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Prompt : # 61
Title : (com)promises
Pairing : suho/d.o.
Rating : pg
Warning/s : N/A
Summary : Moving in together is not as romantic as films paint it to be.
Author’s note : This prompt is so promising but I got the worst bout of writer's block halfway through so I sadly didn't live up to what this prompt could be :-( to the mods, thank you for being patient with me even if I asked for multiple extensions and was late numerous of times!! To the prompter, thank you for leaving such a fluffy prompt! This isn't much and this is quite rushed but I hope you still like this!!!!! <3

When Junmyeon asks him to move in, the only thing on Kyungsoo's mind is: well, it's about time.

They've been together for a long time, just a few years shy of a decade. They met in college, in an early morning Basic Psychology class that Junmyeon can never wake up early enough for. On the first day of the semester, they (un)officially get introduced when Junmyeon barged in half an hour after class has started and Kyungsoo was the unfortunate guy with an empty seat beside him. He took pity on the other man and shares his notes, and Junmyeon returned the favor by buying him coffee the following day, managing to get his order right without asking (grande white mocha, no whipped cream). They became fast friends, sharing easy smiles when their eyes meet (Junmyeon transferred to a seat near the front), and usually partnering up for dyad work. Pretty soon they also started sharing bits about themselves aside from notes, and going to coffee runs together, and they began to spend time with each other outside their cold lecture hall, too. They often studied together at the library or at a café, watching an occasional movie when they're both free, or just grabbing lunch together no matter the day, Junmyeon rocking on his heels as he waits for Kyungsoo's music theory class to finish so they can go to the sushi place nearby. And somewhere along the way, platonic hangouts turned into dates, friendly smiles became fonder, and whenever their skin brushed against each other, it sent sparks that were never there before. Junmyeon's gentle gaze started lingering a beat too long to be casual, and the mere sight of Junmyeon filled Kyungsoo's stomach with unexplainable warmth. He met almost all of Junmyeon's friends, and the first time he joined them for lunch he was surprised that everyone knows his name—that is, until he saw Junmyeon's extremely pink ears, the way Jongdae very helpfully nudged the latter every now and then, and how everyone seemed to watch the two of them with adoration, and he knew.

Junmyeon is the one who made things official, because while Kyungsoo is straightforward and blunt, his words always seem to die in his throat around Junmyeon. On Valentine's Day, he made Kyungsoo a red velvet cake slathered quite messily with cream cheese frosting, the top covered with sprinkles and chocolate powder. It's surprisingly good, and they eat the entire thing together as they lounge on a fluffy blanket in the small balcony of Junmyeon's apartment, watching Disney movies in Junmyeon's laptop. Junmyeon frowned as Kyungsoo swallowed the last of his cake easily, seemingly perplexed at something as he pokes at his share. "I could've sworn I put it there," The latter mumbled, forking a huge bite of cake in his mouth, and Kyungsoo was just about to ask what exactly did he put when he hears a loud clack resonating in the quiet night. Junmyeon's eyes widened, and to Kyungsoo's surprise, he gingerly fished out a silver ring from between his teeth. Turns out Junmyeon hid a promise ring for him in the cake, but he accidentally gave Kyungsoo the side without it, singlehandedly ruining his own surprise. Kyungsoo laughed and pulled him into a hug, assuring him that he still loved the surprise and that he'd still wear it (but after they wash it first), and even Junmyeon's disgruntlement couldn't hide how happy he was at the sight of their hands linked, twin silver bands sparkling in the soft moonlight.

Being in a relationship with Junmyeon isn't a fairytale. It's not a perfect ride perpetually filled with rainbows and sparkles, and they have their fair share of fights, too. But being with Junmyeon is like curling up under a blanket and sleeping in during a storm, like eating comfort food after a long, tiring week, like spending a free afternoon reading in a café. Being with Junmyeon brings him quiet contentment, fills him with warmth that is comforting but not stifling, makes everything brighter but not blinding. They easily fall into a comfortable sort of routine, pieces falling into place just as easily as they became friends, as easily as they fell in love. And even if some people love more loudly, some love more grandly, some love with more fire than them, they are content with their quiet, happy love.

