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Behind the door to Lay’s bedroom, Baekhyun stands, covering his mouth with his hand and crying silent tears. He runs to his room when he sees Chanyeol’s shadow moving.


“Chanyeol?” Baekhyun whispers, keeping his eyes trained on the sleeping man’s face for any hints of awakening; but Chanyeol’s face remains relaxed in sleep and his eyes stay closed. He can’t be sleeping too deeply already, right? Baekhyun really hopes he’s not bothering him; he feels guilty to be waking him up again, but he’s too eager and impatient, so he doesn’t notice his guilt all that much. He stays put for a few minutes, observing Chanyeol while he sleeps, his lips parted, his hair fanned against the pillow and his face half hidden in the covers and the shadows.

Baekhyun couldn’t sleep. How could he, after everything he heard? At first he thought he’d need some time to understand, so he hid in his bed again. It was the most beautiful bedtime story he’s ever heard; it’s hard to believe it was about him! He would have never guessed that one day, the love of his life would unknowingly confess to him, with a bedtime story, about a prince, a poor musician and bunnies. That’s true romance, if he’s ever heard of it. He felt so confused and amazed; he never thought Chanyeol might be feeling this way for him! And it’s been so many years; he’s been so blind. He has always been so focused on the things people wouldn’t love about him that he missed the love of the one person that truly matters.

He thought he’d sleep on it and think of a way to let Chanyeol know of his feelings tomorrow; maybe he could write it on a cake, or light up all the candles in the living room and dance with him in their pajamas at night, or even chu him square on the lips the next morning he’ll have to leave for work and smile at him brightly. He was so happy making plans in his warm little cocoon, but his heart kept jumping around in his chest, making him restless. He couldn’t stand another moment separated from Chanyeol; he needed to do this now. So, he shuffled down the stairs shortly after, to find the taller sleeping, curled on the couch.

Baekhyun feels a little stupid, kneeling beside the couch with a blanket over his shoulders like a mysterious, magical cape that children use to hide from the dark, but he didn’t think much before he jumped out of bed. He searches for Chanyeol’s hand in the near darkness, finding it under the blanket, and he strokes his wrist to wake him. Please, don’t hate me for this. “Yeol?” he whispers again, like a lost puppy. Chanyeol finally stirs; Baekhyun’s heart goes into overdrive.

“Baek? Everything okay?” Chanyeol mumbles sleepily, his eyebrows rising in concern. He manages to lift himself on his elbow and he blinks at Baekhyun with difficulty, his lips pouting drowsily. He is the cuddliest thing and it takes all of Baekhyun not to jump on him and suffocate him with hugs. Baekhyun fixes the blanket over his shoulders.

“Yeah, I just…” he licks his lips awkwardly; Chanyeol is looking at him in confusion and Baekhyun doesn’t know how to say that he might have been eavesdropping, but hey, it turned out to be for the better in the end. He fidgets under his blanket and then looks at Chanyeol with wide, puppy eyes. “I heard everything you told Lay earlier, as her bedtime story” he confesses hesitantly; he recognizes surprise on Chanyeol’s features and he turns his eyes to the ground bashfully, fearing what other sentiment he might see. What if he is disappointed in him, what if he’s upset or hurt? He can’t talk to Chanyeol and look him in the eye in this moment. There is a long minute of silence. Baekhyun’s fingers are toying with the hem of his blanket nervously.

“Are you sure you heard all of it?” Chanyeol asks in a composed, deep voice. Baekhyun is still shy to confess everything, but he decides to tell the truth; so he nods silently, keeping his eyes downcast. Chanyeol sighs and Baekhyun inwardly cringes at what his reaction might be, but Chanyeol only flops back on his pillow; Baekhyun lifts his eyes to look at him with hope. “Good. I’m tired of trying to hide and fail” he mumbles with an endearing grumble at the end; his ears look so red, even in the darkness. Baekhyun has to admit neither of them is particularly good at hiding; it’s a miracle they remained oblivious for so long. He tilts his head to the side and smiles brightly, relieved by Chanyeol’s words. Chanyeol pouts at Baekhyun and covers his ears with his hands when he notices where the shorter is looking; for the love of all that’s holy, Baekhyun wants to kiss him so bad.

“You don’t have to do that anymore” he says, shaking his head reassuringly. He knows Chanyeol’s pretty, big eyes are watching him closely, so his lips curl into his best smile. “I love you too, silly” and I should have told you long ago, I’m sorry I’m not brave and I’m sorry I didn’t recognize your love, but I’ve always felt it and I promise I will treasure it forever; can I be yours now? I’m so in love.

It feels so good to say this.

Chanyeol frowns sternly and releases his ears to lift himself and lean against his elbow again, looking at Baekhyun in the eyes. “Baekhyun, I mean it. Seriously. I love you.” He clarifies in a serious voice, looking at Baekhyun with wide eyes as if trying to convince him. Baekhyun chuckles; he would never mistake his love for anything else, but maybe Chanyeol is still too fresh from sleep to understand that. Isn’t he the cutest? Baekhyun’s heart flutters in his chest like crazy when he hears those words from Chanyeol, spoken so sincerely right in front of him. Happy, happy, happy.

