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Prompt number: #108
Title: I’m No Good Without You
Pairing: Kai/D.O
Rating: PG
Warnings: lots of swearing(?)
Word Count: ~9,700w
Summary: Jongin and Kyungsoo are living a domestic life under the same roof. But the thing is, they’re not a couple.
AN: To be honest, I didn’t have a solid plotline for this. I just typed away and this is what came out, so I hope everyone would still give this story a chance. But I enjoyed writing this and I surprised myself too on some lines I’ve written which I found very funny and tooth achingly cringe-y lol. This is my second time joining a fest and I hope this would be enough for the prompter. I really really hope you'd love this and to all the kadi shippers out there! Prompter, whoever you are, thank you for submitting the prompt because I’m so in love with it!

A line of different kinds of potted flowers settles on opposite ends of the bungalow house. There are two pots of white roses, two pots of daisies, three pots of peonies and five pots of orchids decorating the front of the house that adds more beauty and homey feeling to passersby.

The sun crept out thirty minutes ago, bathing the horizon with its orange hue mixed with the cerulean sky as sunrays graced the whole neighborhood, in a particular village in Insadong. It is at every early morning when some villagers jog on the streets, when some prefer to take a walk with their pets, while some are clad in their business suits, school uniforms to go to work or to go to school. And some goes with their daily routine of watering their treasured house plants, wishing them to grow well like a mother would wish to her growing baby.

Just like Kyungsoo.

Kyungsoo is up as early as five, a habit he grew accustomed to since his third year in college, to prepare breakfast, watch the morning news and water his precious house plants. But now that he’s graduated, his habits remained, solidifying the quote, old habits die hard.

With his sprinkler in hand, water dripping in a hushed sound as it pelts down the leaves and petals of his precious plants, Kyungsoo hums his favorite song from Chris Brown, With you, as if serenading his favorite plants and subtly telling them;I don't want nobody else, without you there's no one left yeah, he sings the part, but then hums again. Then he moves to his beautiful violet, white and pink orchids, sprinkling them with water. His humming continues with mumbles of lyrics and a small smile spreading on his face.

Once he finishes, he moves to grab the broom to sweep the dried leaves littering the ground. Kyungsoo dumps the leaves in the garbage bag, when the front door opens and half-asleep, shirtless and messy haired Jongin graces out of the door. Kyungsoo turns to his housemate.

"Morning,” Kyungsoo says. “Your bath is prepared by the way.” Kyungsoo smiles warmly, putting the broom and dustpan to the side of the fence.

Sleepily, Jongin hums in response with mumbles of Good Morning and Thank you. He rubs his eyes and yawns, darting back inside the house to probably take a bath.

Kyungsoo comes after him, trailing behind. "Good thing you wake up alone this time. Was the screamo alarm clock tone I set on your phone effective then?"

Jongin's dry towel is draped on his head as he shuffles towards the bathroom. Scratching his neck, droopy eyes settling on Kyungsoo, he answers, "Maybe." Then he shuts the bathroom door blearily with a grateful smile.

Kyungsoo smiles in triumph, glad that his idea turned to a success. From now on, he won’t worry over pulling Jongin off his bed everytime he wakes up late. He proceeds on preparing Jongin's lunch for that day.

Mornings like this are typical for Jongin and Kyungsoo. It's been their routine, with Kyungsoo waking up early, Jongin waking up an hour before work with already cooked breakfast and prepared warm bath just for him courtesy of Kyungsoo. And the cycle continues.

While eating together, Jongin scarfs down the fried chicken and boiled egg like a man who has been famished for three days. He wolfs down his favorite food in the whole universe, uncaring if bits of chicken meat litters on the table and on his lap. But Kyungsoo doesn’t mind.

"Jongin, careful or you'll choke," Kyungsoo says, not failing to remind Jongin everytime he eats like tomorrow will never come.

As the food passes down his throat, Jongin takes a huge gulp of water and puts it back on the surface with a thud. "Hyung, is this also my lunch for today?" The grin on his face is blinding, yet an obvious chicken meat is stuck in between his front teeth. Kyungsoo doesn't say a word about it, finding it very amusing and cute.

Kyungsoo carefully puts down his chopsticks and dabs his lips with napkin to remove the grease. "Yes and some sliced apples and banana, like you requested."

"You're really the best!" Jongin cheers enthusiastically, shooting up from his seat, making the chair produce a screeching sound as it drags on the floor.

"Well." Is the only word Kyungsoo says with a satisfying smile, elated to make Jongin contented for today's menu or rather his breakfast and lunch.

Jongin briskly takes another gulp of water and saunters to the bathroom to brush his teeth. Kyungsoo, on the other hand, cleans up the table to also prepare himself for today's agenda.

It's already 8am, the clock reads.

Jongin is always the first one who leaves the house to go to work. He's a teller in a bank and the bank opens at exactly 9am, so Jongin always makes sure to leave at 8:15 in order to exactly arrive on time. He's lucky enough that the bank he's working at is located nearby, or else he'll arrive late most of the days since he's a late riser.

Meanwhile, Kyungsoo runs an online shop, so he stays most of the time at home. He has a pastry business where he sells his homemade goodies online through social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. He posts photos and descriptions of the pastries he makes, and that's been his mode to reach out to people who wants to have a heavenly taste of what he makes, through ordering online. In fact, Jongin was the one who suggested to name his shop Heaven Pastry Shop reasoning that Because hyung, this is the closest thing everyone can get to heaven, that kind of reason, and who would ever resist Jongin's suggestion when he was whining and pouting that time to push his idea?

Kyungsoo just has a soft spot for Jongin.

His clock strikes 11am and Kyungsoo crosses the road with a bag of his homemade cookies and cupcakes sealed in boxes and fancy ribbons. He's on his way to meet up his friend back in college who unexpectedly ordered cupcakes and cookies from him without knowing it's Kyungsoo who owns the online shop. They just both realized that they knew each other through text when they exchanged full names and descriptions to find each other easily for their meet up.

Kyungsoo arrives at their meeting place and he stood outside the public library where this friend works. It's been a year since they last contacted and he's a little excited to see his friend again. After sending an I'm here to this friend, ten minutes later, a squishy male with his still fluffy cheeks calls his name and greets him with a wide smile.

"Kyungsoo, it's nice to see you again!"

"Minseok hyung!" They embraced for a second and let go of each other afterwards, not erasing the smiles written on their faces.

"You're still the same." Minseok smiles, giving Kyungsoo a once over. "And who would have thought you would own an online shop now? So I assume you are self employed then?"

"Right, and I plan to be self-employed forever." Kyungsoo confirms and looks at the bag by his side. He picks up the three boxes and hands them to Minseok. "Here's your order. I just baked them this morning. So they’re still fresh from oven."

Minseok takes a peek inside the boxes. After deeming the orders correct, he turns up to Kyungsoo with a dimpled grin. "Thanks for this. They look tasty just like on the pictures. You already did receive my deposit money, right?"

