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Prompt : # 2
Title : A Distance Beyond Dreams
Pairing : Luhan/Xiumin
Rating : PG
Warning : Mention of cancer and a impending death of a loved one
Word count : 6,008
Summary : Luhan and Xiumin look at photos and recall their journey throughout life with each other.
Author’s note : My first EXO fanfic! I’m still pretty inexperienced in writing so I know some parts in the story aren’t up to par to what I wanted to do, but I tried my very best and I hope you will like it! Just a warning! There’s going to be some horrible puns in here! haha. The prompt is so flexible and fun to write about because it gave me a lot of ideas to explore. I only have done the first part of my story so when you finish reading part part 1, please come to my LJ account and look forward for the rest of the story (which is still being written)! A slight note for formatting. Quotation marks are regular dialogue but if something is ‘ and ‘ that means someone is speaking in his mind (it’s his thoughts). Also, thanks to the Mods for setting up the event!I can’t wait to read everybody’s works! :)

Xiumin decided to do some cleaning around the house; it seemed appropriate since his grandchildren were coming over for the day. However, there was not much to do. He and Luhan by nature are very tidy people who constantly clean on a daily basis. It was also a lot easier now since their son had given them a clean bot. It would be a lot easier to let the clean bots do the work, but to Xiumin, the act of cleaning and putting everything in the right place and in the right order seems so satisfying, almost soothing. He was just sorting out the drawer when he came across a photo album with a thin layer of dust revealing that it hasn’t been touched in a few years.

Oh that photo album, thought Xiumin. He picked up the little pink photo album with its cover title “Love so Life” and its little inscription underneath, “to capture every moment of life.” It is something sweet, so sickening sweet that it makes him gag, but he knew that Luhan secretly enjoys these cheesy cute things. That’s why he gave Xiumin this for his birthday even though Luhan claimed that it was so that Xiumin could put events of their life together and forever engrave it to their memories. But both of them knew the truth, since it wasn’t just for that. So much for Luhan’s “manliness.” Xiumin smiled as memories started floating back.

“Honey, come here. I found something interesting.”

“What’s up? What did you find?” Luhan tried to hurry the air elevator to reach Xiumin when the little pink book caught his eye. “Oh that cutesy…um I mean, our life album! I haven’t seen that in ages.”

“Yeah we should add more pictures.” Xiumin fondly touched the front cover picture of them holding hands. It was one of their sweetest moment, forever engraved into his memories; the first time Luhan confessed his…”

“The first picture is one of my favorites.” Luhan suddenly flipped the cover over to the front. It was a picture of them changing an old soccer ball.

“You mean the time when you still couldn’t aim?”

“Hey! I’m sorry, but I meant to do that. Also, you have to admit that it was one of the most unique first meetings right?”

Luhan couldn’t wait to play, with his brand new Nike Ordem Ciento soccer ball. Uncle Tao always came home loaded with presents. This year, for his biannual visits, he brought home for Mama Suho the ultimate Gucci Soho Leather Clutch Bag making Baba Kris almost faint in exasperation.

Anyways, Luhan scored a new soccer ball, and while Mama and Baba were too busy taking care of Uncle, he snuck out to the park. He had big dreams to be a professional soccer player one day. He wanted to run like if he was flying across the field with the other players, quickly dodging! zig zagging! now ready to shoot….Luhan aimed for a gap between two crooked trees that were planted so close that they leaned away from each other.

Why is there a lump between the gap? It seemed weird but in the rush of the excitement, he kicked anyways.

What issued was a loud shriek as the ball landed perfectly onto the “lump” knocking it over.

Luhan hurriedly ran over to the trees to retrieve the ball…and see what the mysterious lump is.

Turns out that the mysterious “lump” was a little boy about Luhan’s age. Knocked over, he was sprawled on the ground, tears dangerously close to spilling. Luhan ran to the ball, now satisfied with knowing what the lump was. He was about to kick the ball away when he spoke.