“I know, stop making me shy!” she whines, covering his red, smiling cheeks with his hands. Chanyeol’s eyes widen even more upon realizing how straightforward he was with his last words and he pinks visibly. He lies back down and brings his pillow over his face to hide, hugging it with both hands in mortification. Baekhyun chuckles again, almost missing Chanyeol whining in embarrassment under the pillow. The shorter climbs on the couch too, perching on the little space Chanyeol’s body leaves unoccupied, and he leans over him to pull the pillow’s edge, just far enough to look at Chanyeol in the eyes. Chanyeol blinks back at him timidly and Baekhyun takes a fortifying breath. “I know we’re not perfect, so just answer me honestly; would you like to spend the rest of your life with us?” he asks quietly, searching Chanyeol’s eyes earnestly. It’s a very serious decision, involving a child, but to them it seems so natural and easy. Chanyeol nods shyly behind his pillow and Baekhyun breaks into a brilliant smile; he feels like he’s glowing, his heart somersaulting inside his chest. “Then, can I get a proper chu~?” he teases; Chanyeol’s eyes crinkle from his hidden smile.

“Come and get it” he challenges playfully, his voice muffled behind the feathers. Baekhyun’s smile turns mischievous as he pries away the pillow, meeting a bit of resistance from Chanyeol, and the moment the pillowcase is low enough to uncover Chanyeol’s smile, Baekhyun swoops down for a kiss. They are both smiling at first, enjoying the close contact –they’ve been waiting for this for three years. Chanyeol is the first to move his lips, encasing Baekhyun’s thinner ones and then tilting his head to slot them perfectly in between his. Baekhyun loves how warm and smooth Chanyeol’s lips feel against his own, and his heart is stuttering and kicking against his ribs. Chanyeol’s hands circle around Baekhyun’s waist and he starts playing with his fingers around the hem of Baekhyun’s shirt; the shorter sighs and shivers, moving his lips and pressing against Chanyeol more. Chanyeol’s fingers claw against his skin and clothes when Baekhyun sucks his lower lip into his mouth, nibbling on the soft flesh gently, and he feels so accomplished and proud and thrilled to be the one making Chanyeol feel this way, kissing him slowly in the serenity of the tranquil night.

“I want more of these when our child is not looking” Baekhyun whispers against Chanyeol’s lips, pulling back to look down at him with a smile. He wants to kiss him and hug him and touch him, maybe not so innocently, and he feels so desperate for it now that he knows he can have it. He’ll be anticipating, maybe he’ll be nice and tame for a day or two, but then Chanyeol had better watch it, because Baekhyun is going to corner him with every given chance anywhere in the house. Chanyeol can no longer refuse him his delicious lips. The taller looks up at Baekhyun with twinkling eyes, a little sleepy and a lot happy, and his cherry bitten lips form a smile.

“You just said our child”


He looks good. Baekhyun looks at his reflection, examining the way his black slacks sit on his hips and if his black shirt is evenly tucked in on all sides. His shoes are polished and waiting by the door, his hair is styled to show a bit of his forehead, mostly neat but with a touch of disarray –because Chanyeol has mentioned he likes it. For the first time in years Baekhyun touched an eyeliner and a miracle happened; he applied it evenly without poking his eyes even once! He debated on clear chapstick or burgundy tint for his lips, and he decided a hint of both looks very natural and fitting for his look. He hears the front door closing just as he’s fixing some finishing touches on his lips, and he smiles in the mirror; his date is here.

“Baek, are you ready?” Chanyeol calls from downstairs. Baekhyun can already feel the butterflies dancing in his stomach.

“I’ll be right down!” he calls back, wearing his blazer swiftly and turning off the lights as he exits the room and hurries to meet his man. He halts, however, at the top of the stairs, because Chanyeol is waiting at the other end of it, looking up at Baekhyun and looking gorgeous.

He is wearing a black suit which shows off his tall legs and nice hip line, while the blazer’s seams wrap around his body, his arms and his shoulders perfectly. It snuggles to Chanyeol’s body in just the right places, as if it’s been made to show just how good everything underneath it is in reality. Chanyeol’s hair is styled too, with one tuft touching his forehead, purposely left untamed. Baekhyun admits that he loses his breath a little; it was a good idea to get ready in different houses after all. They spent the day together today, like any other day, and they even waved goodbye to Lay and her babysitter for the night, Kyungsoo, but Chanyeol insisted it’d be more romantic if they got ready separately –he’s a traditional sweet-tart sometimes– and Baekhyun agreed mostly because they won’t have a chance like this again, since Chanyeol will be officially moving in very soon. Baekhyun lights up at that thought, and if Chanyeol was surprised before, now he looks completely stunned.