"I did.” Kyungsoo nods in confirmation and watches Minseok carefully hold onto the boxes.

“These are for my nephew's birthday party later at night. They'll love these for sure. And I’ll definitely have another transaction with you in the future."

Kyungsoo smiles in joy from the promise. "My pleasure. So, it's nice to see you again. Thanks for ordering a lot. I have to go now, hyung. I still have a meet up in Nagwon," Kyungsoo says, checking his wristwatch.

"You're welcome.” Minseok smiles gratefully. Kyungsoo gives Minseok's shoulder a pat, and picks up the huge tote bag that contains four more boxes before stepping forward to leave.

"Oh, wait!"

Kyungsoo turns to Minseok.

"Are you going to the party next Friday at Chanyeol's? It will be a get together. Check your Facebook for the deets, okay?" Minseok informs and walks up the steps to the entrance of the library with a wave of goodbye and a grateful smile in finality before completely disappearing inside the building.

Kyungsoo is left momentarily in silence, contemplating about the said invitation that he didn't know exists. But as he leaves the street, Kyungsoo decides to give the party a go.

Daylight fades to darkness, but the full moon shining so brightly outside mesmerizes Kyungsoo. His laptop is perched on his bed, its light illuminating with the yellow light from his lamp bathing the room. He just read the details a minute ago about the planned get together in Chanyeol’s place which turned out to be held at Chanyeol’s refurbished restaurant in Myeongdong.

His friends like Jongdae, Minseok, Junmyeon and Hyunsik would be attending along with their classmates. It will be a buffet party with booze according to Chanyeol and very fun games according to Jongdae. Right after telling the group chat that he’s going, he left his laptop to stare out of his window, and that is when he noticed the full moon, as if hanging on an invisible thread in the sky.

The door to his room opens.

“Hyung,” calls Jongin in a helpless tone, and Kyungsoo is quick to snap his head to the younger man. “teach me how to sew.”

Kyungsoo recognizes the familiar red sweater on Jongin’s hand along with a loose red thread pulled up. An amused smile curls his lips as he really can’t imagine how Jongin will survive without him. He flicks on the lights and turns off the lamp.

“Come here, I’ll teach you,” Kyungsoo says and gestures Jongin to sit right beside him on his bed. And from then, Kyungsoo teaches Jongin how to make a running stitch to sew the loose thread on Jongin’s sweater. He teaches him step by step and as Jongin takes the sweater, needle and thread from Kyungsoo to try the actual thing by himself, Jongin has been constantly complaining on how he couldn’t sew it perfectly straight unlike Kyungsoo does, which makes the elder ruffle Jongin’s hair instead in hilarity of it.

“It doesn’t make any difference, straight or not, as long as you sew it where it needs to be sewn, your sweater will be good as new.” Kyungsoo reassures and Jongin hums in response. It’s very evident how effortless can Kyungsoo make Jongin believe him easily.

A moment of silence passed and Kyungsoo only kept his eyes on Jongin’s hand, needle and thread as it passed in and out of the fabric. The quiet is deafening, but Kyungsoo doesn’t mind it at all. But when he remembers the laptop on his bed, he briskly picks it up and put it on his lap to check the group chat.

The conversation ended with series ofSee you all next week’s.

Kyungsoo shuts down his laptop. Then Jongin speaks, “How was your delivery today? I remembered you said a friend in college ordered cupcakes to you.”

Kyungsoo turns to Jongin who pouts on his finished running stitch, a frown marring his face as he doesn’t know what to do next, so Kyungsoo brings the sweater and thread to him to knot the thread.
“I did. It’s Minseok hyung and we just talked for a short time and—“ then he remembers about the party for next week. “He told me about the get together next week Friday.”

“Friday? So I won’t get home with you waiting for me then?” Jongin asks, and Kyungsoo takes his tone of voice sounding like he detests the thought of coming back home without Kyungsoo waiting for him. Or maybe he’s just imagining it.

Kyungsoo looks at Jongin in the eye. Indeed, Jongin has grown too attached and dependent to him, which isn’t good for his poor heart. Though, admittedly, he feels the same way to him. “I’ll be back before midnight so you don’t need to fret over it,” he says, while mussing Jongin’s soft hair.

Jongin bobs his head like a kid, lower lip jutting. “Jongdae hyung will be there too right?” he asks.
And that is when Kyungsoo remembers that Kim Jongdae is Kim Jongin’s cousin.

Kyungsoo smiles. “Yes, he will.” Then Kyungsoo hands Jongin the sweater, receiving a thanks from the younger and giving him a welcome reply.

It was two years ago when Jongin and Kyungsoo met.

Jongdae, his friend and classmate asked Kyungsoo for a favour. And as a good friend he is, he listened to Jongdae’s long-ass story about his cousin graduating from a good business school somewhere in South Gyeongsang and how soft-hearted and kind his cousin is. Jongdae kept on drawling about the good parts his cousin possesses and to cut it into a chase, this cousin needs an apartment to stay in as he was hired by a bank company somewhere in Insadong in which where Kyungsoo lives.

At first, Kyungsoo was hesitant as he was used to living alone in the house he was renting in a quiet village in Insadong owned by his Aunt. But as he thought carefully about the repercussions of having a roommate, he gave his okay to Jongdae and a week after, he was shaking hands and was introducing himself to Kim Jongin.

And that was the beginning of their budding friendly relationship slash domestic tendencies to care and help each other good naturedly.

“Kyungsoo,” someone pokes him on his shoulder. “Yah Kyungsoo, are you already drunk?”

Kyungsoo whips his head towards his friend Chanyeol who occupied the seat beside him, while the others are belting songs with all their might, and having fun with booze in hands.

He shakes his head and gives his friend a small smile before chugging down his glass of soju. “No, I’m not. We both know how hardly I get drunk.”

Chanyeol chuckles and pours beer in his shot glass. “So same old huh?”

“Hm, except I’m an online businessman now.”

“Minseok told me about your business,” Chanyeol grins and dunks the contents of his bitter beer, gaze directed at Minseok and Junmyeon trying hard to sing an English song. “I’m gonna order some from you one of these days. What’s the name of your shop again?” he inquires, brow raised.

Kyungsoo is on his phone texting Jongin Eat your dinner. Just reheat the leftover in the fridge and turns to Chanyeol, “Heaven Pastry Shop. Just browse it on Facebook,” he said and slid the phone back in his pocket.

Chanyeol almost sprayed the beer on the counter out in amusement. But good thing he is able to withhold it and snorted some in his nose instead.

Kyungsoo is appalled, brows furrowing from disgust. “Holy shit, Park, what’s wrong with you?”

Chanyeol deliberately wipes off the mess on his nose and chin, mumbling in apology, “Sorry,” he took more tissues from the nearby dispenser and stuck them in his nostrils before facing Kyungsoo. “Sorry, I just find the name hilarious?” He grins.

