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Prompt Number: #111
Title: 404 Comfort Not Found
Pairing: Kri/Suho
Rating: G
Warning: N/A
Word Count: 1,520
Summary : A domestic au in which Junmyeon and Yifan have been together for a little over a year and a half. Although they have learned a lot about one another throughout this time and have changed their ways for the sake of their family, the two still have yet to solve the ongoing feud on who deserves the control over the blankets.
Author Note: I hope this is what you want (/.\) I tried really hard lol and it kind of goes along with my Krisho story (: Enjoy :*

Junmyeon worked all day as a doctor, sitting in his office, assessing treatments, reviewing medical files, or calling his husband. He often tired himself with the amount of walking and/or running he did. Patients were trying to escape the hospital, alarms were beeping left and right, family members crying or screaming. Being a doctor was quite stressful, not to mention he also had ten adopted children who ran around screaming “Umma! Umma!” to which he would reply, “what?!” and “it's appa!”

Yifan taught classes of more-or-less 23 students for 8 hours, which consisted of rotating between rooms, chasing students through the halls, or yelling at them to settle down or be quiet. His lunch break went by with food being stuffed into his mouth and a phone sitting on the table, playing the beautiful sounds of his husband’s complaints through the speaker. When he returned home, he enjoyed the sounds of ten boys screaming “umma!” and all he could do was point them in the right direction and laugh at his husband’s frustration. All with love, he did enjoy aggravating his lover as much as possible.

The enjoyment Yifan had in watching his husband and third youngest, Kyungsoo, cook dinner was only present in his and Jongin’s eyes. It was a little stressful having to cook for twelve but the two still managed well. Very well, Yifan corrected himself as he took a bite into another wonderful dinner. Junmyeon had the privilege of listening to his boys explain that their homeroom teacher, and father, tripped through the door of the classroom, causing Yifan to blush and watch his blonde lover laugh wholeheartedly at the ten different descriptions.

Yifan and Junmyeon took turns telling the kids to take a shower until Sehun, their youngest, stepped out of the bathroom, running to his room as his father playfully chased him. Then the two put all their kids to bed, Junmyeon trying to tell the kids they were too old for goodnight kisses and Yifan secretly telling them that Junmyeon still needed his share of them as well. Junmyeon would quietly scold his husband on the way to the bedroom, telling him the kids were getting too old to depend on him so much. He was scared they would get picked on if it happened to be found out. Or what if someone came to sleep over and heard about it. Or they could use it as blackmail-

This is when Yifan would hush him, and tell him to finish brushing his teeth. The Chinese male never understand why Junmyeon, who once cried over the boys going to school and having to leave him, wanted them to grow up so fast. The blonde would brush it off, tell him it wasn’t that he wanted them to grow up, he just wanted to protect them from potential conflicts.

Compared to the kids’ bedtime, their parents’ was a little calmer, but they still received their goodnight hugs and kisses. At first they laid down, maybe Yifan would jump on his husband, maybe he would climb overtop of him and smother him in love. Or maybe Junmyeon would lay beside his large idiot of a husband and whisper that he’s so happy to have him, that he’s such an amazing person, and that he loves him so much. And Yifan wouldn't giggle like a little school girl who’s crush just said ‘hey’ to her.

Tonight, however, Yifan had to grade papers, so Junmyeon was on his own. The younger got into bed, then wiggled over to his husband’s side, and watched him grade. This was always nice too, Yifan calm and quiet, an occasional chuckle or two at his students’, and sometimes sons’, written responses, fingers of his left hand carding through the blonde hair on his thigh. Junmyeon had the habit of falling asleep within a couple of minutes, and he did so, Yifan pausing his red pen to watch his husband’s calm face.

Junmyeon was so beautiful when he slept. He was beautiful in everything he did, and Yifan couldn't pick a favorite. Maybe, when his eyes crinkled up in a smile, or no, a laugh. Or when he was embarrassed, and his smile was painted red in blush. No, Yifan definitely liked seeing the man’s face when he was concentrated, eyes widened a little, eyebrows poking up, eyes darting from one piece of information to the next. Yifan sighed and leaned down to place a kiss on his lover’s temple. No, sleeping Junmyeon was still at the top of his favorite Junmyeons.

After three hours, Yifan finally finished and set his papers and grading tools on the floor. He then woke up his husband, and they almost got comfortable.