“Baekhyun…” he gasps, as Baekhyun hops down the stairs in excitement, smiling all the way. He lands in Chanyeol’s arms happily, throwing himself on the taller and hooking both arms around his shoulders and neck; he might or might not have giggled. He doesn’t know why he feels like a playful puppy. Chanyeol supports him easily with his hands against Baekhyun’s waist, and he looks down at him, lips slightly parted in awe, eyes wide and dazed in the most flattering way for Baekhyun. He hasn’t looked this good in ages, he knows, but it’s nice to see someone else is enjoying it too. “You look…too good to be real, honestly” Chanyeol chuckles and relaxes, holding Baekhyun more confidently. Baekhyun blinks up at him slowly.

“Oh I am very real, Yeol” he purrs with a smirk, lifting himself on his tiptoes to leave a soft, barely-there kiss under Chanyeol’s jaw; he likes the twitch of Chanyeol’s fingers on his waist almost as much as the hint of a faint red line his lips leave on Chanyeol’s white skin. It’ll be his secret and he thinks he is going to stare at it all night.

“Shall we go then? I want to show you off” Chanyeol’s voice is like chocolate and he smiles like a playboy, his fingers pressing on Baekhyun’s waist to guide him to the door, and Baekhyun feels like might dissolve in sparkles with how franticly the butterflies are dancing inside him. How is he mine?

Chanyeol drives them to the restaurant he made a reservation a week ago, but refused to tell Baekhyun which one it was. Baekhyun was right to suspect something fancy. He admits, however, that he hadn’t been expecting it to be velvet chairs and crystal glasses, premium table with privacy, five course meal and dessert, wine, flowers, candles, and live piano performance level of fancy. He is impressed. Chanyeol has already requested their courses for the evening, so the polite, smiling waiters bring them fine red wine right away instead of the menu. Baekhyun is very sure at least two of the stuff who attend to them are fanboying over them secretly, but he ignores it; their presence is very discreet and scarce anyway, and the piano melodies are making him feel comfortable. Besides, Chanyeol is being a perfect gentleman and Baekhyun is finding his flirting game again –if only he wasn’t so distracted by his secret mark on Chanyeol, staring at it every now and then. The food tastes divine and Baekhyun makes sure to share his mind with Chanyeol, relishing the shy but proud smile he gets in response, and Chanyeol pays for everything at the end while Baekhyun has taken a deliberate trip to the powder room; he doesn’t want to know how much tonight has cost or he thinks he will actually faint. He returns to their table, refreshed and ready to be escorted outside.

The moment they step out of the premises, Chanyeol kisses his temple and links their hands. Baekhyun smiles and leans against him as they walk leisurely towards the car, a couple of blocks away. The summer night air is welcoming, the quiet of the street soothing, and the twinkling lights overhead shine so prettily in Baekhyun’s eyes that he feels like he’s floating –even after eating all that delicious food. His hand in Chanyeol’s hand is his anchor to reality; he can’t believe he’s living this moment after having dreamt it and wished for it for so long. Why hadn’t they done this sooner, why wasn’t this their second date after that first coffee and cake they shared, why did they have to spend two years apart? But we’re together now, and we will be together tomorrow, and every day after that…

“Did you enjoy our dinner?” Chanyeol asks quietly, swinging their twined hands to get his attention. Baekhyun turns to look at him with a smile; he looks so breathtaking in the dim lights and the night’s warmth.

“Everything was amazing, thank you” I loved being pampered, he says sincerely, not caring to hide his content smile. Then a mischievous thought crosses his mind. “To tell you the truth, I was expecting something less…conventional for our first date” he chuckles, remembering all the nights during the previous week, when he would wonder and ponder on what Chanyeol might have planned, even more fretfully every time Chanyeol refused to tell him, until he finally disclosed they’d be having dinner –he disclosed it yesterday, leaving Baekhyun to boil as long as possible for crying out loud. Even without an official relationship between them, they’ve done so many things together ever since they met, so he feared Chanyeol would have arranged something crazy and embarrassing for their age; even dinner could have had such implications, but thank god it didn’t.

“I thought we deserved this sort of first date experience after all this time” Chanyeol explains “Believe me, I have planned many less conventional things for us…” he smiles wickedly, looking at Baekhyun, who is lost on what is coherency by this point, boy look at that gleam in Chanyeol’s eyes he’s so asdfghjkl “…next time” Next time. That promise brings a smile on Baekhyun’s lips.

“I like how that sounds” he admits, and Chanyeol chuckles. Baekhyun leans his head on Chanyeol’s shoulder, enjoying the silence between them for a few steps. Next time. He’s so happy there will be a ‘next time’, that he doesn’t have to worry about losing Chanyeol, that he can have him now, with no second thoughts, or fear and hesitation. Let him plan the most unconventional date for whenever he wants, because Baekhyun wants it all with Chanyeol. “We should plan daddy-dates more often” he muses thoughtfully, already brainstorming on ideas for dates he will get to plan for them.