Confused, Kyungsoo raises a brow. “What’s so hilarious in the name? That name suits my business,” he says while also defending Jongin who’s the one who suggested the name in his head.

Chanyeol titters. “It’s not so Kyungsoo that is why.”

And it’s true. Because as far as Kyungsoo knows, he never wanted a cutesy name like that and he would actually prefer just a simple D.O Pastry Shop, but Jongin told him it was lame, and that people won’t even have second thoughts of visiting his page if that’s the case, so Kyungsoo adopted Jongin’s idea instead and true to his words, his followers and like skyrocketed bringing him to where he is right now.

“Jongin named it.” Kyungsoo enlightens his friend.

“He’s still your flatmate?” Chanyeol is astonished and Kyungsoo answers him with a cheeky smile.

An arm is draped over Kyungsoo’s shoulders, unexpectedly. “What do we have here sweet cheeks?”

“Jongdae,” Chanyeol beams, removing the tissues in his nostrils and flicking them off towards the floor. Kyungsoo finds it unhygienic of his friend. And isn’t this his restaurant? Okay, Kyungsoo’s abhorrence of untidiness is kicking.

But Jongdae is here.

“So how’s my sweet cheeks selling cupcakes, huh? Is my baby cousin snagging cupcakes from you? If he does, Imma kick his ass. Have you tapped that ass?” Jongdae, without shame, threw questions at Kyungsoo all at once.

Kyungsoo sighs and surmises that Jongdae is still the same Jongdae in college. Nothing changed much. Well, except his hair color, brownish. “Jongin’s not stealing my cupcakes. I give him some when there’s excess. And fucking no, never had ever I tapped his ass,” Kyungsoo says in defence, threatening Jongdae with a slap of his metal hand.

Jongdae raises his hands in surrender and Chanyeol blinks. “You’re really still living with Jongdae’s cousin,” he confirms, repeating what he had just asked Kyungsoo few seconds ago, probably doubtful from Kyungsoo’s answer earlier.

Jongdae is sitting right next to Kyungsoo. “Duh, he is. Seems like my baby cousin doesn’t want to look for an apartment of his own now. He’s been planning before, but he brushed off the thought.”

“He did plan to move out before?” It’s Kyungsoo’s turn to crack his eyes wider in surprise. He doesn’t know that. Jongin never had talked to him about moving out.

Jongdae’s grin is daunting, Kyungsoo just rolls his eyes. “Yes he did, didn’t he tell you?” Jongdae takes a swig of his beer offered to him by Chanyeol and continues, “He told me it’s because,” clearing his throat, and speaks in a tone like Jongin’s. “ ‘Kyungsoo hyung takes good care of me and I don’t know if I can live alone without him, hyung what do I do?’ “

“Jongin said that?” Chanyeol asks, almost choking again on his beer, but Kyungsoo cares less now, because he’s not sure how to react to what Jongdae has said.

Jongdae’s eyes remain steady at Kyungsoo. His Cheshire grin screams danger. “He did. Who would have thought my cousin would get attached to someone like Do Kyungsoo.”

Chanyeol hums in agreement. “I agree, I agree. That’s why I can’t believe your cousin has tolerated you for so long. I think I won’t be able to live with a Kyungsoo 24/7 because he’s a Satan—“ and a chokehold courtesy of Kyungsoo. “Yah Kyungsoo let go of me!”

Kyungsoo glares at Chanyeol. He really hates being called Satan, although he was used to it and it gives him an excuse to give his friends one of his mighty chokeholds. But of course, it’s always just for a playful banter. “I told you I’m no Satan, you asshat!” then he lets go of his neck, gritting his teeth and covers his warm face with his hands timidly. The alcohol must be kicking in his system now.

“Fine! Fine, you’re no Satan to Jongin, maybe to him, not to us.” Chanyeol interjects, blowing his fringe and crossing his arms. “But if you asked me what to say about that, I think Jongin has a crush on you Kyungsoo.”

“It’s the absolute truth Chanyeol. There’s no denying it.” The edges of Jongdae’s mouth tilts up suspiciously.

“A crush?” Kyungsoo growls dubiously, and then hastily throws an amount of beer in a shot glass and finishes it in one go. Soju and beer. Wow Good combination in his stomach, he wants to puke. Jongin having a crush on him is the most hilarious thing he’s ever heard during the night. But as he turns his head towards his two friends, Chanyeol and Jongdae’s smile makes him feel unsettled.

“So he’s gay?” Chanyeol says tentatively, but Jongdae is quick to respond, “He’s bisexual.” And he gives Kyungsoo a naughty wink.

The revelation still doesn’t sink in Kyungsoo’s head. All this time, Jongin is bisexual and he doesn’t even know about it. But he never asked Jongin about it and Jongin doesn’t ask anything to him too. And it’s been so long, and he just has to know it by now.

“So, tap the ass while you still can.” Jongdae reminds.

But then, Junmyeon, Minseok and Hyunsik enter the scene, robbing Jongdae’s attention from him.
Maybe Jongdae is the Satan one in the group, shitting on him. They are most definitely shitting on him. Blame the fucking alcohol.

I’ve already eaten dinner ^^ Eat a lot there hyung :* -KJI

Are you on your way home? -KJI

Take care okay? Don’t get too drunk. -KJI

I ate a lot Jongin. And I’ll be late, so don’t wait for me. Lock the doors. -DKS

I’d still wait for you ^___^ call me if you need me to pick you up. -KJI

I’ll be fine Jong. Thanks tho. -KJI

On the way home, Kyungsoo brushes off the thought of Jongin having a crush on him, because it doesn’t seem probable. Jongin is just a cute little fellow that anyone can get fond of no matter how a klutz he is when it comes to household chores.

To think about it, it never crossed Kyungsoo’s mind that he and Jongin might become something more in the future. He just grew accustomed to looking after the younger man and taking care of his needs, like having a younger brother or a younger cousin, that sort of thinking. But now that the crush thingy was brought up by Jongdae himself, Kyungsoo can’t think straight especially when he sees Jongin’s beautiful smile playing inside his head like a movie in loop. Too beautiful, too endearing to look at like melted chocolate.

It’s probably the alcohol.

Kyungsoo is tipsy, but he still can move on his own. He pays the cab fare, steps out of the vehicle and staggers towards the front porch of his house. The door is locked. Kyungsoo told Jongin to lock the door for safety purposes. But he has a key.

Stepping inside his abode, the light from the living room welcomes him. The soft tune of a love song plays on the stereos and when Kyungsoo finally reaches the foot of the couch, cold feet touches his hand and he curses, “Fuck!”

Then the owner of the cold feet scrambles up from the couch, hair tousled and bleary eyes settle on Kyungsoo’s form. Jongin rubs his sleepy eyes and squints at his housemate. “Is that you, hyung?”

Kyungsoo’s heart thuds faster. He swears if that was a living ghost, he would have already run out of the house. As if ghosts exists. “Y-Yeah,” he confirms. “Why are you sleeping in here? It’s already 1pm and you have to wake up early tomorrow. And your feet,” he says, eyes darting on Jongin’s bare feet. “they’re cold.”

