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Prompt number: 148
Title : You Are My Sunshine, My World
Pairing : Kris/Lay
Rating : G
Side Pairings (if any) : -
Warnings : -
Word Count : 2720 words
Summary : Their fate intertwined when one was six and the other was five, brought together by a troublesome kitten and red claw marks.
Author's Note : I went through three other drafts before settling on this one. Caused me quite a bit of a headache and was an interesting challenge as the prompt lacked direction and I do require a certain amount of prompting to go forth but I did it! I challenged myself and I made it! I hope this is what the prompter was looking for because I’m pretty happy with the way this fic turned out J

“Here you go, Xing Xing, don’t cry! I found him!” The little blonde boy held out a jet black kitten that was curled up in his arms towards the smaller brunette. The younger boy let out a sob and snatched the kitten from him, pulling it close to his chest. He buried his face into the kitten’s ebony fur and sniffled.

“Thank you.”

Yifan grinned in delight, reaching out to take the little boy’s hand, forgetting the scratches the kitten had left on his arm. “No problem, come on! Let’s go home!” Yixing lifted his face from his kitten’s fur, blinking swollen eyes at him before dimpling sweetly. That was the moment, Yifan thought, he fell in love.

Fast forward twenty years later and Yifan is still saving Yixing’s precious cats from rooftops, tall trees and Yixing still heals the scratches he always seems to receive from the frightened animals as he carries them down to safety.

“Your kittens seem to really like that maple tree.” Yixing spun around, a smile spreading across his face at the sound of the voice. His world seemed to light up all at once when he saw the tall blonde man standing in the doorway with a kitten in each of his giant hands and two more on each of his shoulders.

“You’re home!” He cried out in delight, dropping the knife to fly into his husband’s arms. The kittens leapt off the man in alarm as the brunette barrelled into the arms of his lover, revelling in the safe scent of sandalwood and mint that always seemed to linger around him. His hand goes up to cradle his husband’s jaw and he leans up to get his usual kiss.

Yifan’s smile is warm as he gazes into his husband’s eyes, still as beautiful as they were when they had first met in that garden with Yixing’s troublesome kitty. He steals another kiss and wraps his arm around his waist tenderly. Yixing still greets him as if his world was perfect again just because he was home and he still feels as if he was falling in love all over again even though they have been practically joined at the hip since childhood.

“I was making your favourite dinner.” Yixing smiled and nuzzled into the crook of his neck, Yifan’s free arm going around his waist to give him a hug. The older man laughed and when they finally separate, Yifan was still staring, one hand clasped around his husband’s shoulder.

“You always make my favourite.” He grinned at the way Yixing’s eyes twinkled and bent to press a kiss against his dimple. The kittens wound themselves around their ankles and whined loudly when Yixing pulled him in for a much longer kiss. They were hungry.

“I’ll go and wash up.” Yifan sighed as they pulled away and Yixing nodded, helping him out of his coat. He patted his husband on the shoulder and pressed his fingers to the bare skin on his arms that was once again littered with scratches. Yifan smiled as his skin tingled slightly and the red lines faded away.

Yixing hugged the big coat close to his body and shooed his husband away. His heart filled with love as he hung up the great coat and returned to the kitchen to finish dicing the carrots for the stew.

“By the way, I cleared out the gutter again. This autumn really brings a lot of leaves down, doesn’t it?” Yifan’s voice rang out through from behind him and strong arms wrapped around his waist.

“Did you bring some of the maple leaves indoors?” Yixing asked as Yifan nosed at his shoulder. His husband nodded, pressing kisses against his cheek.

“Some of our neighbours were out feeding their cows and looked at me weirdly when they saw me on the roof.” Yixing’s shoulders tensed and set down the knife, turning around to look at his husband.

“Did they….” His question trailed off and Yifan pressed another kiss against his head.

“No. They didn’t. I made sure they left before coming down.” Yixing exhaled in relief and turned back to his work. YIfan glued himself to his side, watching as his husband put the carrots into the pot and set the cutting board into the sink before pulling out the cat bowls.

“Shall I fill the water bowls, sweetheart?” He asked as Yixing started to scoop out the cat food pellets. His husband nodded, shooting him a grateful smile. The cats came swarming out, eager for their dinner the moment Yixing stepped out of the farmhouse door. He set their bowls down and hurried back inside, not wanting to keep Yifan’s dinner waiting.

“Do you want your dinner first? I may be a while.” He murmured, even though he already knew his husband’s answer. Yifan smiled back at him as he poured formula into little bottles.

“The kittens need feeding. You can’t do them on your own.”


“Why are you crying?” The little boy asked curiously as he approached his friend, who was sitting outside on his porch with his face in his hands. As far as Yixing knew, Yifan never cried. He was always the big strong character who would protect Yixing from the big bullies who chased him and called him freak during lunchtime.

“RouRou… RouRou’s sick!” Yifan did not lift his head, whimpering softly as Yixing wrapped his arms around his head gently, rocking him back and forth. “Mama said… Mama said that he is ready to say good bye.” He sniffed and Yixing felt his throat clog up.