“Whenever you want Baek, I’m yours” Chanyeol agrees easily, his voice wrapping around the last words so effortlessly, that Baekhyun nearly swoons. He giggles quietly and detaches himself from Chanyeol, fishing the car keys out of his pocket to unlock the car.

He drives them home, like they had planned. Baekhyun likes that this hasn’t changed with time or with their relationship status; Chanyeol lets him be as independent as he wants to be, he lets him take initiative for himself and supports him, and he lets him offer things to Chanyeol too. He doesn’t want to be loved and worshiped by Chanyeol, but to love and share everything between the two of them. Chanyeol understands that and he accepts it sincerely, making Baekhyun feel safe.

He parks the car and they get out together –pity, Baekhyun had been hoping to get the door for Chanyeol; maybe some other time– and they both walk to the house, stepping in, even though they haven’t talked about this part. Baekhyun kind of does and doesn’t want certain things to happen between them; a part of him is insecure and wishes they will end up falling asleep cuddled together on the couch, and another part of him is ringing bells inside his head, watching Chanyeol taking off his blazer and the white material of his dress shirt stretching over muscles on his back and his arms. He decides to let go; it’s been a wonderful night so far and he doesn’t want to ruin it with useless worries. He’ll just go with the flow and make sure he’ll be happy tomorrow with wherever he might end up tonight. He takes off his blazer too –it’s getting hot– and follows Chanyeol to the kitchen.

Chanyeol is kind enough to poor a glass of water for Baekhyun too, and he needs it with how parched his mouth feels. Baekhyun hops on a stool on the opposite side from Chanyeol with the kitchen island between them, hiding behind the rim of his glass while checking out the taller as he sips his water. The house lights are at the lowest setting, which is pretty inconvenient for doing anything on other days, but they create the perfect ambiance, soft like candlelight and calm like lulling music. Chanyeol’s chest moves under the buttons of his shirt as he breathes, his Adam’s apple bobbing as he drinks, and Baekhyun’s fingers claw on his thigh with how much he wants to touch him.

“So, what now? Is this goodnight?” he says quietly, his voice dropping naturally into a more seductive tone. He crosses his legs and leans with one hand on the island, a hint of a pout playing on his lips as he fixes Chanyeol with a half-lidded gaze. He pretends to be mysterious and full of concealed promises –as if this isn’t the kitchen he uses every day and Chanyeol is the handsome stranger man he’s trying to seduce for a kiss. It’s been a very long time since Baekhyun played this game, even before he met Chanyeol, but it seems he still has some basic grip on the works, because Chanyeol chokes in surprise when their gazes cross.

“No…” he says, recovering quickly from his short coughing fit and recomposing himself. The butterflies twirl in excitement and faint in Baekhyun’s stomach when Chanyeol puts his glass down and walks around the kitchen island to stand next to Baekhyun. It’s hard for Baekhyun not to smile in anticipation, when Chanyeol leans one hand over Baekhyun’s crossed legs to prop it against the counter too, smirking illegally and oh-so-close to Baekhyun, right in the middle of the inner layers of his personal space. “I have a few more plans for you, if you’re interested”

“I am” Baekhyun purrs, sliding one arm over Chanyeol’s shoulder and smirking for all his sex appeal is worth. To say he is only interested would be the understatement of the century.

“I want to show you something” Chanyeol says quietly, pulling Baekhyun down from his stool and leading him to the stairs. There is something about the way he moves though, and something about his voice when he said it, which makes Baekhyun doubt Chanyeol has in mind to show him multiple different ways to pleasure, like he’s hoping. He looks too composed and calm, and perhaps a little bit uncertain –he wouldn’t be any of those with the way Baekhyun practically surrendered himself to him earlier.

True to Baekhyun’s predictions, Chanyeol leads them in the office –sadly, somewhere which is not the bedroom. The same low lighting is illuminating everything faintly, and Baekhyun is not very used to it in this room, but he lets Chanyeol guide him to the piano he has brought from his house, fitted in the corner. Chanyeol lets his hand go and takes a seat on the right, patting the empty space on the bench as an invitation to Baekhyun. He accepts the invite and sits down in front of the piano after many years, curious as to what Chanyeol is planning to play. He has heard Chanyeol’s compositions, in movies and on the radio, but he’s never actually seen him play. He had asked Chanyeol to play something for him many times in the past, but Chanyeol always dodged the question, and soon Baekhyun realized that Chanyeol just doesn’t like playing with an audience, so he never asked again; he only reminded him that it’d be nice to see him play sometime. This must truly be a special occasion.

“How long has it been since you played last?” Chanyeol asks with a conversational smile, his hands taking Baekhyun’s left hand and guiding it to the piano keys.

“Too long” Baekhyun pulls his hand back before he touches the lustrous white keys, afraid of touching the piano for the first time in his life; he used to love it when he was young, taking classes and receiving praise for his skills, enjoying every second he was given near the instrument to the core of his heart, but the older he grew, he had to prioritize school and then work and then family. It’s a love that always comes second, and even though it’s still alive in his chest, he is not ready to be reunited with it. He hasn’t practiced in years; he doubts his fingers even remember how to bend.