“Aren’t cha gonna say sorry?!”
He seemed angry. Angry and pained, he stood up and huffed toward Luhan, semi-shouting “Or even asking are you okay?! You just kicked me in the head with a…” The little boy’s eyes suddenly gleamed. “Is that a Nike Ordem Ciento?”

“Yeah, it even has Cristiano Ronaldo’s signature on it.”

“Can I play with it? Can I play with you?

It seemed that the little boy’s anger was forgotten as both were absorbed into the sport’s thrill and excitement. Luhan came to learn a little bit about the boy; his name is Xiumin and he is the same age as Luhan, six to be exact. And both of their favorite thing was soccer.

“I can’t believe a pesky little kid wooed me with a Nike Ordem Ciento. You still never apologized for that kick.”

“You know you couldn’t resist me. I kicked the ball at you because, you know, you were my GOAL” Luhan smirked and raised his eyebrow.

“Oh gosh, you’re disgusting.”

“You know the truth.”

Xiumin pushed him to the ground, “actually, this is one of my favorites” showing Luhan a picture of Luhan’s face smacked into a birthday cake. “Chen and Baekhyun are really my favorite people in the world.”

“Mom, Xiumin’s here”

“Hi Xiumin, I’m glad you can make it to Luhan’s birthday party today. He’s so excited that you can come.”

Over the summer and during the new school year, Luhan and Xiumin had increasingly gotten closer, inseparable really. They mostly bonded over soccer and the inescapable temptation of mischief that sent them into tons of trouble, at home and at school. They were partners in crime to bring boredom to justice, whether it is by hammering nails into walls to replicate rock climbing or by creating paper airplanes from a pile of corrected papers on the teacher’s desk.

Now Xiumin is at Luhan’s first birthday party to celebrate Luhan’s 7th birthday. It was supposed to be “the greatest party of Xiumin’s life” as Luhan called it, but all Xiumin saw was a bunch of board games and their friends Chen and Baekhyun.

Chen and Baekhyun were a fun pair. They, unlike Xuimin and Luhan, were outgoing and well-known among the other students and teachers. However, even though their personalities contrasted Luhan and Xiumin’s own introverted ones, they shared the same idea of mischief. Together, the final four brought teachers and parents trouble to no end.

Chen was the spunky one; he’s the one who’s quick wit usually got the group out of trouble, by humoring the teacher. Baekhyun, on the other hand, was the goofy one; he’s the person who gets anyone associated with him in trouble. However, his cheerful and friendly nature made him likable among his peers.

So, it wasn’t much of a surprise when Baekhyun and Chen brought Xuimin into a deep discussion while Luhan went to the restroom about giving Luhan an extra birthday surprise. Apparently, it was Baekhyun’s idea.

“Guys, I brought Luhan a lame present.”

“What did you get him?”



“Ew, why did you get him that?”

“Hey,! Look it’s because my mom thought a shirt with a fire truck on it is something what “cool boys” do.”

“Has she been listening to NCT or something recently?”

“Huh? What?”

“Nevermind, what are you going to do about it?”

“Yeah, why are we huddling and talking like if we’re going to do something bad?”

“Look guys!” sighed Baekhyun dramatically, “we got to do something to make up for that lame present.”

“Why is this ‘we’?” countered Chen. “It’s your present”

“Please. Please with a cherry on top!”

“Argh. What’s your plan?” said Xuimin curtly; he really didn’t like people who whined, which unfortunately Baekhyun did a lot.

“Okay, so basically…” Baekhyun informed them of the plan and with Chen and Xiumin’s help, the plan was perfected. “Alright! so everything’s good.”

Xuimin thought about it for a moment. “What about the candles?”

“They should have been blown out before then.”

The answer satisfied Xiumin and everyone made a final agreement to the plan when Luhan appeared.

“What are you guys doing?”

“Oh Luhan, what took you so long?” replied Baekhyun ignoring Luhan’s question. “Did you poop?” and the other boys burst into laughter.