Jongin blinks sleepily and mumbles, “I was waiting f-for—“ yawns, “you. And cold,” he scratches the back of his neck, eyes falling shut. “Don’t wanna socks coz sucks.”

“I told you, you don’t need to wait for me. But thank you.” With a small weary smile, Kyungsoo settles beside Jongin and grabs the younger’s foot and warms it up with his hand. He blows on his hands and cups Jongin’s foot with them. “Warmer?”

Jongin’s eyes are drooping and he hums in response, a little nod too, but he suddenly throws his arms around Kyungsoo’s torso and snuggles on his chest. “Warmest.”

Kyungsoo doesn’t know the feeling of butterflies in the stomach. He doesn’t know the reason why his pulse is throbbing and why does it feel the warmest with Jongin, like this, around his arms. He doesn’t know why he feels tingly holding Jongin so close like this. He doesn’t know the answer, but Jongdae’s words keeps repeating inside his head.

Tap the ass while still you can.

He’s so going to fucking kill Jongdae when they meet again.

Yet, they sleep like that, on the couch, holding onto each other, and maybe Kyungsoo does so because of the alcohol in his system. It’s always the alcohol anyway.

So it’s been awhile since Kyungsoo bothered himself with thoughts of Jongin having a crush on him. Jongdae and Chanyeol are just obviously shitting on him because lately, Jongin has all been, Taemin hyung is my best best bestfriend since birth!, Taemin hyung loves dancing and he loves sweets too! yada yada, this and that, Kyungsoo’s getting sick of hearing that T name. But it doesn’t change the fact that Kyungsoo is still so wife-material to Jongin every single day, because he always makes sure Jongin takes a warm bath, eats nutritious food at morning and at night, doing the laundry in the afternoon every Tuesdays and Fridays, ironing Jongin’s job uniforms every Saturdays and makes sure that Jongin’s room is always dirt-free.

Kyungsoo loves doing these things for Jongin, and he really doesn’t mind having Jongin in his life.

But Jongin just have to ruin his thoughts with his endearing smile.

“Hyung!” Jongin bursts in inside Kyungsoo’s room in excitement.

Kyungsoo has to look up at him while ironing some clothes.

“Taemin is going to visit me tomorrow!” Jongin says as he stalks towards Kyungsoo, flashing a text message right in front of Kyungsoo’s face.

I’ll be there tomorrow at 2pm ;)

Jongin’s excitement is palpable in the air, but Kyungsoo isn’t prepared for this. If he has to be honest, he doesn’t want to see that Taemin dude, because everytime Jongin talks about his so called bestfriend, Kyungsoo has to stop himself from frowning and making a face of disinterest. Just like at this moment when Jongin is all smiles and, “Hyung, I can’t wait for tomorrow. We should cook a lot for him! Oh, let’s bake cupcakes because he loves sweets so so so much!”

Kyungsoo’s eye twitches from the abuse of so. But he has to put up a smile for Jongin even if, for some unexplainable reasons, he really doesn’t look forward to meeting Jongin’s bestfriend, even bake cupcakes and cook food for this said stranger.

But somewhere within himself, he wants to make Jongin happy.

Since when did he care about Jongin’s happiness again?

That, he can’t answer. Maybe it just came naturally.

“Hyung, I’ll pay you for the cupcakes, just bake some for him okay? I’ll help too. Promise.” Jongin crosses his heart as a sign of promise, but Kyungsoo smells smoke permeating the air and that’s when he realizes he’s ironing his shirt.

“Shit!” came out from Kyungsoo’s mouth, dripping in venom because his precious shirt is burnt near the sleeves and it’s one of his favourites. Too much about this Taemin guy. Blame it to oh so perfect bestfriend Taemin visiting too suddenly.

“Shit hyung! That’s your favourite shirt!” Jongin reacts in mild surprise. But instead of sulking over his wasted shirt, Kyungsoo stares right into Jongin’s eyes in bewilderment after turning off the iron and putting it back on the metallic board.

“You knew that this is my favourite shirt?”

Jongin bobs his head like a good puppy. “Hyung, I’ve been watching you always, so I know if you wear a shirt occasionally or frequently, and that shirt, that shirt,” Jongin pauses, his eyes darting around frantically.

“And this shirt?” Kyungsoo prompts, wondering how Jongin knew that it is his favourite shirt without even telling him about it before. It’s not enough to know that Jongin has been keeping an eye on the shirts he’s wearing. There should be more to it.

Jongin’s face turns pallid and a blush of pink tints his cheeks, but maybe Kyungsoo is only seeing things, so he shook that thought off.

Jongin meets Kyungsoo’s probing eyes and breathes. “Y-Your brother gave that to you as your graduation gift,” he says timidly and looks down at his feet. “J-Jongdae hyung told me.”

It’s a fact. Kyungsoo won’t deny that, but something is still bugging him more. “But why would Jongdae tell that to you?” Remembering it, only his friends knew about his elder brother’s gift he got thru mail when they threw a mini party there at his place, a day after graduation.

Jongin looks like a pitiful kid in questioning as if he snagged some candies from a store. “Because I asked him things about you.”

“Oh,” Kyungsoo still has a lot of questions in mind, but that would do for now. “Did Jongdae reveal more things about me to you?” He folds his arms across his chest.

Jongin looks up at Kyungsoo in guilt. “I did,” now in his defence mode. “But, but I only did that because I want to get to know you more.”

Kyungsoo is taken aback, but a smug smile curls his lips. “You should just ask me things Jongin. Jongdae might tweak some information about me and might exaggerate them too. Just ask away. We’ve been living together now for two years and I don’t mind sharing things with you. Alright, how about this. Ask one question you asked Jongdae and confirm it to me.”

Silence reigns for awhile.

Jongin asks away, seeming hesitant, but he speaks the words out. “Is it true you had a boyfriend before?”

That’s a question Kyungsoo isn’t expecting to ask Jongdae and doesn’t expect to be confirmed. He doesn’t know what to feel about Jongin’s curiosity about his long time ago love life with someone worth forgetting.

“It’s true,” Kyungsoo validates the information, and before it transcends to further explanation, he settles with a, “so did Jongdae tell you the truth?”

Jongin’s expression is unreadable, Kyungsoo doesn’t want to study it more. “Yes,” he says. “Uh, I guess I should prepare for tomorrow then. Sorry for that.” He grins sheepishly and there’s something sparkling in his eyes that Kyungsoo notices or maybe, again, he’s just overthinking.

“No need to be sorry. It’s fine.” Kyungsoo smiles to reassure Jongin that there’s nothing to worry about, although deep inside the recesses of his mind, he’s a train wreck.

Jongin gives Kyungsoo a soft smile before staggering out of his room.

“Jongin?” He calls out. The younger man turns to him, waiting for his next words.