In hindsight, Kyungsoo already saw the proposal coming. After graduating college, he moved out of the dorms and got his own apartment downtown, but he still spends half of his time in Junmyeon's flat. It's nearer the small entertainment company where he works as a talent manager, and he often crashes there when he has to work late nights and early mornings. Junmyeon also does the same, but for the mundane reason that he doesn't really like being alone. Kyungsoo owns the only neat drawers in Junmyeon's entire apartment, filled with shirts and socks and even his favorite sky blue necktie, and he knows the contents of Junmyeon's kitchen cupboards by heart. Junmyeon's many skincare products take up half of Kyungsoo's medicine cabinet, and he often buys groceries for the both of them to stock in Kyungsoo's pantry because Junmyeon eats most of his meals in Kyungsoo's apartment anyway. Sharing an apartment instead is more practical rather than living in two separate (expensive) flats but always spending time together.

Unlike his Valentine's Day surprise before, however, Junmyeon's proposal lacked all the grandiosity it could hold. He brings up the idea on a random Thursday night when they were eating takeout donburi and watching Masterchef in Kyungsoo's apartment. Junmyeon's in a ratty black The Beatles shirt and his favorite blue plaid pajamas, and Kyungsoo is curled up on the other side of the couch, in his usual white shirt and dark blue gym shorts. Nothing special, just a lazy night in after a tiring day. Certainly not the best mood for a proposal.

"Hey," Junmyeon says around a mouthful of tonkatsu. "Do you want to move in with me?"

Kyungsoo slowly looks away from the TV to raise an eyebrow at him. "Excuse me? You want me to do what?"

"Move in with me," Junmyeon repeats, unfazed. "My flat's big enough for the both of us, anyway."

"Uh, what spurred this on?" Kyungsoo blinks, surprised. While they have been thinking of doing just that in the near future, he didn't know it was happening now. "Are you okay? Are you in debt or something?"

Junmyeon laughs loudly as he puts his bowl down and balances it on his lap. "Soo, I'm fine," He says, grinning. "I just realized we can save much more money if we live in one roof. Your rent's not really that cheap, but you spend most of your time in my flat. I thought, why waste the money we both spend on rent and groceries when we can just share, right? Plus your work's closer, so that cuts down your commute, too."

"Do you even have the room for me and my stuff?" Kyungsoo asks, gesturing to the many things scattered around the apartment.

"Well, obviously we have to sell some, but of course I have room for you," Junmyeon flashes him a thumbs up. "It is a two-bedroom apartment, so you can have your own room if you want and all the space that you need for your things."

"You've really made up your mind about this, haven't you?" He muses. "It's like you have answers to all my questions ready so I couldn't say no."

"Of course I thought everything through first before I brought it up. It's my idea, so I have to make sure everything's fixed so you don't have to worry about anything," The latter replies, leaning back the couch and stretching lazily. "And you can say no, of course. It was just something I thought of that actually seems okay. If you don't want to, s'cool. Whatever makes you happy, Soo."

What makes him happy, huh? Now that he really thinks about it, Junmyeon is right. It's more practical to live together, since Junmyeon's apartment is accessible to both of their jobs. Kyungsoo's rent isn't that cheap either, and having that out of his expenses can really help his finances. It's not as if they're still awkward around each other, Baekhyun even jokes that they act like a married couple all the time, about how they're so domestic and And really, they've been together for so long. It's about time they take the next step and move in together.

"Okay," Kyungsoo says, placing his bowl down as well. Junmyeon jumps at the sound of his voice, startled after turning his attention back to the TV while Kyungsoo thought things through.

"Okay?" He asks, chopsticks halfway into his mouth. "What do you mean okay?"

"As in okay, I'll move in with you," Kyungsoo repeats, and Junmyeon lights up brighter than he usually does, a huge grin spreading across his face. "When can I go?"

"We first have to fix your contract here and I have to make sure the apartment's in order, but that'll be easy. I'll ask Jongin to help," Junmyeon waves his hand dismissively. "You're serious? You're really moving in with me?"