“Pssst Xiumin, we have to change our plans a little,” Baekhyun interrupted Xiumin singing. It was time for the birthday cake and everyone was singing the birthday song as Luhan sat in front of the chocolate cake. Luhan’s eyes were as big as that cake thought Xiumin. Luhan was delighted beyond excitement since it’s the first time he ever got an ice cream cake; he couldn’t wait to see what his two favorite things put together would be like!


“Chen says that once the adults take out the knife to cut the cake, it’ll be too dangerous. Luann’s face might be cut.”

“Are we gonna stop the plans?” Xiumin for some reason felt a bit relieved.

“Of course not, we’re going to do it while he makes a wish; it’ll be perfect! He’ll be totally caught unprepared. Now hurry!”

Xiumin’s stomach knotted. “But wait, the candles!”

But Baekhyun was already gone.

This was the moment, Luhan could finally make a wish. He wondered what he should wish for….maybe to be able to get on the school’s soccer team.

“SURPRISE!” Luhan’s eyes flickered opened. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”

Luhan felt his head rudely pushed towards the cake. ‘The candles!’ screamed Luhan internally as he wished that one breath could blow out the candles as his face smashed into the cake.

“Oh, Luhan stop with the sad puppy face.”

“That wasn’t the birthday present I wanted. I actually liked the shirt Baekhyun got for me.”

“Oh come on, you actually pretty much blew out all the candles before you fell into the cake.”

“Fell! Excuse me, more like I was pushed. And, I did get burned,” Luhan exclaimed pointing to his right cheek; there was a small mark, but one could hardly see it unless Luhan pointed it out.

“Whatever. Hey, look at this one! Doesn’t that remind you of a lot of things?”

It was a picture of two dark silhouettes on the grass slightly illuminated by the twinkling stars in the sky.

“You know, I believe in the dark void, every dream creates a star that shines as bright as the wish for the dream to come true.”

It was a perfect night; all the stars were flickering against the black emptiness. ‘It was the perfect time to test out the new digits camera, the one that doesn’t need film.’ thought Lay in curiosity. “Technology moves so fast. Next few years I bet DVDs are going to take over VCRs’ chuckled Yixing to himself. He looked into the backyard to find a good place to take pictures and spotted two figures lying close to each other on the grass. “Xiumin had invited Luhan over again?” he muttered quietly out loud.

“Yes, Luhan seems to come over very often” replied Kai, overhearing him.
“Well, I’m glad Xiumin is able to find a close to keep him company. I was worried for him since he’s the quiet type.” ‘They are the perfect models to take a picture with” thought Yixing as he positioned the camera…-snap-

“Hey Xiumin, what exactly are we doing?

Xiumin and Luhan were lying on the grass for the past half hour staring at the stars in the sky.

“We gotta stay here until we see a shooting star and make a wish! If you make a wish on a shooting star, your wish will come true!”

“Really? How do you know that?”

“I saw it on T.V., in a movie, yesterday.”

“Cool. Which movie?”

“Um…” It was one of those adult lovey dovey movies that Daddy Yixing forces Papa Kai to watch with him. Xiumin never intended to watch the movie with his parents but the shooting star scene really got to him, and he ended up watching the rest with them. He had to admit that romantic movies weren’t that bad. Of course, he’ll never admit that to Luhan….

“It’s just a random one I saw. I don’t even know its name.” That was the truth at least.

They stared at the sky a bit longer.

“So…we’re going to wait until a shooting star comes? But that could be ages!” I don’t wanna stay until I’m old and gray,” whined Luhan. He was feeling bored and tired; he didn’t expect to come over for this.

“Oh come on! You won’t be old until a loooong time later. By the way, Luhan,” Xiumin tried to change the conversation to distract Luhan, “what do you want to be when you grow up?”

“A soccer player duh, stupid.”

“What! No you’re stupider.”

“You’re stupidest”

“You’re stupider that the stupidest.”

“You’re stupid times infinity.”

“You’re stupid times infinity and beyond.”