RouRou say goodbye? RouRou was Yifan’s best friend aside from Yixing and he did not want his FanFan to be sad. “Can I see him?” He mumbled instead and Yifan nodded, rising to his feet. His bigger hand wrapped around Yixing’s tiny one and led him to the back of the house where his precious poodle was curled up in its kennel.

Yixing’s tears started to trickle down as he petted RouRou’s curly fur. The dog gazed up at him dolefully and licked at his hand weakly before closing its eyes. The little boy held back his sobs as Yifan wrapped his arms around the poodle and cuddled it close.

“Yifan! It's time to come in.” Yifan’s mother, a very pretty and very nice lady appeared with concern etched on her pretty face. “Oh Yixing.” She sighed softly and walked over to sweep the boys up into a hug.

“Everything will look brighter in the morning.” She soothed as both boys broke down in her arms.

Yixing could not sleep that night because he had tried his bestest and still had not felt the tingle of magic that ran through him when he tried to heal RouRou.

But the next morning, Yifan was up early and at his bedroom window, bright eyed and smiling. RouRou was up and running about and he knew that Yixing could do it.

“Yixing! Yixing!” Yixing dropped the broom and hurried to the door. He had hardly laid his hand upon the doorknob when it was wrenched roughly open and Yifan stood there, panting and sweating, a young white lamb lying curled up in his arms.

“Please!” Yixing understood immediately and took the lamb into his arms. He could still feel its little heart struggling to beat, its nostrils flaring as it struggled to breathe. He sat down on the sofa, cradling the baby lamb and Yifan wrapped an arm around him, the both of them watching as the lamb’s chest rose up and down unsteadily. The kittens meowed curiously and scrambled around them, trying to see what was going on.

But for Yixing, all of the background noise faded away as he concentrated on the flickering heartbeat of the baby in his arms. He could feel Yifan’s comforting warmth at his side as he laid a hand upon the warm chest of the lamb and it bleated weakly. His hand tingled, pinpricks of pain shooting through him as he forced his own power into the lamb’s feeble body.

The pain intensified and he found himself gripping his bottom lip between his teeth as the lamb stirred in his arms. The weak heartbeat beneath his fingertips strengthened and he could feel Yifan’s sigh of relief as a warm hand was laid over his. The little lamb bleated and started to struggle to get up.

Yixing collapsed back into his husband’s chest as Yifan started to laugh, relieved and shaken. A soft kiss was pressed to his forehead and the brunette sighed as the lamb was taken out of his arms.

“Thank you.” Yifan murmured and Yixing smiled into his shirt, sweat dripping from his forehead. His husband squeezed him tight and stroked a hand across the little lamb’s wooly coat.

“You need to bring it back to its mother.” Yixing whispered as Yifan cuddled closer to him. His husband nodded but he still held Yixing close.

“I just want to make sure you're okay.” Came the soft whisper and the brunette smiled when a wet tongue licked at his fingers.

“I'm always okay with you around.”

Yixing hated being sick. Sick meant being closeted in his room with only his kitties for company. It meant that Yifan could not come to visit like he always did and that made Yixing hate being sick even more. He needed his Fanfan to entertain him.

He was bored as he turned the pages of a picture book aimlessly, one of his black kittens pouncing at the moving paper occasionally. Glancing out the window at the sun shining down, he wished for the millionth time that he could be outside instead of being stuck inside his room with no one to entertain him.

There was a soft knock on his window and Yixing froze, his kitten jumping onto his hand before he could withdraw it. “Ow, bad kitty.” He hugged his hand close to him and slipped out of bed, stepping towards the window.

Yifan’s handsome face appeared outside of his window, startling him. His best friend waved at him excitedly and he grinned waving back. Yifan made his stomach flutter like there were a million butterflies in it. All the slight chubbiness that he used to have as a kid had melted away as he grew into his teenaged years and basketball training had strengthened his muscles and he looked even better than he did.

“Hi.” The word was muffled but he could hear it clearly enough through the thick glass of his window. He unlatched his window and Yifan stuck his golden head in, smiling with his gums showing.

“Did you miss me?” He teased and Yixing laughed, shoving at his shoulder. The unpleasantness of his fever faded away and he smiled back at his best friend.

“You shouldn't be here though. What if someone saw you?” He said and Yifan shrugged his shoulders.

“It'll be fine.”

Yixing’s eyes drifted out towards the road and worry filtered through him. The thought of Yifan being caught made him shiver and he nudged at his best friend again.

“Come on, Fan. Go on down. I'll see you when I recover. I don't want you to get caught.” Yifan pouted and Yixing struggled to contain his laughter.

“Okay. But get well faster. I miss my best friend.” The words made Yixing’s stomach flop and he forced a smile.

“Of course. Be careful on your way down.” He reminded and Yifan grinned at him before disappearing.

Yixing was about to return to his bed when he heard the sound of branches breaking and then a terrible scream of pain that had his heart rising to his throat.