"Yeah," He nods, and hides his smile in Junmyeon's collar as the other pulls him into an excited hug, arms wound tight around his waist. This, he thinks as he feels lips press fondly against his temple, is what makes him happy: wrapped in Junmyeon's warmth, safe and secure and loved. And if by chasing after his happiness meant moving in with him, then he couldn't wait to pack his bags and leave.

"That's the last of 'em, Mr. Do," The cheerful moving people chorus, and Kyungsoo flashes them all a tired smile as they file out of Junmyeon's apartment, whistling cheerfully as they heft their tools on their shoulders. Almost like the Seven Dwarves, he thinks amusedly as he collapses on Junmyeon's fluffy couch. They sold his comfy couch off, among other things, mainly because the upholstery clashes with Junmyeon's walls. He doesn't mind, though, because Junmyeon's couch is much more comfortable. And it's not just his couch anymore—it's theirs. And so are the curtains, the TV, the bookshelves, the entire flat. It's theirs, a shared living space, a home. Kyungsoo feels giddy at the thought.

He looks around the apartment as he tries to catch his breath, his smile never leaving his face. Boxes of all shapes and sizes litter the usually cluttered apartment, all labeled in Kyungsoo's neat handwriting. It's what's left of his stuff, after selling some unneeded ones and dumping the more important ones like school mementos in his ancestral home. Funny how most of his adult life could be summed up in a bunch of boxes, but he doesn't mind. He likes to think he's not a hoarder like Junmyeon, who keeps each and every tangible proof of his life, and that he only kept what matters. All of them are in his heart, anyway. Besides, the lighter the baggage, the easier it is to leave and to embark in new journeys, like this one.

As if Kyungsoo's musings beckoned him, Junmyeon pads out of the master's bedroom, an empty box tucked under his arm. "I'm done fixing the rest of your books, Soo," He says, tossing the box to the side before jumping to sprawl beside him, his head resting on Kyungsoo's stomach. "What else do we need to fix tonight?"

"Clothes and dishes. The other stuff aren't important," Kyungsoo hums, his hand running through Junmyeon's soft pink hair. How he managed to get away with pink hair when he teaches high schoolers is beyond Kyungsoo, but it suits him anyway. "Mm, I'm tired. You didn't tell me moving was so tedious. I would never have agreed."

Junmyeon laughs and wraps an arm around his waist, squeezing lightly. "Ah, stop complaining. At least now you have me to cuddle you whenever you want," He says. "And you have me to make you coffee just the way you like it."

"As if you wake up earlier than me," Kyungsoo snorts, rolling his eyes fondly when Junmyeon sticks his tongue out at him. "I usually make your breakfast, stop pretending that you're functional in the morning."

"Hey, I make breakfast sometimes," Junmyeon complains, pouting slightly. Kyungsoo kisses his forehead to placate him. "And sometimes even dinner, too."

"And you also clean sometimes, change linens sometimes, and fix your apartment sometimes. I just wonder how often is sometimes," He says, unimpressed as he twirls a lock of pink hair absently. "I have a feeling I'll still do all of that alone, even if I moved in here with you."

"Hey! Of course you won't! I'll help!" Junmyeon exclaims. "We can even make a schedule or something. Who's on dishwashing duty, who's on dinner duty, who's on sweeping duty..."

"As if we'll follow that schedule," Kyungsoo snorts. "We'll end up taking over each other's duties. And by we, I meant I."

"Hey, I'm a changed man. I'm domestic now," The latter says proudly. "I'll help cook dinner, clean the apartment, do the dishes and the laundry, the works. I'll even fold my clothes! I swear, I'll help you manage our home."

He knows Junmyeon's bringing out the big guns, with promises of domesticity and the emphasis on the use of plural pronouns. He also knows that despite being in a long-term relationship, Junmyeon is still a bachelor when it comes to his flat, and his promises of keeping their apartment neat will fall short within a few weeks, tops. But Kyungsoo is too tired to argue, and he is admittedly a big sap when it comes to these things, so he chuckles and ruffles Junmyeon's hair fondly. "Alright, love. Let's give it a shot," He agrees easily. "For now, let's grab dinner. I'm hungry."

"Takeout?" Junmyeon brightens. "Can we get pizza?"