“You’re more stupid than the Universe.”

“That can’t beat infinity and beyond.”

“Well…well…I bet you don’t even know what I want to be when I grow up.”

“A soccer player. I’m not stupid like someone here.”

He was right of course. Xiumin had to admit defeat this time.

“Do you think we’ll actually be able to become soccer players?”

“Of course we can. We’re going to train every day and be the best soccer players out there. Just you wait!”

Xiumin felt really reassured by Luhan’s statements. It really seemed like Luhan was able to cast Xiumin’s fears away and bring out the hope and courage that’s inside. He was just going to ask another question they both saw it. A gleaming white trail that fell from the sky. A shooting star.

“Hurry, make a wish!”

“Don’t say it or it won’t come true!”

Xiumin glanced at Luhan. His face was beaming just like Xiumin’s own. The sight of the shooting star was enchanting, something curiously delightful. ‘Luhan’s probably wishing something about being a soccer player or something,’ though tXiumin. ‘But for me, I just wish to be forever with you, my best friend.’ His fingers brushed the edge of Luhan’s own fingers.

“You wanted to hold my hand back then didn’t you,” teased Luhan.

“Oh shush. Yes I did, but as a friend. You really gave me hope back then.”

“Aww,” Luhan reached up to snuggle Xiumin in his arms. “You know, you can be so sweet sometimes.”

“I’m always am. Look at the next picture, that’s a sad one.”

It was a picture of Luhan and Xiumin next to a white moving van. They were both a bit bruised and beat and their eyes were red from crying, but they were giving each other big smiles to hide the sadness.

“Luhan why is everything put away in boxes? And why do you have a big truck outside your house?”

It was the summer after 5th grade, the transition period between the next stage in life after elementary school, and Luhan and Xiumin have been enjoying life to the fullest playing together all the time…until now.

Xiumin didn’t notice anything at first; Luhan’s house seemed calm and peaceful with all the flowers blooming in that summer’s glow. He even carelessly noted the giant truck parked right outside the house without a second thought to why it was there. However, it was strange when Xiumin’s parents both went into Luhan’s house instead of just simply dropping him off, and it was even stranger to see the piles and piles of boxes in the house with everything in the house in it.

While the adults talked, Luhan pulled Xiumin into his room. They went to play with Luhan’s superhero action figures, but Luhan seemed so out of it. It prompted Xiumin to ask what was on his mind, about the boxes, the truck and why the house seemed so vacant.

Luhan looked at Xiumin with tears that were beginning to form, “Baba Suho found another job and we’re moving tomorrow.”

Luhan words hit like a bullet into Xiumin’s head. It all made sense, the boxes, the truck, the emptiness. But Xiumin still couldn’t register that Luhan was leaving. He faced Luhan directly in the eye. “Is it true? You’re leaving?”

“Yes, now get away from me.”

“Why? You’re leaving and now you don’t even want to talk to me?”

Luhan pushed Xiumin away angrily, getting up to go out of his room. Xiumin, feeling sad and angry himself, pulled Luhan back. “Why are you so angry, just talk to me!”

This was the starting of a fight, a fist fight between the two; it was full of punches and kicks caused by the despair of cruel and unexpected separation. Drawn by the yells of the boys, the parents rushed to Luahn’s room to see what’s going on.

Kris was the one to break the fight, calmly pushing the two apart. “Stop it you two!”
Xiumin rushed to Papa Kai, crying.

“Dear, dear. Look Minseok, I know you’re sad about Luhan leaving, but I know this won’t be the last time you’ll be seeing him. Do you really want to end this like this? You possibly won’t see him for a long time, and you don’t want your memories of him to be like this right?”

Xiumin shook his head in understanding. He left Papa Kai to approach Luhan who was in Mama Suho’s arms.

“Lu…Luhan…I’m sorry for hitting you. I’m just sad that you’re leaving.”

“With tear stained eyes, Luhan looked up at Xiumin, “Me too. I don’t want to leave you.”