The brunette was out of his room and down the stairs without a second thought. He sprinted down the stairs and flung open the back door, rushing out of the house, heart in his mouth.

“Yifan!” He cried out when he saw his best friend’s body lying sprawled out beneath the maple tree his family had in the backyard. Broken branches littered the ground around him. Yixing’s heart nearly stopped when he realized that Yifan was not moving.

“Yifan, Yifan!” He gasped as he knelt among the wreckage, hands cradling his best friend’s head. Yifan’s left leg was bent at a sickening angle and Yixing knew at once that it was broken. His shirt was torn down the side and there was blood beading at the surface of a gash in his skin.

The younger boy held his hand over the gash, feeling his fingers tingle and he watched as the skin knitted itself back together until it looked as if there had never been a scratch there before. He moved Yifan as carefully as he could in order to inspect the broken leg.

Yifan moaned in pain but did not try to move as Yixing hovered his hand over the injured leg. His best friend gripped his shoulder tightly as his brows furrowed in concentration. Inside, Yixing’s heart was thumping wildly with trepidation as he had never mended anything as serious as a broken bone before.

Yifan bit back his cries of pain as bit by bit, the bone shifted back into its original place and healed itself. Yixing’s forehead was covered with sweat and he slumped into Yifan’s arms immediately when the older sat up.

“You scared me so bad.” He whispered and Yifan hugged him closer, his heart speeding up and all the feelings he had tried to suppress came back in full force as Yixing leaned up to him, dark eyes full of worry. He dropped his head and their lips brushed again each other.

Yixing never understood how it was possible for Yifan to be so accident prone. He would nearly get gored to death by some of their bulls or bitten by the neighbours’ dogs. He knocked over things so often that they often joked that they would have to nail stuff down to keep them from getting knocked over.

It was nearly evening one day that Yifan did not come home from the farm. Yixing was standing by the kitchen door fretting as the kittens tumbled over his feet and tried to climb up his leg. His instincts told him that something had to be very wrong for Yifan not call.

The moment the clock ticked into the seven o clock place, he snatched up his coat, unable to wait any longer. Yifan did not like for him to go out so late during the winter because he caught colds easily but this was an emergency. And it sure was when Yixing discovered his husband in the fields near the woods, freezing in the cold winter winds because he had fallen off his horse, broken his leg and dislocated his shoulder.

“Yifan!” Yixing felt relief rush through him as he dropped to his knees beside his husband, who was huddled in his coat, trying to stay warm. Yifan flinched when the younger grabbed his shoulder, whimpering in pain.

“You big baby.” Yixing whispered, tears stinging his eyes as the winds picked up and white snow started to swirl around them. Yifan felt the familiar tingle and then his shoulder was on fire, excruciating pain traveling through him as the ball popped back into the socket. He screamed as Yixing wrapped his arms around him even as he shivered, laying his hands on the busted leg. The broken bone slid back into position and knitted itself back together.

“Thank you for finding me.” Yifan mumbled as Yixing collapsed into his embrace, shivering, lips blue with cold. He was exhausted, always exhausted whenever he had to do difficult healing. His husband curled into him as he rose to his feet, hugging him close to his chest.

“I was so scared when you didn’t come back.” Were Yixing’s first words when he could speak again after they had both calmed down and warmed up. Yifan smiled as he stroked the dark hair away from his lower’s eyes.

“I’m sorry for scaring you baby.” He whispered as Yixing leaned up to kiss him, the kittens crawling up the couch for cuddles. Yixing let him hold him tight as they fell asleep to the crackling of the fireplace and the winter snow storm raging outside.

Date: 2016-09-12 05:16 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] littlestfrosty.livejournal.com
What makes you think that I was crying?
It's totally normal to cuddle in a blanket surrounded by crumpled tissues.
I don't know what you're implying.

But seriously tho. This was precious. I adore kittens. Like, so much. Like, I could cry (I didn't, but I could) thank you so much for writing this! I think you did a lovely job!

Date: 2016-09-25 12:39 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] olympianlove.livejournal.com
Your comment made me smile! THank you so much for commenting and i'm so glad you enjoyed this! It took me a really long time to get it right and I completely screwed up the tenses for this in the beginning lol. I love kittens too! Kittens and fanxing!

Date: 2016-09-19 11:55 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] rosevic87.livejournal.com
I liked how you added yixings healing powers. But oh goodness, Kris is so accident prone XD

Date: 2016-09-25 12:40 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] olympianlove.livejournal.com
Yes, Yifan is a big clumsy idiot! But he's Yixing's big clumsy idiot XD THank you for commenting! It means a lot to me!

Date: 2016-09-25 11:43 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] cwtchbuddy.livejournal.com
This was super cute~ All the kitties;-; I like how you wove the story to show their powers naturally, small snippets from before that reflected how they are still the same even after years and many cats later*^^*

Date: 2016-09-28 01:49 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] olympianlove.livejournal.com
Yes they're still massive saps! And the kittens! I love writing about the kittens! Thank you so much for commenting and I'm glad you enjoyed the story! :)


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