“When did you ask Jongdae about me?”

Jongin turns away, cupping his name with his hand. A habit that he does when he’s shy and awkward. But he answers right away. “In your last birthday.” When you got me a fluffy pillow as a present that I love cuddling with every night

But then, Jongin sprints out in a flash, leaving Kyungsoo with more things to ponder about.

He’s bisexual! Jongdae’s words ring in his ears. Stop assuming things Do Kyungsoo!
But maybe he’ll mope first from the wasted favourite shirt he just ruined to distract himself from these confusing feelings.

The next morning that comes is eventful. Along with the fair weather, comes a bright and hyper Jongin, helping around the kitchen as Kyungsoo simultaneously bakes the cupcakes as requested, and cooks Taemin’s favourite foods which are jajangmyeon and bibimbap. As promised, Jongin hasn’t done anything to cause trouble in the kitchen. He’s been careful and meticulous than expected, and Kyungsoo feels a surge of pride coursing through his veins because it’s apparent that Jongin has improved moving around in the kitchen because of him.

“It’s 1pm now,” Jongin reads the clock, and then rushes to his room to get his clothes while Kyungsoo fills the tub with warm water and soap for the younger man. Once Jongin gets in the bathroom, Kyungsoo steps out to give him his privacy, so he goes to his own room and paces back and forth as dread settles at the pit of his stomach.

There’s something unsettling inside him as time ticks and Taemin nears his arrival. It’s so peculiar for him to feel this way, like he’s expecting something worse to come. He thinks, maybe because it’s the first time Jongin has invited someone over to pay him a visit. Jongin has friends, Kyungsoo knows that. He knows how Jongin joins his officemates occasionally to go to noraebang and have drinks. He knew some of Jongin’s officemates that he would often talk about, but hearing about his bestfriend for the first time, although, maybe Jongin has already mentioned a bestfriend to him before, but he couldn’t just remember, still, Kyungsoo can't help but feel worried.

Or maybe he’s just overthinking, again, and there’s really nothing to worry about.

“Right,” Kyungsoo mumbles under his breath and ingrains in his mind to be as welcoming as he could to their visitor forty five minutes later.

And so, the so called bestfriend came at 2:30pm. Jongin is very ecstatic that he flings himself on the said bestfriend.

Kyungsoo stays behind and watches the theatrical scene right in front of his eyes. He darts his eyes away because there is too much hugging and skinship, it ticks him.

“Taemin hyung, this is him,” Jongin is already holding Kyungsoo’s arm as he introduces him to Taemin.

Taking a closer look at their visitor, he’s able to scan Taemin’s physique quickly. Taemin has blonde hair, small build, and as much as he wants to deny it, Jongin and Taemin looked alike as if they were long lost brothers. But he won’t say that aloud.

"So you're the guy who gave my Jonginnie a roof to stay in. Nice to meet you. Jongin has been telling me a lot about you. I’m Lee Taemin." He proffers a hand and Kyungsoo stares at it contemplating whether to take it or not, but he takes it and shakes it firmly.

“And what kind of things does he tell to you about me?” Kyungsoo asks, eyes directing at Jongin who rubs his nape sheepishly.

They pull away their hands and gave each other a firm smile. “Great things, good things,” Taemin says with an awkward laugh, giving Jongin a look and Kyungsoo doesn’t want to think of meanings that look beholds.

"So, Jonginnie, huh?"

"It's," Taemin locks an arm around Jongin's hunched shoulders. "a nickname only I can use to call him. Right Jonginnie? And he calls me Taeminnie in return."

Taemin's smile and possessive hold around Jongin irks Kyungsoo, but he forces a wide smile, despite having an urge to chop off Taemin’s arm around Jongin’s shoulders. "So I can't call him Jonginnie then?"

Kyungsoo sees the puzzled look on Jongin's face, but Jongin doesn't answer, and just shows a bashful smile.

"Yup," Taemin grins, his face too close on Jongin's cheek. His nose almost bumps to the golden skin. "Because we’re bestfriends and we’re special to each other."

Kyungsoo bites the side of his cheek to stop himself from pulling out the hidden sass in him. "Okay, as if I'm someone fond of cutesy names." He leads the two to the dining area afterwards. But the frown on his face is permanent when he turns his back at them.

Late lunch has been all about Taemin and Jongin reminiscing over their childhood and teenager days that Kyungsoo can't relate with.

Though, Taemin praised Kyungsoo’s cooking and the cupcakes that he made which he takes pride of, because, Ha! Can you even cook and bake like that for Jongin? Tsk. But in the middle of eating, Taemin just had bring up a long time story about his and Jongin's adventures in their village when they were seven. Then the story piles up until they were eighteen and Kyungsoo listens intently at every stories retold, but the fact that he somewhat feels isolated because he's not part of their stories makes him want to leave the table, but it will be rude to do so, and besides, hearing about Jongin's childhood and teenager days is worth listening to, so he stays.

However, Taemin's constant initiation of skinship with Jongin burns Kyungsoo's eyes. Taemin would pinch Jongin's cheek, bump shoulders with him, ruffle his hair, touch his arm and fucking fuck he's even bold to feed Jongin food and wipe Jongin’s irresistible lips with a swipe of his thumb. Are they really bestfriends? Or bestfriends with mutual feelings?

Kyungsoo takes lungful of breaths to calm down himself. He knows he’s being exaggerated. Of course some bestfriends do share intimacy due to comfort they feel with each other. And Taemin and Jongin's interaction is the living proof of it.

The two bestfriends shared laughter after retelling a funny story of their past. Kyungsoo can't relate to it, so he fumbles with his phone instead under the table and texts the best person to rant out what he feels at the moment.

Do you know someone named Lee Taemin? -DKS

my cous bff. y? -KJD

coz he's here right in front of me in my fucking house and calls Jongin Jonginnie my ears hurt -DKS

ar ya fckin jealouz? XD -KJD

Kyungsoo scoffs under his breath and types away.

hell no -DKS

u seem u ar 2 me. but iz ok. my cous lyks u most -KJD

why are you like this to me? i just fuckin want to rant at you bc i don't effin like this Taemin dude -DKS

told ya u shld huv tap d ass man. but doncha worry. az far az i kno taemin has a gf ;) -KJD


I'm not asking. I just want to let someone know I dislike him. -DKS

butt naw ya know jealous lovuuh;* -KJD

Kyungsoo doesn't feel less bothered. He keeps his phone back and exhales aloud. But as his eyes move towards the two bestfriends seated across him, he can see how happy Jongin is to be with his bestfriend again after a long time.

But there's just too much skinship he can't stomach in.

Weird as it may be, the three of them played Monopoly to pass time. Thankfully, Kyungsoo has mastered the secrets and techniques in playing the game deeming him the winner for three consecutive times. Jongin won once, while Taemin has none.