They hugged like if there was no tomorrow and for them, it felt like so; the fear of their older half being vacant was great.

“Oh, I forgot. This is for you.” Luhan reached into his pocket and pulled a necklace with a silver shooting star-shaped charm. “This is something to remember me by, and of our dreams.”

“That necklaces did remind me of our dreams even if time has changed our goals to different one.”

“Yes, it has,” Luhan gave Xiumin a quick kiss on the check. “You know, “ he pointed to the next picture of Xiumin with bright orangish brown hair, a black collared blouse with silver markings on one side, mundane blue shorts, and black and white converses with thick ankle gray socks. He had his back turned to the camera walking into the crowd of students, swinging his bright mustard yellow backpack. “10th grade was the time when you had ridiculous fashion sense. I guess this is what happens when I’m gone. I bet you’re glad I’m back to set you straight.”

“Oh shut up.”

Luhan walked through the doors of Redwood High on the first day of school more nervous than anything else. He’s finally back. Back to the place where old memories were kept. Ba Kris found another, more stable, job back here, and now Luhan’s back.

It certainly felt weird to be back. Luhan also felt a pang of sadness as he was leaving his other friends back in the other town. ‘Separation must be one of the most painful things in life,” Luhan mused as he walked down the hallway of unfamiliar people. However, this time, he made sure to keep in contact with his friends by exchanging phone numbers and adding each other on Myspace.

Before Luhan moved, Xiumin and Luhan did exchange home phone numbers and promised to email each other when they got emails. They did talk to each other a lot in the beginning, but time and distance did take a toll; inevitably, the phone calls became fewer until it became nonexistent. Luhan didn’t even tell Xiumin that he came back.

‘Maybe that’s why I’m nervous,’ he thought. ‘I want and don’t want to meet my old friends. I wonder if they even remember me.’ Luhan turned a corner to the hallway leading to his first class when he saw him.

It must be Xiumin. Even though that person was wearing such a horrid, distasteful outfit and his back was turned towards Luhan, Luhan couldn’t mistake the sortie to be Xiumin. Senses were overriding Luhan’s nerves with excitement and nervous anticipation of meeting his good old friend when someone else approached.


Luhan jumped in surprise at the sound of the camera shutter.

“I didn’t expect you to come back. And when you did come back, all you do is to stare at him. Please tell me you believe Xiumin’s fashion is as hideous as I believe it is.”

“Baekhyun! Hey man. It’s good to see you!”

“Same! dude, when did you come back? You’re staying right? Hey Xiumin! Come here and see who came back!”

“Luhan!!!” Xiumin practically jumped on Luhan. “I can’t believe you’re here! You’re staying right? I’m so glad you’re here. I missed you so much!”

Once Xiumin finally let Luhan talk, Luhan told them about his dad’s new job, resulting for him to come back. Baekhyun and Xiumin filled him in about the things back here. Baekhyun now had a great interest in photography and was thinking about making it his career. Xiumin told him all about the school’s soccer team: it was the district’s best, and he urged Luhan to hurry and join so they can play together. They also mentioned that Chen was probably in choir right now; practice was in the early morning. Looking at his friends’ excited faces, Luhan couldn’t help but smile. It seemed that even though years had spirited them apart, some friendships couldn’t be that easily broken.

“You know Xiumin,” Luhan looked at Xiumin directly in the eyes. “Thanks for not forgetting me, it meant a lot to me at that time.

Xiumin snuggled closer to Luhan.

“Yeah who could forget…”

“Hey!” Luhan pointed to the first picture on the next page. “Who put that there?!”

Xiumin laughed upon seeing the picture making Luhan glare at him in suspicion. “Oh dear, don’t be jealous. That was son long ago. It was probably Chen who put it here himself.”

It was a picture that Baekhyun took of Chen and Xiumin. They were both sitting on a table looking at each other with a loving glance. Chen looked at Xiumin with a playful smirk while Xiumin’s wide smile seemed to light up the whole atmosphere in the photo.

