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 Day 1🐬

Everyday is Fairytale (#224) | D.O/Kai | G | 2,284 words

Jongin reads their son a story.


Even When You Don’t Say a Thing (#260) | Kris/Lay | T | 5,496 words

He just wanted to sleep without the fear of nightmares haunting him. If he happens to fall in love somewhere in between, he doesn't need to say anything.


I have something to tell you (#35) | Kris/Suho | R | 4,220 words

Suho is ready to have a kid but he's too shy to say it to his alpha.

Pretty Curious (#461) | Baekhyun/Chanyeol | PG-13 | 6,724 words

Chanyeol has super talkative twins. Jongdae, the older, keeps saying that their teacher is so pretty. Chanyeol gets so curious and goes to the school to check it himself.


 🐬 Day 2🐬

Complete (#127) | Baekhyun/Chanyeol | NC-17 | 14,903 words

Someone knocks on Chanyeol’s door on Sunday morning, smelling like flowers, and it turns out the person in front of his door is his new neighbor; an unmated omega named Baekhyun from his past, and a child Baekhyun claimed as Chanyeol’s.

cherries and wine (#233) | Sehun/Suho | Explicit | 3,344 words

Sehun won't rest until he has a proper, almost-perfect, wedding night.

Music and Memories (#308) | Chanyeol/D.O | PG-13 | 4,736 words

 🐬 Day 3🐬

Best Decision I Ever Made (#277) | Kris/Suho | PG-13 | 4,501 words

Junmyeon’s last year of college doesn’t go as planned when he learns when he has to share a room with his former high school bully.


Unravel (SP #2) | Baekhyun/Chanyeol | NC-17 | 2,365 words

Baekhyun wove threads that Chanyeol unraveled.


You Are The One (#114) | Suho/Xiumin | G | 2,450+ words

Joonmyun didn’t have to look faraway to find the one.


how we spoon like no one else (#172) | Baekhyun/Chanyeol/Chen/D.O | G | 2,676 words

if there's one thing all of kyungsoo's boyfriends agree on, it's that weekends are for cuddling.


🐬 Day 4🐬

Like A Maze (There’s No Exit) (#134) | Chanyeol/Sehun | PG-15 | 8,400+ words

Sehun doesn’t want to room alone, after all.

Croquembouche (#321) | D.O/Kai | PG-13 | 9,200+ words


Kyungsoo believes in Jongin as his best friend and dreaming secretly for him to be his lover. Jongin makes his dream come true, and brings more dreams that Kyungsoo never dared to dream before.

🐬 Day 5🐬

重温旧梦 (#534) | Kris/Lay | Explicit | 4,000+ words AO3

While organizing their wardrobe, Yixing finds their wedding suits and is surprised to see that his still fits even after seven years. Later that night, him and Yifan are brought back to the day they exchanged rings.

The Third in White (#112) | Luhan/Xiumin | PG-15 | 5,000+ words

What's better than a snowstorm, a misunderstanding, and a secret to make an anniversary even more special?

All that Matters (#494) | Sehun/Tao | 8,840 words  

Zitao doesn't know if his marriage is going to forge an alliance but he hopes it will.

Glimpse (#297) | Lay/Suho | PG-13 | 6,152 words

Junmyeon didn't expect his first  day experience at his new house would be this: seeing a stranger, cooking in his kitchen, naked.

🐬 Day 6🐬

just like this (let’s be forever) (SP #1) | Chanyeol/Chen | PG-13 | 2,107 words

It’s love, Chanyeol knows it is, or rather, something close to it.

기억을 걷는 밤 (Walk On Memories) (#469) | Baekhyun/Chen | T | 13,636 words

While unpacking in their new apartment, Baekhyun finds a photo album, and he and Jongdae go through it, looking back at the highlights of their relationship.

hooked on a feeling (#502) | baekhyun/chen | G | 1,620 words

Baekhyun doesn’t really know what he’d do without Jongdae.




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