"You really need to stop eating takeout, Junmyeon. It's not good for you," Kyungsoo shakes his head, but he's smiling as he straightens up. "But alright. I'm too tired to cook, and I think we deserve a large four-cheese pizza after all the work today."

"Extra bacon and mushrooms?" Junmyeon grins, and Kyungsoo could only nod once before the latter cheers and bounces off to order. He's such a child, he notes fondly as he pads towards their bedroom and flops onto their bed, hoping to catch a few winks before the food arrives.

(Junmyeon hops right beside him not long after, wrapping his limbs around him like a koala and demanding cuddles, and they end up watching cartoons while waiting for the pizza, but he doesn't mind.)

Mondays are hellish. Kyungsoo's twenty-something years of living has already proven this fact many, many times. There's something about Mondays that makes morning routines much more tense, and a little more tedious. Mondays are for adjusting back to the daily grind, transitioning from lazy mornings in to rush hour commutes and deadlines. Mondays are a challenge, even for morning people. Kyungsoo hates Mondays, hates it more than clutter and scrubbing burnt food off his pans and the way Chanyeol talks with his mouth full, but he has learned to tolerate it, adjusting his morning routine to fit the gloom that weighs everyone down on the first day of the work week.

He, however, didn't foresee the need to change his routine to match Junmyeon's when he moved in.

Kyungsoo woke up that morning to Junmyeon's alarm, which was set a good hour before his own. The latter, however, was still fast asleep despite the racket it caused, mumbling "Five more minutes," over and over until Kyungsoo fell asleep again as well, still tired after moving in that weekend. When they both wake up to Kyungsoo's alarm, Junmyeon was going to be late, and Kyungsoo will be too if he didn't get up and start moving soon. This resulted in a brief argument—"Why didn't you wake me up, Soo?" "I tried to! Why didn't you wake up to your alarm, then?"—before Junmyeon conceded and instead ran to the bathroom to take a quick shower. Kyungsoo sighed and went to the kitchen to make breakfast, only to find the pantry and fridge empty. He had to make do with the eggs and almost stale bagels he found in the fridge and instant coffee packets (Kyungsoo hates instant coffee) that he stumbled upon while looking for plates. After inhaling his share of their breakfast, he then engaged in a particularly annoying and cramped dance with Junmyeon for the bathroom sink, stepping aside so Junmyeon can finish shaving while he brushes his teeth. A shower that could've lasted five minutes but stretched to almost fifteen because Junmyeon forgot to throw away the empty shampoo and body wash bottles—again—and he had to check which ones still had product left later, Kyungsoo rushed to their bedroom only to see his clothes in a disarray. Apparently, Junmyeon didn't bother hanging up his other clothes, leaving them in slightly messy piles. This left him with no other choice but to wear a wrinkled white polo shirt and his least wrinkled khakis, and he barely resisted grumbling under his breath as he pulled on his shoes and ran to catch the elevator, where Junmyeon was waiting for him with his overstuffed, bland bagel so he can drive him to work, despite being almost late as well.

What makes Mondays extra difficult to swallow is the morning rush hour that gets exceptionally worse on the first day of the week, and Kyungsoo was reminded of this fact as he arrived almost half an hour late for work (he doesn't even want to think about Junmyeon's tardiness right now). He barged into the practice room breathless and sweat, and had to face the shame of fifteen young boys sitting on the hardwood floor, staring at him expectantly as they pore over Chinese handouts. He forgot he told them to come early so he can tutor them in Chinese, because he's the cool PD in their small but happy company. Apologizing profusely, he quickly started the lesson, pushing away his ire and immersing himself in halting Mandarin and shaky strokes, losing himself in electropop music and repetitive dance steps.

The workday stretched long for Kyungsoo, especially since one of the rookie soloists under his care will be debuting soon, which demanded extra effort and attention from him. It would've been a normal night for him, to go home late and crash on the couch and sleep his hunger and exhaustion away, but: one, he was really hungry, two, he lives with Junmyeon now, and three, he was in charge of dinner that night. But it was really late for him to still pass by the supermarket to buy ingredients and whip up a fresh hot meal, so he conceded and asked Junmyeon to order takeout instead, even if he was tired of ingesting greasy fast food. It was also really late for him to drop by the car repair shop to pick up his car—some kids crashed onto his door while biking, and he had to have it replaced—and Junmyeon was busy, so he had no other choice but to bid his trainees good night and rush to the bus stop so he can take the next bus home.