“Trust me, this will be easy” Chanyeol says quietly, looking at Baekhyun in the eyes and taking his hand again. Baekhyun hesitates too little, because he can’t refuse to trust Chanyeol no matter what he asks. When his finger presses down on the first note, it sounds foreign, like someone else is playing, but so sweet, lighting up the shimmering passion for music that has always been in his heart. Chanyeol smiles and presses a few keys with his own left hand, demonstrating for Baekhyun a fairly simple melody; he’s on the lower register anyway, Chanyeol is the one who will be working magic with the notes on the other end of the piano. “Try it” he encourages, nodding to the piano. Baekhyun hesitates for a moment, but he blames the glasses of wine he has had instead of his undying yearning to play, and then it’s easier to press down on the cool surface of the piano keys. He repeats the melody Chanyeol showed him, turning to its creator for approval, and Chanyeol smiles and nods, watching Baekhyun’s fingers stumble over the notes for a little while, before he poses his own fingers above the keys.

It’s something very beautiful and very unique, and Baekhyun wishes that melody would play in his head forever. Chanyeol plays proficiently with such passion, note after note to a sparkling, powerful melody, that Baekhyun gets goose bumps. The song is so rich and full that it doesn’t echo in the house but fills the silence instead, blooming in the quiet corners and swirling in the air around them. Chanyeol plays it again and again, and Baekhyun is hypnotized, until Chanyeol looks at him and smiles bashfully, yet with a proud glint in his eyes, and Baekhyun remembers his humble, rusty fingers are part of this creation. He smiles back, feeling peaceful, like he perfectly belongs in this moment.

They play for some time and chat a bit in between, during the quieter parts. It feels so natural, as if they’ve been doing this for a long time. They start to deviate from their notes, messing up and chuckling before returning to their pattern, only for their fingers to stray on the keys again after a while and create something prettier. Chanyeol is patient and Baekhyun is starting to remember how to play like a prodigy, smiling with his lips and with his whole body when he gets the rhythm and the feeling, and he is finally playing. He thanks Chanyeol after every note, for this wonderful experience; he couldn’t have wished for something more precious. He couldn’t have wished for anything more than everything that Chanyeol is to him.

Watching Chanyeol playing is an intimate experience for both of them, and Baekhyun knows it. The way he stands, shoulders proud and his head tilted down affectionately over the piano, the way he breathes, steady, deep, in perfect harmony with the music, the way his fingers dance over the keys, caressing them, teasing them, pressing down to elicit such beautiful sounds; it’s all very attractive, bewitching even. His eyes are shining in the faint light, his face relaxed and illuminated softly in various tones of light shadows and bright peaks, his lips are parted slightly and his brow furrows every now and then in concentration. It looks like he’s shining from within more than anything, and those shadows, on his forehead, on his collar, on his wrists and on his shirt, are tempting Baekhyun to touch them and brush them away, to let Chanyeol shine more.

Baekhyun’s fingers drop from the keys altogether, but he mumbles “Don’t stop playing” Chanyeol quirks his eyebrow in confusion but he keeps playing as he is told, even when Baekhyun stands up and leaves his place, walking to stand behind the pianist.

Baekhyun’s fingers trace the shell of Chanyeol’s ears, and Chanyeol stiffens imperceptibly, but he doesn’t stop playing. Baekhyun’s fingers get bolder, massaging Chanyeol’s adorably large ears and then moving behind them, massaging and caressing their way down his neck and then over his hard shoulders, before he trails his index fingers to the beginning of Chanyeol’s spine. He places one finger on each side and presses down, while sliding them down the ridge of bones, all the way low to Chanyeol’s waist, where his belt is. Chanyeol presses on a note more nervously, and Baekhyun’s trained ear picks it up; he’s getting worked up. He smirks confidently, flattening his palms and fingers on Chanyeol’s back and then slithering them over his waist and stomach, until they lace on Chanyeol’s front.

Baekhyun ends up closer, his chest almost touching Chanyeol’s back and his chin next to Chanyeol’s ear; he is breathing down Chanyeol’s neck, and he loves the view, of Chanyeol’s fingers playing distractedly and of his skin raising shivers and flushing. It’s too much for him not to taste it. His lips latch on Chanyeol’s skin, smooth and warm, and Chanyeol misses a couple of notes, but he resumes his playing. Baekhyun smiles against his skin and resumes too, kissing trails up and down Chanyeol’s neck and around his ears, sometimes only pressing his lips, sometimes biting playfully, sometimes tasting with his tongue. His fingers clutch on Chanyeol’s stomach; the more he tastes of him, the more he wants.

