it and decides to just call delivery.

Bad prompts : A and B are fighting for the first time. (Too vague and it can interpret to many other ways)

Good prompts : A and B are fighting for the first time after they lived together and they contemplate their choices together once again.

Here is the PROMPT FORM

I hope you guys will have fun with prompting and we can’t wait for your amazing prompts! If you have any questions you can contact us through :

Email : housewarmingexomods@gmail.com
Twitter : exohousewarming


Mod Z & N!♥♥


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