First and foremost, Junmyeon didn't have enough blankets; Yifan was taking up all the blankets because he thinks it's okay with his long legs as an excuse. Having a husband twice his size put him at a disadvantage for many situations, including this one. This situation happens to be the most difficult for the doctor. The younger pulls on the cover, trying to claim some covers for himself. However, Yifan had a death grip on this blue and gold duvet, and that guaranteed that he wasn’t going to win this battle. How the giant could fall into such a deep slumber so quick always baffled the doctor.

“Yifan.” Junmyeon whispered, no response. “Yifan.” He said a little louder while elbowing him. The older groaned and rolled over, throwing an arm over his lover while still succeeding in claiming over 3/4s of the cover. Junmyeon huffed, throwing the older’s arm off of him.

“Why are you being like this?” Yifan grumbled while grabbing a hold of the younger’s left hand as some form of physical contact.

“Because you won’t give me any covers!” Junmyeon harshly retorted, ripping his hand from the teacher’s.

Yifan groaned and threw all the covers on top of his lover, rolling over and folding his arms in a pout; however, he was half asleep so it wasn’t like he stayed angry for long before he was fully asleep once again.

When they first had gotten married and Yifan had moved in, Junmyeon would feel bad and cover his lover up as an apology maybe giving him a kiss and whispering he loved him. However, now that they had been married for more than a year, Junmyeon couldn’t care less whether Yifan got any covers. He knew where the spares were and he had freely surrendered his half of the duvet. In this situation, Junmyeon was in no place to complain.

It wasn’t half an hour before Yifan was curling up for warmth, reaching out for the duvet that was no longer in his possession. Cracking open one eye and sitting up with a puzzled expression, the taller spotted the blue and gold comforter only covering half of his lover’s body. He grabbed the corner and pulled it over his body, scooting closer to his husband so that it wouldn’t seem that he was trying to steal the warmth away.

“Yifan.” Junmyeon groaned angrily. Yifan retreated like a wounded puppy, only covering his torso. The taller then decided that he was content with this, and the room became still once more.

As people may wonder, why don’t the men just sleep beside one another? Why can’t they hold one another and cuddle so that they are both covered with the blanket and keeping each other warm? The answer is simple. Junmyeon is small, and can only hold so much heat; any excess heat tends to cause the younger to sweat, and sweating is gross. Yifan is bigger, and holds a lot more heat. He can withstand being covered from head to toe with a blanket all night, and he doesn’t really mind if the covers are stolen, seeing as how he can use the stored heat as a replacement. With being bigger, Yifan also has the ability to radiate more heat, and when they’re cuddling, Junmyeon doesn’t get a good night’s sleep whilst sleeping in a pool of his own sweat.

The two used to cuddle when they had first started dating, Yifan spooning the smaller as Junmyeon listened to the steady beat of the taller’s heart. However, whenever they had slept cuddled up to one another, they had usually done other things beforehand and the only warmth they had was the blankets and each other. After growing out of the newlywed phase, the two, more often than not, slept with their pajamas on, which, in short, created more heat.

Junmyeon finally threw the covers off with a huff and scooted the furthest from Yifan as he could get. Yifan awoke at the sudden harsh movement and watched his husband settle into a comfortable position. It wasn’t even ten minutes before Junmyeon was rolling over and scooting back to the covers. Expecting this, the teacher smiled and opened the cover to welcome his shivering lover, placing a soft kiss on his temple. It sure wasn’t going to end there but Yifan sort of enjoyed these nights of meaningless battles.

Date: 2016-09-14 04:28 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] sunnyyellow55.livejournal.com
This was so cute! I think you captured the domestic/family au concept so well. I really like how you incorporated the children into the story, and I think reading about Krisho's parenting was the best part! Fighting over the blankets was fun and cute as well. I really like your writing style; it was really descriptive, and it flowed making it easy to read. Krisho is my favorite OTP and this story made my day! ^_^

Date: 2016-09-15 12:07 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] aremdi143.livejournal.com
Man... domestic krisho is #LIFE. This is so cute. Junmyeon is so cute. Yifan is so urgggghhhhh. (I want a yifan too). This fic was so good. I love how you showed how domestic life really works. Yay! Good job author!

Date: 2016-09-25 03:39 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ad-rianna.livejournal.com

It's so cute and I get the full domestic life with kids ugh ugh ugh SO CUTE THE BICKERING WHEN THEY FIGHT FOR THE BLANKET /cries in happiness/

Thank you so much for writing this T_T


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