“Come here, Baekhyun” Chanyeol says quietly after some time which Baekhyun doesn’t bother keep track of. He opens his eyes, which had closed at some point, and he realizes Chanyeol has stopped playing. He hesitates for a moment, rejection passing through his mind as a fleeting thought, but he swallows his nerves; he has come this far, hasn’t he? He takes a step back, releasing Chanyeol halfheartedly, and walks to the side, standing in front of Chanyeol and curiously looking down at his indecipherable expression in the half-darkness. “I mean here, close to me” Chanyeol takes one of Baekhyun’s hands and pulls him forward gently, making Baekhyun stumble; he ends up sitting in Chanyeol’s lap –most specifically, straddling him. Chanyeol smiles up at him and the knot untangles in Baekhyun’s stomach. “Better, isn’t it?” he says and kisses him on the lips.

Chanyeol knows what he wants and he is not afraid to ask for it, and Baekhyun is all too willing to oblige him. They kiss slowly, but each touch of lips runs very deep under their skin, and soon, Baekhyun’s tongue tries to fit in the seam of Chanyeol’s lips. Chanyeol is already expecting it, parting his lips with a sigh and tightening his grip on the sides of Baekhyun’s waist. They kiss in earnest, with passion and intent, breaths mingling and thoughts tangling. Those kisses are infinitely more scorching, Chanyeol’s hot tongue eliciting gasps and whimpers expertly, curling just the right way, just like he sucks on Baekhyun’s tongue at the right moment. This becomes one of Baekhyun’s favorite things. He can feel the pleasure rolling down his skin in chills, the fire in the pit of his stomach slowly crawling in his veins.

At some point –Baekhyun doesn’t comprehend the concept of time anymore– he lowers his hips, grinding against Chanyeol experimentally. The experiment was successful, let’s say. Chanyeol’s teeth clash against Baekhyun’s sloppily in that moment, when a spike of pleasure suddenly runs up their spines. Baekhyun steadies himself with a firm hold on Chanyeol’s shoulders and he starts a rhythm as they go back to kissing, slow and deliberate. He arches and curves in Chanyeol’s arms, his hips flexing and rolling, sighs and whimpers of pleasure falling from his lips whenever Chanyeol is nibbling on them instead of sealing them against his own. Chanyeol is panting heavily and they both need their moments to breathe every so often, leaning against each other, foreheads touching and eyes sneaking guilty peeks of each other’s face.

It’s absolutely filthy, how Baekhyun is rubbing himself against Chanyeol’s lap and thighs and hips, but it feels so so good and he doesn’t want to stop. Chanyeol’s hands slide lower from Baekhyun’s waist to his thighs and then they cup his ass, encouraging and guiding him, until Baekhyun is incoherent, swarmed with so many sensations that he feels like he’s close to overflowing. They keep this up until Baekhyun can feel the strain in his leg muscles, and then Chanyeol’s grip tightens, his fingers sinking into Baekhyun’s clothes and flesh; he starts to moan but the voice dies in his throat when Chanyeol pulls him closer than before, and they crush against each other hard. Baekhyun ends up making a choked noise and Chanyeol’s jaw goes slack, but he keeps Baekhyun pressed against him firmly, torturously still. Baekhyun tries to shift in his hold after a while of accumulating pressure, rutting obscenely against him as much as he can to get friction where he needs it. He loves the way Chanyeol’s eyes fall shut before opening again, looking up at Baekhyun, so large and molten.

“I think…we should take this to the bedroom” he whispers, his voice cracking when Baekhyun sways slightly to the side against him. Baekhyun doesn’t need to be asked; he’ll take Chanyeol anywhere at all, just let him have him already. He nods in agreement, his breath too irregular for words, and Chanyeol picks him up as he is; Baekhyun wraps his arms and legs around him, letting himself be carried to the bedroom, and when Chanyeol’s sets him back on his feet once they’re beside the bed, he almost wobbles, but he finds his human consistency quickly.

They simply stand, facing each other silently for a few long moments, observing and appreciating each other. Baekhyun is the first to move, lifting his fingers to the buttons of his own shirt. He keeps his eyes on Chanyeol, watching as Chanyeol’s eyes drop to supervise the work of his fingers. He undoes them slowly, giving Chanyeol a show, teasingly pulling at the fabric of his shirt to flash bits of skin, and then he drops his hands, leaving his shirt undone and open. Chanyeol’s eyes are black with hunger as he moves his hand, touching the strip of exposed skin between the pieces of Baekhyun’s shirt; shivers run down Baekhyun’s spine. Chanyeol’s other hand joins, touching Baekhyun like he’s fragile, and his fingers glide over his chest, and then on his shoulders, and then down his arms, dragging the fabric on their way and pushing it out of the way swiftly, until it slides off completely. Chanyeol retracts his hands, leaving Baekhyun half naked, his skin trembling and responding to ideas of touches, just to stare at him and marvel at the picture. Baekhyun has an urge to hide from view, knowing he’s a lot less than perfect; he has no muscles worth mentioning, he has his pudgy areas, his shoulders are a good point but the rest is just…too soft and mushy and ordinary. He avoids Chanyeol’s eyes while he’s exposed like this, feeling his heart beating loud and fast with nervousness, until he can’t take it anymore, and he reaches for the top buttons of Chanyeol’s shirt.