And so that is why he finds himself exhausted to the bone as he listlessly punches the passcode and opens the door to their flat, shoulders hunched and eyes drooping. Still, he smiles slightly in the sight of their home as he toes off his sneakers and places them neatly onto the almost empty shoe rack before making his way towards the living room—

—and tripping on one of Junmyeon's stray dress shoes, promptly falling on his face.

"Ow," Kyungsoo grumbles, rubbing his sore cheek and sitting up just in time to see Junmyeon rushing from the kitchen, dishwashing gloves on his hands.

"What happened?" The latter asks concernedly, helping him up and moving him to sit on the couch, pushing away some paper bags full of his students’ projects. He tugs off his gloves and replaces Kyungsoo's hand on his cheek, his gentle touch blessedly cool. "You alright, love?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Tripped on one of your shoes," He mumbles, wincing as Junmyeon brushes on a particularly smarting spot. "We have a shoe rack for a reason, Junmyeon. Don't just leave your shoes there."

"Oh, right. Sorry, love," Junmyeon says sheepishly, leaning to kiss his temple in apology. "Anyway, dinner? I got us the cheese-stuffed katsu that you like?"

Kyungsoo should really make sure his point gets across, seeing how Junmyeon easily dismissed his point. From his spot on the couch, he can see just how messy the living room is, Junmyeon's teaching materials and old clothes and books just lying around. They talked about this, really. But dinner sounds good, especially his favorite dish from the hole-in-the-wall Japanese restaurant nearby, and finally going to sleep sounds even better, so he sighs and concedes this time around. "Sounds great. I'm hungry," He says, and lets himself be led towards the dining room.

"So," Baekhyun asks over his plate of lasagna. "How's domestic life with Junmyeon?"

"What do you think?" Kyungsoo replies, picking at his pasta salad. They're at the fancy-looking but surprisingly cheap café near their office, passing time while waiting for their trainees to finish their Chinese lessons. It's not like they have to be there, anyway. "Moving in is not as romantic as how films paint it to be."

"Nothing is as romantic as how films show it," Baekhyun laughs. "Alright, spill it. I promise I won't tell Junmyeon. How is he?"

"As a boyfriend? Still great," He shrugs, fishing out a piece of broccoli and swirling it in the cream sauce. "It's good to come home to cuddles after a long day. Plus he can now do those cute things you hate, like leaving little treats in my bag to find later and sticking cute notes all over the apartment for me to read. Surprisingly, I'm still not tired of his face nor his jokes and his random, dorky dancing. If anything, I feel even closer to him, seeing him in his natural state. The living in together thing is great."

"And?" Baekhyun presses on, still noticing the small frown on his face. "As a housemate?"

"...Not so much," Kyungsoo admits. "You know how messy and scatterbrained he can get. I'm not used to having my living space as messy as how it is right now. We talked about it already but he just never follows through, you know? And I'm fine with a little clutter, really, but now it's not uncommon that I trip on something or step on something or sit on something. It's a mess. The flat is a mess. And I'm so tired of having to fix all of that by myself."

"Uh huh. And you talked about it how, exactly?" The latter asks, sipping his drink thoughtfully. "You know Junmyeon can get a bit...ditzy."

"Oh, no. We really sat down and talked about it. We even made a schedule and everything. His suggestion, by the way," Kyungsoo interjects as Baekhyun opens his mouth to retort. "But he rarely follows it through. I mean, I know he's busy with work, but I am, too. I can't clean for two and wash dishes for two and cook for two all the time. I need the extra hand, too. But—ugh, I don't know. It's like whenever it's his turn to work I'm just magically freer than his, or his work is so subpar that I have to redo it."

"Kyungsoo, I understand that you want your living space to uphold some standard of neatness, but you can't expect Junmyeon to be the exact same person as you," Baekhyun says gently, reaching over to hold his hand and rub his thumb across his knuckles soothingly. "And you can't expect him to read your mind, either. Talk to him. Again and again and again. Nothing is ever just black and white. Don't just conform. Compromise."

