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Prompt number : 40
Title : Over Soup and Kisses
Pairing : Luhan/Xiumin
Rating : NC-17
Word Count : 3,027 words
Summary : Minseok catches a cold so Luhan comes over bringing soup and warm blankets to keep him company and help him get better.
Author's Note : Thank you Lore for beta-ing it so quickly!! For the prompter I hope you are ok with the pairing since it was an any/any prompt. I also hope the fluffiness is enough :)

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Prompt Number: #111
Title: 404 Comfort Not Found
Pairing: Kri/Suho
Rating: G
Warning: N/A
Word Count: 1,520
Summary : A domestic au in which Junmyeon and Yifan have been together for a little over a year and a half. Although they have learned a lot about one another throughout this time and have changed their ways for the sake of their family, the two still have yet to solve the ongoing feud on who deserves the control over the blankets.
Author Note: I hope this is what you want (/.\) I tried really hard lol and it kind of goes along with my Krisho story (: Enjoy :*

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Prompt number : 126
Title : Shower You With My Love
Pairing : Kris/Lay
Rating : NC-17
Warning : Mpreg, Rimming, Barebacking
Word count : 5,9k words
Summary: Yifan adores every little bit of change in Yixing's body ever since they had their first child, especially that line of scar inches below his husband's navel
Author note : Thank you MA for being my last minute beta! Hopefully there’s a good dose of fluff and smut for you to enjoy :3

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Prompt number : 45
Title : Lutefisk and Love
Pairing : Kai/D.O
Rating : PG-13
Warning : Not 100% politically correct toward dogs, if that triggers anyone.
Word count : 7.4k
Summary : Kyungsoo had the perfect vacation planned out, and then Jongin inserted himself into it.
Author note : I don’t think I really made Kyungsoo cold? He’s a little grumpy but he’s still a warm person. Anyway, I’m pretty new to this fandom (and kpop in general?? I didn’t really care about it until three months ago) so please excuse me if my characterizations aren’t the best.

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Prompt number :#156
Title :And It's You (It's Always Been You)
Pairing :Baekhyun/D.O.
Rating :NC-17
Warning :(relating to a hospital setting) minor mentions of minor character deaths, minor mentions of blood
Word count :7.7k
Summary : Kyungsoo has always had a weakness for Baekhyun. He just never knew to what extent until now. (Otherwise known as the fic where Kyungsoo follows Baekhyun's whims because oh, he actually does love him.)
Author's note :huge thanks to m for helping me out and beta-ing this wonderful mess for me (and drowning in baeksoo feels together <3). title taken from exo’s heaven lyrics.

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