But despite Taemin’s loss, it’s palpable on his face how he’s having a great time playing with Jongin and Kyungsoo while stuffing his mouth with cupcakes Kyungsoo made especially for him. True to Jongin’s words, Taemin, indeed, is a sweet fanatic, finishing the dozen of cupcakes and praising Kyungsoo’s magic hands for making them. Jongin tells Taemin Kyungsoo sells cupcakes online and that he should check it and order more in the future. And Taemin is happy to know about it.

Throughout the game, Taemin retells how he and Jongin used to steal mangoes from a neighbor’s tree in their province, and how Jongin would always remind Taemin to be a good boy and to be mindful of his things.

Taemin even told Kyungsoo Jongin’s embarrassing moments in which had Jongin slapping Taemin’s thigh and arm hard. But the stories made Kyungsoo cackle, amused. He never knew Jongin has an exciting and amusing life in his province, because Jongin never shares.

If not for Taemin’s visit, Kyungsoo won’t be able to have a closer grasp of what Jongin was in his latter days, so in general, Taemin has contributed a lot of things about Jongin for Kyungsoo’s sake of curiosity and wonderment. And that’s just one good thing about Taemin’s visit.

Kyungsoo might not like Taemin, because he has been in Jongin’s life for all over the years than him. Because, what Taemin had with Jongin, is too much different with what he has with Jongin. And maybe because, he can’t be closer to Jongin the way Taemin can be with him, as if breathing the same air inside a tin can won’t be a problem between them. Kyungsoo has that kind of feeling.

The sky is a blotch of pink and violet, indicating the arrival of night, when Taemin and Jongin are standing at the front yard, having the most theatrical goodbyes and hugs before parting, while Kyungsoo stays at the front porch, watching the two bestfriends exchange smiles and another, one big hug in finality.

Kyungsoo rolls his eyes with his arms folded across his chest. He can’t hear the words Taemin says to Jongin, but it looks serious. Kyungsoo tries to read their lips, but goddamn fucking shit, he has astigmatism, so it’s futile. Worse, Taemin even has the audacity to brush Jongin’s tresses gently, before landing his lips on Jongin’s forehead that has a part of Kyungsoo itching to saunter towards them and kick Taemin’s ass, because seriously, too much skinship for today is too much for his eyes and heart. And he has never been that touchy with Jongin that way, except that one time hug in the couch when he got home tipsy. But hey, Jongin and Taemin are bestfriends so maybe it’s natural for them to do so.

He doesn’t have the right to complain, but he badly wants to.

Soon, Taemin leaves with a wave of goodbye. Jongin won’t stop waving at Taemin’s figure and yelling out a take care repeatedly, until his figure turns a corner and disappears from their sight.
Kyungsoo can see how Jongin’s shoulders hunch, but as he pivots on his heel, he beams right towards Kyungsoo.

The sun has already set, but Jongin’s beam glows brightly like a sun for the night.

Kyungsoo is at the living room with a laptop perched on the coffee table. He checks his email for order requests while sipping his mug of oolong tea. The television is on, a game show on air and laughter from the said show fills the silence, but Kyungsoo is focused on his email than the raucous show.

The door opens revealing an exhausted Jongin. It’s evident on his face. “I’m home,” the boy says, his voice has dropped two notches on the scale.

Kyungsoo is quick to rest his laptop and mug of tea on the center table, scrambling up as he has forgotten preparing Jongin’s bath. But he halts his movements when Jongin speaks, “Hyung, can I have a minute with you?”

“Sure,” Kyungsoo answers edgily. “But your bath--”

Jongin shakes his head and settles on the couch. “I can do that.”

“Okay,” Kyungsoo sits beside Jongin with a comfortable distance between them. “So, is there anything bothering you?”

Despite the visible signs of weariness on Jongin’s face, he still graces a fond smile at Kyungsoo. “No, nothing. It’s just been hella tiring at the bank. Baekhyun hyung was absent so I did all the work alone,” he informs. “But I have to tell you something, hyung.”

Kyungsoo feels like the couch will soon swallow him up. He feels jittery, opting to look at the television instead, than taste the palpable anxiety painting the atmosphere. But he still can taste it, despite looking for distraction. “Sure, go ahead. Tell me,” he almost stutters due to tension, and hoping it isn’t some terrible news or unpleasant surprise.

Two commercials passed, but Jongin is still tongue tied. It’s during the third commercial of some girly perfume when Jongin decides to break the news.

“I’m going to move out.”

Kyungsoo blanches, his knuckles tightening beside his thighs. “Oh,” it’s a blasé response. “T-That’s good?” He wants to be swallowed by the couch. He wants a black hole to emerge from the television and suck him up to nothingness. That’s one hell of a surprise!

Jongin’s tone of voice remains a mystery to Kyungsoo’s ears. “Taemin hyung is moving somewhere in Jonggak and this apartment he rented will be just a walking distance to SC First Bank, so—“

Kyungsoo sees Jongin playing with the hem of his shirt. As much as he wants to bombard Jongin questions of Aren’t you happy living with me anymore?, Why can’t you just stay with me?, Don’t you want to see me anymore? But he can’t, because he feels like, he doesn’t have any right to question Jongin’s decisions. And really, he doesn’t have any right because he’s just Jongin’s housemate and time will come that he has to leave and find a new place to be his home.

“So when are you leaving?” he breathes deeply so his voice won’t waver. Jongin’s eyes are heavy on him, and Kyungsoo realizes how different it will be to live without Jongin when the d-day comes.

“Next week. Wednesday.”

And Kyungsoo just nods, nods and nods before glancing back at the television screen blankly. “Okay.”

That night, Kyungsoo didn’t prepare Jongin’s bath, he didn’t eat dinner with Jongin at the same table, and there were no smiles exchanged, goodnight’s and sweet dream’s directed to one another. They walked around the house like strangers passing by at the road.

Kyungsoo can’t imagine himself living without Jongin.

The next days that come, they fall back to the same routine; Kyungsoo prepares Jongin’s warm bath, breakfast, packed lunch and ironed uniform along with the newly shined leather shoes. It’s as if Jongin’s looming departure isn’t approaching fast. Nights are the same, dinner and bath prepared, but the difference is, they would have movie marathons before sleeping, yet they would end up sleeping on the couch with the television on. And when Kyungsoo wakes up in the wee hours of the night, he would tuck Jongin with a blanket on the couch before slipping in his own room to sleep.

Jongin’s departure was never brought up by the two of them, and Kyungsoo is thankful that they never talk about it as he’s afraid he’ll say something impetuous, because hurting and offending Jongin is the least thing he wants to do. So they just go with the flow, like water having its smooth journey on riverbed.

On Sunday, Jongin leaves the house to meet Taemin at a local diner in Itaewon, while Kyungsoo, leaves to Myeongdong to meet Chanyeol who has ordered three dozens of cupcakes from him.
Autumn is fast approaching. Chanyeol’s restaurant has this homey feeling to it when he steps inside. The temperature is warm and comforting, unlike the cold breeze blowing outside.