"I'm trying, Baekhyun," Kyungsoo sighs, stealing a forkful of Baekhyun's lasagna. "I don't know. Maybe I'm just still off-kilter at the change in my routines."

"Maybe," Baekhyun agrees, smiling. "But I think he deserves another chance, yeah? Maybe today is the day that he'll prove you wrong. What's his task for today?"

"He's in charge of dinner," He shakes his head. "Remind me to drop by any house of worship nearby to pray for my pots and pans."

"Ah, I'll have to go with you on this one," Baekhyun winces, and Kyungsoo laughs as they both go back to their lunch. "Does he even know how to cook?"

"We'll find out tonight," Kyungsoo answers, and laughs harder when Baekhyun shudders at the thought.

Kyungsoo knows something is up as soon as he opens the door.

The moment he steps into the apartment, he is hit with the smell of cheese. Tomatoes and herbs and garlic and cheese. Now, he's not saying that's not a good thing to go home to—his stomach is violently rumbling now—but Junmyeon asked him to text before he left the office so he can prepare dinner, and Kyungsoo left the office half an hour ago. It's near impossible to make something in that short amount of time.

"Junmyeon?" He calls, toeing off his shoes and placing them neatly on the shoe rack before carefully padding towards the kitchen. He's not sure what he's expecting, but he hopes it's not a ruined pan. Those are expensive.

Thankfully, it's just Junmyeon in the kitchen, scrubbing away happily at the sink as steaming plates of lasagna sit on the dining table. He has to admit, the food looks great. Too great, a small voice whispers at the back of his head, and he moves closer to inspect it. Perfectly melted cheese, perfectly cooked sauce, and it even had chopped basil on top. The serving is also perfectly sliced, almost as if it was cooked like that. Hmm...

"Oh! Hello, love!" Junmyeon says brightly, wiping his hands on a dishtowel and moving to hug him. He smells like soap and cologne. "Let's eat?"

"Uh, sure..." Kyungsoo trails off, pulling up a chair and sitting across his boyfriend. "Um. Thanks for dinner."

"No biggie. So how was your day?" Junmyeon asks, diving right into his pasta with much enthusiasm. "How were the kids today? They had an exam, right?"

"Yeah. Their Chinese exam was hard, but I'm sure they managed," Kyungsoo replies, shoving a forkful of lasagna into his mouth. It's tangy and cheesy and awfully familiar. Almost like Baekhyun's lasagna that he took bites of earlier. "Uh, love? Did you make this?"

"Why, is it not good?" Junmyeon looks up, a drop of sauce resting on the corner of his lip.

"No, it's great. It's just that it tastes awfully like the lasagna I had earlier," Kyungsoo says, and blinks when Junmyeon blanches. "Did you make this, Junmyeon?"

"Uh...no?" The latter answers hesitantly, grimacing when Kyungsoo's eyes widen at the confession. Kyungsoo quickly scans the room and spots a small pile of takeout boxes from the same restaurant he ate at earlier, conspicuously piled on top of the trash bin.

"Are those takeout boxes?" He asks quietly, and he hears Junmyeon gulp.

"Love, I'm sorry—look, I can explain—"

"You said," He grits his teeth, interrupting Junmyeon's excuse, "That you can prepare dinner tonight. You even asked me what I wanted. I didn't know that translated to takeout. If I had known, then I should've gone home early to cook. Junmyeon, what the hell?"

"Soo, I'm—I can't cook, you know that," Junmyeon explains hastily. "I'm really sorry, love. I tried, I really did, but—"

"You could have told me, Junmyeon!" Kyungsoo throws his hands in the air, frustrated. "Then I would know what I have to do and what I can leave up to you."

"Sorry, love," Junmyeon mumbles, but Kyungsoo is tired, he's so done, and all the frustration from the past week is coming back full force.

"I don't even know why we still have the schedule when we don't even follow it," Kyungsoo continues. "I still end up cleaning and cooking. Might as well just change everything to my name of I'll end up doing everything."

"Sorry, love."