Luhan’s friends filled him in with a lot of stuff that had changed in the past four years, but no one told him about Xiumin and Chen’s special relationship.

It wasn’t until the obvious secret glances, the hugs, the tentative hand-holding, and the countless times when Luhan spotted the two alone before Luahn realized something was different about the two, and he went to ask Baekhyun about it.

“Hey Baek, you don’t think…you know, Xiumin and Chen like each other?”

“What do you mean of course…”

“I mean, do they like, like like each other?”

“Oh of course not.”

“Really? They seem really close…”

“Nope, not close at all. They only snog each other when no one’s looking.”


Baekhyun roared with laughter at Luhan’s dumbfounded’s face. “Yes, they’re in a relationship. I can’t believe Xiumin and Chen never told you. Actually, I can’t believe you just figured it out. Dude, it’s almost been a year, and they’ve been together before you even came back.”

“The news didn’t bother Luhan much at first. After all, Xiumin and Chen were still good friends. It just felt sort of weird to Luhan that Xiumin didn’t hang out with him as much anymore like the old times.

“Hey Xiumin, want to come over to my house tonight and watch the stars?” It was Friday after school, and after that horrible math test, Luhan just wanted to chill and relax. “We might even see a shooting star! It’ll be just like the good old times.”

“Actually…” Luhan crossed his fingers hoping Xiumin would say yes. It seemed to Luhan that they hardly hanged out anymore.

“Chen! I’m coming!” Turning to Luhan, “I’m sorry Luhan, Chen and I already planned to go to the movies to watch ‘The Galaxy’ tonight. Next time okay buddy?”

“Okay…” Luhan could hear the disappointment in his voice as Xiumin ran over to Chen without waiting for a reply, tackling the latter with a warm embrace. Luhan felt really weird to understand that he now was not the closest person to Xiumin. “Life is not exactly the same anymore,” murmured Luhan softly to himself.

“Well, I really like how the things are now,” Xiumin murmured to Luhan laying his head on Luhan’s shoulder. He pointed to the next picture. “You know, this performance was the first time I realized that you mean something more than just a friend to me.”

It was a picture of Luhan in his high school band which he and a few other friends formed. Luhan seemed to steal the stage as he raised his head to sing his song.

Xiumin came to the school’s talent show purely to support Luhan and Chen. Otherwise, he would be home studying; he busily tried to write down some notes on his new Blackberry before the talent show started. However, like an unexplained restraining force was holding Xiumin down, he couldn’t even write a single note without thinking about Chen and what Chen meant to him.

‘Is it possible to simply fall out of love?’

It seemed that over the past months, Xiumin and Chen grew distant. They hanged out with each other less, and when they did, it was hard to find common ground to talk about.

Xiumin blamed the course life. Unthinking and unintentionally, the two with different interests, decided to walk different paths in life. Chen got accepted to the prestigious Modern Music College, and Xiumin, who’s quite good at studying got accepted to a well known University, undeclared as he still didn’t know what he wanted to be.

Nevertheless, as time inevitably was heading toward the end of high school, separation was inevitable. ‘Are we able to last in a long distance relationship?’ pondered Xiumin.

The lights suddenly dimmed, announcing the start of the show. Xiumin quickly checked the show’s pamphlet, noting that Luhan was the first to go and Chen was the third.

Sure enough, Luhan appeared with his band. They started singing “Your Song.” It had a sweet melody with a catchy beat, and listening to Luhan sing, Xiumin felt his spirits rise. Even though Luhan’s voice was not a power voice; like Chen’s, his vocal’s softness and delicately sweetness soothed Xiumin’s troubled mind.

Xiumin knew that Luhan loved singing, maybe perhaps even more than his love for soccer, and to be honest, Xiumin really thought that Luhan shined the most onstage doing something that he’s passionate about.

‘But doesn’t that sound like Chen?’ mused Xiumin. ‘Why do I find them so similar…’

“Congrats Luhan! That was a fantastic performance!” Right after Luhan’s performance Xiumin immediately went backstage to find him.