He’s still shaking a bit with nervousness at first, but Chanyeol doesn’t say anything; he lets Baekhyun fumble with the buttons as he likes, standing like a breathing statue. Baekhyun’s breaths get deeper the lower he goes, revealing toned muscles and smooth skin, shadows framing bones and hard flesh, and the faintest hint of a happy trail, which is almost invisible and soft and so adorable. Baekhyun has seen Chanyeol in only his underwear before, very recently in fact, when he went into the shower with Lay, but he didn’t have the mind to actually see him. Chanyeol is breathtaking like this, and the way his muscles pull as he discards his unbuttoned shirt is so delicious. Baekhyun is staring, very obviously, and he licks his suddenly dry lips. He has been living so close to something like this all this time and he had no idea he could have it, let him die. Chanyeol takes a step closer and Baekhyun finds himself engulfed in the chest he had been staring, strong arms wrapping around him. He relaxes after the initial surprise passes, circling his arms around Chanyeol’s naked waist and enjoying the warmth of skin-on-skin contact, breathing in Chanyeol’s scent.

“You are so beautiful, Baekhyun” Chanyeol says quietly, curling one hand under Baekhyun’s chin to lift his head and look at him in the eyes. Baekhyun is a bit uncertain, thinking Chanyeol is only being nice, but the vastness of the emotions he reads in the taller’s eyes makes him doubt himself. Chanyeol really believes he is beautiful. He gazes Chanyeol’s face, remembering each line and shadow, committing to memory how affectionate and sweet the taller is, his thumb caressing the side of his face, but somehow he makes Baekhyun feel so treasured and wanted.

“Is it okay if I want you like this?” he whispers, turning his head to kiss Chanyeol’s palm. Chanyeol’s lips curve in a small smile, his fingers threading in Baekhyun’s hair.

“I want you in every way” he answers in a low yet steady voice, making Baekhyun’s stomach stir. Baekhyun finds new courage in those words, and he trails his fingers to Chanyeol’s front. His eyes remain on Chanyeol’s face, silently asking for permission on every given moment, and Chanyeol silently trusts him with anything. His fingers undo the button of Chanyeol’s slacks blindly, and then he slowly starts pushing them down his hips. Chanyeol doesn’t protest, loosening his hold on Baekhyun and eventually dropping his arms, since Baekhyun has to lower himself till his knees touch the floor to get Chanyeol’s pants all the way down his endless legs. Chanyeol steps out of them, but he doesn’t move very far from his standing point, and that leaves Baekhyun kneeling on the floor in front of him, face level with something which looks very promising. His eyes examine what is hidden under Chanyeol’s underwear, guessing the size and making him drool in his mouth with anticipation. He traces the waistband with curious fingers, and then he drags them lightly over the firm outline of Chanyeol’s strained, responsive member, reaching behind and pressing two fingertips against the soft sack, massaging. Chanyeol’s hips make an involuntary, violent twitch, and Baekhyun bites his smiling lips, thinking yes, please, yes.

“Come here, Baekhyun” Chanyeol calls then, his voice sounding unaffected. Baekhyun’s smile falls; why ruin the fun? He hesitates, the fear of rejection weighing him even now, but he lifts himself from the ground, standing on his feet in front of Chanyeol again. He blinks up with puppy eyes, but Chanyeol smirks confidently and it kind of takes his breath away. “My turn” he whispers against Baekhyun’s lips, and he kisses him lightly, still smiling. Baekhyun is confused for all of two seconds, before he feels Chanyeol’s fingers unclasping his pants in record time, and then a hand sneaks inside- Baekhyun gasps loudly and heaves for breath, suddenly overwhelmed by waves of pleasure. His face turns bright red, realizing that Chanyeol’s hand is touching him down there, squeezing and rubbing so efficiently that Baekhyun forgets to breathe in favor of rocking up into Chanyeol’s hand.

One moment he is having the time of his life with Chanyeol’s hand stroking him over his underwear, and the next he is missing his pants, left in only said underwear, and he’s lying on the bed. He honestly doesn’t know what happened during the in-between. He’s left alone and confused for only one moment, then Chanyeol joins him on the bed, gently pushing him down till his head reaches the pillows. Baekhyun lifts his head again to claim Chanyeol’s lips; he can feel Chanyeol’s arousal on his thigh while Chanyeol kisses him senseless and he snakes his hands to Chanyeol’s waist, fingers digging into the muscles as he pushes Chanyeol’s hips down the same moment he sucks on Chanyeol’s tongue, inviting him closer in every way. The reverberating moan he gets from Chanyeol as a result is the bane of Baekhyun’s existence, raising goose bumps on his skin.

