Sep. 17th, 2016

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Prompt number : 34
Title : A Good Day in One Hundred
Pairing : D.O./Kai
Rating : NC-17
Warning : (if any) self-harm, blood, underage drinking, depression, rimming, blindfolds, body worship, a liiiiiiitle bit of breathplay and foot fetish if you squint and hold it at a distance
Word count : 4,715
Summary: Kyungsoo convinced himself that cutting would help. The rush of adrenaline, the buzz that he got after cutting, it was enough to fill the empty space in his chest.
Author note : Fuck this ended up a bit more dark than I anticipated. But it’s still got some really sweet moments too T__T;; A bit different than OP requested, but I hope you still like it

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Prompt number : #102
Title : For You
Pairing : Chanyeol/Kyungsoo
Rating : PG
Warning : (if any) -
Word count : 2846 words
Summary: Chanyeol confesses in the only way he knows best, through his music.
Author note : First of all, thank you to the mods for organizing this! You guys are the best! Secondly, I apologise in advance for the mistakes I have made and if this wasn't what you envisioned your prompt to be like but I still hope that you will enjoy reading it! Thank you!

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Prompt number : #101
Title : The Nanny
Pairing : Yixing/Sehun, side pairing!Jongin/Jongdae
Rating : G
Warning : Slightly angst (not really much since I love fluffy)
Word count : 7988 words
Summary: Jongin found for Sehun the part time work for the summer break. And it was as a nanny for the Yixing’s kids.
Author note : First of all, thanks to the mods that held this fic Fest. This is unbeta so there might be the typos and grammatical errors here and there. I’m sorry if I butchered the prompt. Enjoy it~

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Prompt number : 11
Title : The Father-Son "Slightly Similar To Camping" Experience
Pairing : Kris/Suho
Rating : PG
Warning : (if any) mpreg
Word count : 5187
Summary: Yifan learns that his five year old son, Sehun, feels hurt from attention only received by his younger sister, Sophia. So he (with the help of his husband, Junmyeon) goes on a trip with Sehun to make him feel loved and happy.
Author note : I want to thank the mods N & Z, first and foremost, for hosting this fest! You guys were so nice and understanding~ ^^ To my beta-reader, Y, I greatly appreciate all your comments so much. You're the best, bb! Finally, to the OP, I hope you enjoy reading this. ^^

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Prompt : #66
Title : Let's Call It Fate
Paring : ChanKai
Raiting : NC-17
Warning : mention of prostitution, abuse, mpreg
Word count : 15.527
Summary : Driving down the road of the countryside of Seoul, Chanyeol finds an young pregnant man. He takes the boy named Jongin home and it doesn't take long until Chanyeol falls for him and the baby under his heart.
Author’s note :

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