“Thanks a lot. I was actually pretty nervous up there.”

“You were great! By the way, did you compose the song yourself?”

“No, but I sang it thinking of you.”

That stopped Xiumin for a second, as he felt a blush coming up to his face. “What are you…” Xiumin stuttered as Luhan’s eyes pierced into Xiumin’s own, seemingly searching for an answer.

That moment seemed like ages, and it was only until the host announced that the choir was performing when Xiumin could escape.

“I’m…I have to see Chen…sorry.”

Xiumin hurried past Luhan to leave backstage, but as he went out the door, he couldn’t help but look back at Luhan. It seemed to Xiumin that there’s something about Luhan that was different from everybody else, even different from Chen.

Xiumin left with a confused mind and heart.

“So you were in love with me even before this performance right?
“Of course why would I be singing “Our Song” for you?”

“You and your horrible puns…”

Ignoring him, Luhan pointed to the next photo. “Look! Graduation is next!”
There was a photo of the squad: Chen, Baekhyun, Luhan and Xiumin all together in their blue caps and gowns smiling wide at the camera.

“Graduation…,” Xiumin murmured softly.

Luhan noted Xiumin’s slightly sad look and wrapped Xiumin in his arms. “It was a time of change, and you grew so much from it. Your grandma would have been so proud of you.”

What Luhan remembered from graduation was all fun and games. High school was fun, but it contained too much drama and classes he didn’t want to take. He couldn’t wait to officially graduate and go to music school. It seemed he was getting closer and closer to his dream to be a musician.

The ceremony was terribly long, but Luhan had fun because he was surrounded by his friends while waiting for it to be over, playing games and cracking jokes. Someone even sneaked in a beachball in to play with. That was fun, until the administrators took it away.

After everyone got their diplomas, after all the speeches were done, and after they all threw their caps in the air, Luhan rushed out to find Baekhyun, Chen, and Xiumin.

Millions of pictures occurred after, with family, friends, classmates, and teachers. It was really fun, but it soon became exhausting. The festival feeling that sprouted throughout the Class of 2008 and the joyous event seemed eternal. Luhan noted that Xiumin seemed to have left early, and he noted that earlier that Xiumin’s parents had a sad look on their faces even though Xiumin did not.

‘I wondered what had happened?’ Luhan knew that he should really stop thinking of Xiumin, now that he knew for sure Xiumin would never think of Luhan in the way Luhan thought of him. However, a yearning love could not be easily stopped and Xiumin always seemed to be popping in his mind. ‘This is really for the best, we’re separating in our own different ways anyways,’ thought Luhan with a pang of sadness. Luhan looked at everyone he knew, Baekhyun, Chen, his teachers, and classmates. He probably won’t ever seen most of them again. ‘I guess it’s time to take the next step to becoming an adult.’

Xiumin experienced graduation pretty much the same way as Luhan did at the beginning. He felt nervous and yet excited since once he graduated, a whole new world awaited for him.

Graduation was fun, chatting with friends, and he felt proud to brandish his diploma with symbols of an honor student as he worked hard the past four years to achieve the most he could do, even though he had no idea what he should pursue I the future.

That quite worried him, ‘Will I be someone who achieved many things, but gets lost due to the burden of my accomplishments? Someone who aims high but ends up nowhere, alone, wondering, passionless’ Xiumin often pondered.

Xiumin felt exhausted since after the ceremony came hundreds of pictures; crowds and crowds of people engulfed the graduation field. He had stayed at school since rehearsals in the morning to hang out with the squad. He hurried to find Chen, Baek, and Luhan.

Luhan. It was hard to stop thinking of him once Xiumin started. However, since the day of the talent show, Xiumin poured into his studies. It was also a way to take his mind off of his disconnected relationship with Chen. Xiumin was a meticulous person who organized everything, including his life, in an orderly fashion; if something deviated Xiumin could not stand it. Academics gave Xiumin to escape his inner turmoil inside with it’s comforting monotonous repetitiveness.