Baekhyun is still panting for breath when Chanyeol leaves his bruised lips and kisses down his neck. His breath stutters when Chanyeol laps the sensitive skin over his pulse tentatively, and then he keeps kissing, across Baekhyun’s clavicle and down his chest. Baekhyun squirms, a whine of pleasure escaping him, when Chanyeol bites on his stomach softly, just enough to tease the skin but not enough to mark. Chanyeol keeps kissing, lower and lower, teasing Baekhyun’s bellybutton, and then lower and lower, setting his skin on fire. He doesn’t protest when Chanyeol’s fingers curl around his underwear and pull it down, all the way off, because he’s tired of feeling restrains on him. But when Chanyeol pries his legs open with his hands and settles between them, Baekhyun has half a mind to close them again in embarrassment. It’s been too long since he’s been like this and his cheeks catch fire instantly.

“Yeol, I-” he croaks out, not sure what he’s going to say, but Chanyeol’s gaze is enough to make the words die on his lips.

“Shhh” he whispers softly, bringing a finger on his lips as indication. Baekhyun gulps, still a bit insecure, but he nods, red faced. He trusts Chanyeol. This is okay. He wants Chanyeol. Oh he wants him so much. So let Chanyeol have him as he likes. Just let him have him.

Chanyeol’s fingers trail upwards, from his ankles, over the curve of his calves, until they hook under his knees. Chanyeol’s eyes are set low on Baekhyun’s body, an illicit smirk playing on his lips, and Baekhyun is so so embarrassed but also so so turned on, and his fingers keep clutching the covers nervously. Chanyeol’s hands slowly push Baekhyun’s knees as wide as they go, spreading him so obscenely that Baekhyun wants to cry, his smirk turning predatory. Then, he lowers his head to kiss Baekhyun’s tender inner thigh, softly first, with tongue then, gently biting after, but still not marking, as if he’s only testing; Baekhyun’s body quivers at the tease and he’s gripping the sheets so hard he might rip them. Chanyeol kisses the same way all over Baekhyun’s baby thigh and then he climbs higher, kissing Baekhyun’s tip and making him see stars.

Before he knows it, Chanyeol’s mouth is all over his hardness, kissing, licking, suckling; he is far too gone in pleasure to protest, overwhelmed with new sensations, his lungs burning and his throat raw from moans and cries of pleasure. Chanyeol’s lips are soft and eager, curious to explore and hungry to taste. His hands are keeping Baekhyun’s hips pinned down, turning his jerks into helpless squirms. Chanyeol presses his tongue against Baekhyun’s slit and Baekhyun lets out a shameful moan, followed by incoherent, breathy pleads; he sounds so needy but he doesn’t care. After a moment of calm, Chanyeol takes him into his mouth, engulfing him fully.

“O-oh…” is all Baekhyun can say, his eyelids fluttering. Chanyeol is too good at this. His mouth is hot and wet, his tongue working wonders, and his lips stretch so prettily, slick with saliva. Yesyesyes, yes, fu-ahhh! Baekhyun doesn’t know what he’s saying anymore, chanting Chanyeol’s name like a prayer, moaning, whining, screaming, when he flattens his tongue and drags in on the underside before sucking hard. Combined with the marvelous, contracting warmth of his mouth, the sight is too much and Baekhyun can’t bear to look sometimes, at Chanyeol’s voracious lips, his flushed cheeks, his large eyes looking up at Baekhyun, everything. Chanyeol’s name becomes an incoherent litany on Baekhyun’s lips, as he arches off the bed and buries his fingers in his own hair messing it up, he writhes and wails, lost in pleasure. He is delirious and Chanyeol looks like he’s enjoying it, closing his eyes and humming; the vibrations rip another scream for Baekhyun’s throat. He’s never been so loud before.

“Chan…Y-yeol…” he whines, feeling the strings of tangled pleasure in the pit of his stomach pulling apart and stretching taught, making his whole body thrum almost painfully and explode. When he opens his eyes again and slowly starts feeling, Chanyeol is lapping up the remnants of everything he didn’t swallow, careful and dotting with Baekhyun’s sensitive member. Baekhyun watches him silently, sprawled on the bed sheets, spent and spineless. He didn’t mean to. He didn’t want to lose control like this, but it felt so good, and he hadn’t had a proper orgasm in years. He’s not normally like this; it makes him feel even guiltier. He brings a hand over his lips when Chanyeol looks up at him. “I’m so sorry” he whispers, feeling so lost.

“Don’t be” Chanyeol mumbles, a lazy smirk forming on his lips; fuck, he’s gorgeous, with his lips so incriminatingly red. Baekhyun’s fingers fidget with the sheets uncertainly, scratching patterns on them and digging against the fabric when Chanyeol nuzzles the skin of his inner thigh and leans his cheek against it, as if Baekhyun’s body is a very naked pillow. “I wanted to. And I almost got off too, with the sounds you were making” he smiles serenely, his eyes droopy. It almost hides how impossibly blown his pupils are.

“Almost?” Baekhyun quirks an eyebrow. He’s still a bit incoherent from the wave of pleasure that crashed him, but he’s not insensitive; he remembers all too well what lurks inside Chanyeol’s underwear, and it seems to still be in need of his assistance –he would be more than happy to provide it.


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