There are a few customers inside; a group of boy scouts, a couple and a family of three eating happily together. Some ballad songs are playing in the background and Kyungsoo hums to the song he knows while waiting for Chanyeol to arrive and claim his orders.

A mug of bubble tea is placed on his table and Kyungsoo looks up to meet the waiter’s eyes and mumble a thank you. He takes a sip of his drink and hums in satisfaction from the sugary taste that explodes on his tongue.

But after four sips of the heavenly drink, Jongdae and Chanyeol slides on the seat across him.

“Sorry I’m late. Blame Jongdae for tagging around,” Chanyeol says apologetically and slides an envelope to Kyungsoo. “Keep the change.”

Kyungsoo is doubtful at first, because why on earth is Kim Jongdae with him? But with a genuine smile from Chanyeol, he resigns and keeps the envelope in his bag.

“So generous of you Chanyeol,” Jongdae remarks, lips tilting in a smirk.

“So what the fuck are you doing here?” Kyungsoo glowers at Jongdae across him who snags a cupcake in a box and takes a bite of it. His eyes are glinting with hidden agenda and Kyungsoo doesn’t like the looks of it.

“Chanyeol told me there would be a meet-up, right Yeol?” Jongdae nudges the tall man beside him on the ribs and Chanyeol shrugs with equally glinting smile. “And I want to see you. Aren’t you happy to see me? Don’t you miss me Kyungiepoo?”

“Don’t call me that.” Kyungsoo gets up, glaring and ready to leave. “I’m leaving.”

“Yah, where do you think you’re going? We just arrived. How impolite of you,” Jongdae grumbles, brushing off the crumbs off the table, frowning, but not entirely mad at all.

“Home,” Kyungsoo says as if it’s the obvious thing in the world. “Where else?”

“Home?” Jongdae scoffs at him. “How about an early drink coz my cousin’s going to leave you in a few days right?” His grin screams I know about it and Kyungsoo nearly combusts because Jongdae knows too much, but of course, Jongin would mention it to his cousin about his plans on moving places.

Kyungsoo glares at Jongdae and gets back to his seat in resignation, sighing. “No need for drinks. So say it. I know you have something to say.”

Jongdae nods triumphantly and takes another cupcake with Chanyeol. “So my baby cousin still hasn’t confessed to you?”

“He doesn’t like me that way!” comes Kyungsoo’s easy reply.

“Do you?” Chanyeol questions nonchalantly, a cupcake in hand and stuffing it in his mouth.

Kyungsoo sighs in defeat. He wants to scream at his friends and tell them how mess up his feelings are. “So you went here just to put more salt into my wounds?”

“Figuratively, yes, to slap some sense on you.”

“I’m sensible enough.”

“Sensible enough to realize your feelings for Jongin?” Chanyeol asks casually.

“Do you really think I like him that way?”

“Of course you are! You’re just in denial,” Jongdae snorts and furrows his brows. “That’s the obvious thing you can’t even see? Seriously?”

Defeated, again, Kyungsoo’s shoulders slump and his eyes tells something that Jongdae can just read well—it’s the truth. “So what the fuck should I do?”

“I thought you’re sensible enough?” Chanyeol brushes off the crumbs on his collar and wipes his upper lip smeared with blue icing. “You should know by now what to do.”

There’s a loud thunk coming from Kyungsoo as he slammed his hands on the table. “But I can’t stop him from doing what he wants!” All his pent up feelings these past few days are surfacing.

All eyes are on Kyungsoo. Chanyeol gives his customers apologetic smiles and bows.

“Tone down your voice Soo. I know you’re stressed about this whole Jongin-moving-out-in-my-life—“
“I don’t want him to move out in my life—fuck!“ And Kyungsoo just said it.

“We know, we know, just fucking calm down Satan,” Jongdae chastises and Kyungsoo hunches his shoulders and slumps on his plush seat, again.

“You like him,” Chanyeol says coolly and it’s irritating Kyungsoo because how can just Chanyeol be so nonchalant about saying it? But of course, this is all about Kyungsoo and it’s so obvious, but he’s in denial.

Kyungsoo gives him a stern look, but still not admitting his feelings for Jongin. He gives Jongdae a hard look and says, “I can’t stop him if he wants to live with his b-bestfriend. It’s his bestfriend we’re talking about here. Someone who has witnessed half of his life. Someone who isn’t me, someone whom he can be comfortable with unlike me.”

“So you won’t do anything to stop him then?” Jongdae challenges him. “Because you think he’s better off with his bestfriend?”

And that’s it. Kyungsoo had enough of this.

“You know what? I actually don’t want to talk about this.” Kyungsoo gets up and throws his sling bag over his shoulder. “I just went here to deliver the cupcakes, not to talk about this. I should take my leave.” Then he rushes out, his name being called by Jongdae falls deaf on his ears.

“Yah! We just arrived! Kyungsoo! Kyungsoo!”

The glass doors close.

i’m not sorry kyungsoo. I kno hw much u want jongin to stay w/ u. i’m ur friend and u’re not actually hard 2 read. -KJD

Monday has been all about baking and meeting up with customers. Some of Jongin’s co-workers have ordered boxes from him, so Kyungsoo went to the bank where Jongin works to deliver the orders. It’s not his first time to take a visit there. Even the bank manager has taken a liking on his baked goods since then. More than that, seeing Jongin at work makes him feel giddy and tingly down to his toes.

That day, they went home together, walking side by side, fingers brushing, laughter and smile caging them to their own world.

Golden leaves fall along the way and gets caught in Kyungsoo’s inky black hair. Jongin’s fingers brushing his hair sent quivers down his spine as he removes the lone maple leaf off his hair. Jongin’s solemn face is a good distraction, a dangerous one, but Kyungsoo is trapped on staring at him for too long.

Jongin’s beauty can be compared by the golden browns of leaves hanging on trees, along the pathways, in the beautiful autumn air. He blends in perfectly, like a walking autumn fairy. Kyungsoo is enchanted.

Tuesday night and rented DVDs scatter the center table. They are on their second movie, some sci-fi film that they find hard to comprehend, but still trying to finish in hopes they can fully understand its plot. But in the midst of the movie where some aliens are attacking earth, one of them decides to speak.

“I’m not done packing my stuff,” Jongin tells while staring at the movie boringly.

“Do you need my help?” Kyungsoo asks and places the empty bowl of popcorn on the table.


Kyungsoo hums in response and checks the remaining DVDs instead to look for a great movie they should see next. The sci-fi movie playing on TV is boring and too dragging.

“Will you miss me, hyung?” hoarsely, Jongin asks. It’s a question Kyungsoo wants to avoid, but it’s there and he feels like the question has shackled him to the bone.

“Yes,” Kyungsoo says truthfully. More than you’ll ever know. He thinks, but doesn’t say aloud.
Finally, Jongin turns to look at him and Kyungsoo holds onto his gaze, locking his with Jongin’s earnest ones. Times like this when Kyungsoo’s mind turns blank and all his rationality creeps out of the window to be replaced with stiff muscles and malfunctioning mind. Jongin’s lips looks tempting to touch.