‘Graduation is so merry and festive,’ Xiumin slightly noted as he took in the scenery of smiles and laughter. As his parents approached, Xiumin noticed that his parents did not share the festival mood as the others.

They joined Xiumin for a few picture, but soon pulled XIumin aside telling him that they need to leave immediately.

“But why! I wanted to stay with my friends more! Also, I might not see a lot of these people here anymore, so I want to spend a few more moments with them.”

“Please, Xiumin. It’s urgent. We need to leave now.”

Xiumin felt a little frustrated. ‘Why were they still bossing me around like a kid? I’m eighteen for goodness sake. Don’t they ever thinking of my feelings?’ However, his mom’s pleading tone to go convinced that something had happened.

In the car, Xiumin was oblivious to the worried faces of his parents and the repeated prolonged phone calls they got. He was too wrapped up in his own daydreams. After all, tonight was his night, his night when he finally began his journey to adulthood.


Xiumin suddenly noticed something strange in the passing landscape. Wait, we’re not going home?”

“Xiumin. I’m not sure how to explain this,” started Mama Yixing. “My mom, your grandma, has developed colon cancer. Today, when I went to get Grandma ready to go to your graduation, I found her asleep, very pale with heavy breathing, and an uncanny high fever. Your dad and I immediately took her to the emergency room where she was treated immediately. This occurred because of a prolonged excessive amount of blood loss. Grandma did mention once about a little blood in her stool, but I mistakenly dismissed as hemorrhoids. However, a continuous blood loss throughout a few months has weakened her body and…and now she…she has developed cancer.” Mama Yixing was in tears. “That’s why we didn’t make it to your graduation until after it was done. We…we wanted to see our wonderful son graduate, but we couldn’t…”

It was one solemn ride to the hospital.

“Grandma! I’m so glad you’re okay.” It was a few hours later and the doctored informed Xiumin and his parents that Grandma was in stable condition and was sleeping. However he grimly told them that colon cancer was a very slow issue, but surely it will devastatingly weaken Grandma, especially since Grandma was already so old. There are treatments, but it will only delay the pain, but not exactly heal.”

“Xiumin, my dear. How are you? Don’t look like that! I’m not going to die tonight! Or anytime soon.” Grandma paused with a sad little smile, “I’m sorry that I didn’t make it to your graduation. You’ll forgive me dear?”

“Of course! Xiumin clasped Grandma’s hands with his own in a firm grip. He didn’t know what to say, the fear of losing someone to the future was great, and it was full of blinding sadness.

“You know what, Xiumin,” Grandma’s voice distracted Xiumin from his thoughts. “these past few years without my husband have been happy ones. I’m glad I was able to stay with you guys as a family.”

Xiumin recalled the time when Grandpa had first died. Xiumin could feel a sorrowful aura from Grandma, but never once did Grandma lose the sweet smile she always had on. ‘She always had been so strong,’ he thought at the time. Papa Kai suggested Grandma go to the Senior Home Care Center to live so she could be surrounded with people her age and make friends. However, that idea did not go well since she refused saying “What use is a family that doesn’t stick together; we’re bonded by blood that’s thicker than water, together we must be.”


“Mom! You must not exert yourself. It’ll be bad if you get a cold.” Papa Kai rushed to Grandma’s side so snuggle her up with another blanket.

“Don’t worry, the nurses at the hospital have been so good to me; they’re wonderful people. They do things that make my pain go away, and they’re so kind to me. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.” Grandma tried to reassure the three while coughing.

Meanwhile, Xiumin got lost in his thoughts. Family? Nurses? What did those even mean to him? He looked at the nurses who were bustling around room to room carrying IV packs, talking to the doctors, and catering patients to their needs.

‘I would like to be someone who can help Grandma in times of need. I want to help people and keep families together. I…’

When Xiumin went home that day, he realized he found his path in life; he was enlightened.

to be continued…

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This was so cute! I'm wondering what will come next!~


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