Sep. 14th, 2016

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Prompt number: #3
Title: Cake for Breakfast
Pairing: chanbaek/ baekyeol
Rating: M/NC-17
Warning: minor character death
Word count: 108.280w
Summary: Like the wise Byun family proverb says: Hug it till it loves you.
Author’s note: I hope all readers will enjoy this story, in all its fluffy glory! Dear prompter, thank you; I had so much fun writing this and I hope I did it justice^^ A big thank you to our lovely mods, who’re always kind, helpful and patient! Honorable mention to my betas E & M, for being the most amazing, supportive cupcakes in my universe, who put up with me when I fluff and are always my first readers; you both have so much faith in me and I can’t hug you enough! I hope everyone will enjoy this ficfest! Please treat my story kindly and feel free to talk to me after reveals! Chu~

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Prompt Number: #99
Title : Unconventional Perfection
Rating : NC-17
Pairing : Chen/D.O/Tao
Side Pairings (if any) : Minseok/Luhan
Warnings : Brief mentions of guns
Word Count : 3,538w
Summary : A tiring work day as a police officer makes Kyungsoo crave to return home to the welcoming embraces of his two lovers.
Author's Note: My notes are dedicated to thanking the beloved mods for being so kind and patient with my while I worked on my submissions for this fest! (Low bow to you all) thank you so much!! And, to the prompter! I hope this is satisfactory, I wasn't' sure what you wanted out of it, but I wanted fluff with lil smut in there. Hope you like it!

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Prompt number: #108
Title: I’m No Good Without You
Pairing: Kai/D.O
Rating: PG
Warnings: lots of swearing(?)
Word Count: ~9,700w
Summary: Jongin and Kyungsoo are living a domestic life under the same roof. But the thing is, they’re not a couple.
AN: To be honest, I didn’t have a solid plotline for this. I just typed away and this is what came out, so I hope everyone would still give this story a chance. But I enjoyed writing this and I surprised myself too on some lines I’ve written which I found very funny and tooth achingly cringe-y lol. This is my second time joining a fest and I hope this would be enough for the prompter. I really really hope you'd love this and to all the kadi shippers out there! Prompter, whoever you are, thank you for submitting the prompt because I’m so in love with it!

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