“I’ll miss you too, hyung.”

“Yeah,” Kyungsoo says instead and the look on Jongin’s face makes Kyungsoo want to rush to the bathroom and splash water on his face, because was that an expression of hurt Jongin just showed to him? Or was he just becoming too assuming?

Small smiles exchanged, silence reigns, and after the tiresome sci-fi movie, Jongin goes to his room to start packing, leaving Kyungsoo with thoughts of remorse and yearning.
Damn rationality where did you go?

Time is not in Kyungsoo’s hands.

Jongin and Kyungsoo have breakfast together in utter silence, although, maybe or maybe Kyungsoo’s just seeing it differently, but he has caught Jongin glancing a few times at him, while eating Jongin’s favourite chicken drumstick, he prepared for the younger man for the last time.

They might have been talking, but only when it’s needed, like asking for water and ketchup. Though, at some point, Jongin mentioned that he’ll miss Kyungsoo’s cooking and sadness fits perfectly at the pit of Kyungsoo’s stomach with thoughts of I’ll miss cooking for you too and I’ll miss eating with you. Damn, why can’t he just say these words right at Jongin’s face?

Time ticks too fast for Kyungsoo and he’s very tempted to grab all the clocks in the house to adjust time backwards. And if only that could magically turn back time, he would have done so by now, but time can be an enemy at times and now is one of those days.

Kyungsoo is pacing back and forth in his room, frustrated and unsure on what to do. What ifs are running in his mind like ants swarming over, making his brain exhausted. The hands on the clock mock him whenever he looks up on his wall. Dread surfaces in his chest and a wave of memories he has shared with Jongin blooms inside his head like flowers blooming in spring and, indeed, Jongin has been the spring in Kyungsoo’s life for he has made his dull life bloom with colourful and lively memories.

That only tells something. And Kyungsoo has to sort out his shit and make an immediate action.

And what a perfect timing when there’s a honk of a car’s horn, signifying Taemin’s early arrival. Kyungsoo rushes out of his room. Time to take action.

“Jongin,” Kyungsoo calls desperately. Jongin has his bags near the front door, ready to step out of Kyungsoo’s life, rather house. Jongin gives him a weary look, the dark bags under his eyes has become prominent. And why are his eyes red? Did he cry?

“D-Do you need help with your bags?” Kyungsoo offers dumbly.

Jongin shakes his head and turns his back from Kyungsoo. “I’m done with them,” a quiet mumble. “I can manage.” He opens the door.

“Fuck,” Kyungsoo grumbles and chases Jongin, grabbing his elbow to stop him from going. “Jongin.”

There’s no response. Kyungsoo’s hands are getting sweaty and cold.

“Can’t I stop you from going?”

Jongin doesn’t say a word and it irks Kyungsoo. It riles him up to the point of impatience he did something careless for the first time, but in his control, dragging Jongin closer to him and kissing him. A press of lips to lips, innocent chaste kiss, because he’s bad with words alone.

“Is that enough explanation? Or do you want more?” Kyungsoo breathlessly asks, arms still looped around Jongin’s neck. Their breaths mingling, nose touching. Jongin’s eyes are the size of the moon. A dust of pink lingering on his bronze cheeks.

“Oh!” Taemin stands at the doorway, witnessing what had just transpired, a huge grin drawing his lips. “I get it. Gotta go now.” And he dashes out the driveway with his car that neither Jongin nor Kyungsoo cares about at the moment.

Again, another press of lips to lips, this time, initiated by Jongin. “I-I’ve been dying to do that to you,” he breathes. “With you.”

Kyungsoo’s cheeks are equally pinkish as Jongin’s. “If you stay, you can have more of it,” Kyungsoo reassures, seriously, stern eyes directed at Jongin’s irises. “You can have more of me.”

“Hyung,” Jongin calls dearly and apparently, he’s just as equally bad with words too like Kyungsoo. So he holds the shorter male around the waist before slotting their lips together for the third time that day.
But they will have more of it, more than that along the way.

Later on, Kyungsoo and Jongin check their phones and read a message from Jongdae.

I told ya so, he lyks u ^.^ happy fucking domestic loversz =D -KJD

Maybe Jongdae isn’t Satan at all.


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Date: 2016-09-26 03:15 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] kaisooxxx.livejournal.com
i love jealous soo too!! i didn't even think there's an angst but hahaha thank you since now i know i can break hearts too??? lol but thank you for reading this fic! i'm glad you did!

Date: 2016-09-25 03:47 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ad-rianna.livejournal.com
THIS. IS. MY. PROMPT o(≧o≦)o

Literally having rollercoaster feeling while reading this because I'm sooo scared that kyungsoo will let jongin leaves before confessing his feeling but the ending turns out to be great! Taemin and jongdae and others are such a good friends and I'm super happy! XD

Thank you for writing this ❤

Date: 2016-09-26 03:17 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] kaisooxxx.livejournal.com
omgg you're the prompter! sorry if i wasn't able to meet your expectations bc i just write this in one go and this was the output. i'm happy you had the rollercoaster feeling tho and thank you for reading this though i really think this is not the story you're expecting //hides away//

but thank you for submitting the prompt!


Date: 2016-09-25 07:32 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)


Date: 2016-09-26 03:18 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] kaisooxxx.livejournal.com
hahaha i can feel your enthusiasm and i thank you for that! thank you for reading this and for having such a rollercoaster ride for this one!

Date: 2016-09-26 05:53 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] pubudika gunasekara (from livejournal.com)
Ohmagawd this is too cute and too emotional..my heartu. Jongin is soo precious i just wanna give him a great big hug. Bless kaisoo. Bless everything. This made my life good. Thank you author nim

Date: 2016-09-26 12:33 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] kaisooxxx.livejournal.com
aww thank you so much for that lovely comment! thank you for reading and giving this time!

Date: 2016-10-13 08:25 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
So cute thank you ❤️

Date: 2016-10-15 09:56 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] kaisooxxx.livejournal.com
thanks for reading!!

Date: 2016-10-15 12:37 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lashy337.livejournal.com

Date: 2016-12-04 03:25 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] kaisooxxx.livejournal.com
there will be no sequel :((( but thanks for reading!!

Date: 2016-11-25 04:14 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] linnafishing.livejournal.com
I loved it omfg srsly i'm crying cuz the cuteness snjals

Date: 2016-12-04 03:25 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] kaisooxxx.livejournal.com
someone is still commenting omggg thank you for reading!!!

Date: 2016-12-19 10:48 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] xxstephmn.livejournal.com

Kyungsoo’s cheeks are equally pinkish as Jongin’s. “If you stay, you can have more of it,” Kyungsoo reassures, seriously, stern eyes directed at Jongin’s irises. “You can have more of me.”

awww... type like kyungsoo one hahaha


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