"And how many times do I have to tell you things before you do it? Junmyeon, you don't live alone anymore. If you've become used to maneuvering around your clutter, I haven't. Would it kill you to tidy up a bit? Maybe lessen the hazards I can trip on? Or put all your clutter on one side so no one accidentally sits on it?"

"Sorry, love."

"Honestly, Junmyeon, you don't have to keep the flat extra neat, but at least have a semblance of order. It's so tiring to go home to a messy apartment, and sometimes I'm too tired to fix it for the both of us. I know you're tired and busy, but I am, too. I don't always have the energy to make things less cluttered. It's as easy as taking a few minutes to set everything aside. If I can do it, why can't you?"

"Sorry, love."

Kyungsoo sighs frustratedly. "Junmyeon, you can't just make up for everything with 'sorry, love.'"

"...Sorry, love," Junmyeon replies, looking up at him with sad eyes, and he feels his resolve crumbling. Junmyeon does look sorry, and he knows he's trying his best, but Kyungsoo is just too tired today, and this just opened the floodgates. And, really, Junmyeon has to get his shit together. Literally.

"Whatever," He mumbles, pushing his plate away and standing up. "I'll eat my share tomorrow."

"Kyungsoo..." Junmyeon calls softly, but Kyungsoo just makes his way to their bedroom, closing the door behind him firmly. He goes to the en suite bathroom and brushes his teeth, changes his clothes, washes his face. He flosses and cleans his glasses and puts on night cream. He makes his way to the bed and crawls under the covers, burying himself under thick yellow sheets and closes his eyes to chase the exhaustion away.

The night is quiet and the bed is cold. He tries to ignore that fact.

(Later, Junmyeon crawls into bed beside him. He hears the bedsprings creak and the empty space beside him dip as the scent of peaches invades his senses. He hears a mumbled, "I'm sorry," and he feels fingers ghosting across his forehead, brushing away errant strands. But what he doesn't feel is a sturdy arm wrapping around his waist, ankles locking with his and legs tanglig in his own, like they all normally do, and when he turns, he sees Junmyeon fast asleep, his back facing him.

He has trouble falling back asleep after that.)

It's Kyungsoo's day off, and he wakes up to an empty bed and an emptier house. He knows Junmyeon left already—he heard him move earlier this morning, and before Junmyeon left, he kissed him on the forehead as usual—but that doesn't make it less lonelier. Top it off with the fact that they argued last night and Kyungsoo has never felt so bad in months. Years, even. He hates fighting with Junmyeon.

With a sigh, he hauls himself out of bed and shuffles to the kitchen, wondering what to eat for breakfast. Maybe toast, or bagels if he finds some. Probably a cup of coffee and—

Kyungsoo stops mid-yawn to process the sight before him. In the dining table is a plate of waffles, bacon, and slightly burnt eggs. There's also a pot of coffee, a bottle of storebought orange juice, and their jar of maple syrup. Beside the cutlery is a post-it with Junmyeon's scrawl on it, and Kyungsoo pushes his glasses up to read the note.


I made you breakfast to make up for last night. It's not much and I burnt the eggs, but I hope you like it. Enjoy your day off, love! I'll see you tonight (if you're not mad enough to let me in). I love you and I'm sorry :-(


Kyungsoo's heart aches with so much guilt and affection, his finger tracing the small sad face over and over again as he takes a seat in front of the food. Junmyeon is really trying his best. Maybe not in the way Kyungsoo wanted him to, but he's trying, and Kyungsoo is such an ass for invalidating that. They should talk about it later, he thinks as he digs into his breakfast. The eggs are burnt and the waffles are kind of raw (he likes his waffles toasted), but it's the best meal he's ever had.

Junmyeon finds him huddled under a blanket on the couch, watching cartoons. (It's his day off, alright? Don't judge.)

"I'm home, love," Junmyeon says, smiling at him. There's still sadness lurking in his smile, but it's genuine and bright all the same. He approaches him with small, hesitant steps, and he places the most gentle (and fleeting) of kisses on the top of his head. "I'll just change clothes and I'll join you, okay?"

"Alright," He nods, watching Junmyeon walk away to their bedroom to switch to something more comfortable than his polo and slacks. The high school teacher emerges after a few moments, now decked in a worn college shirt and jogging pants, his contacts swapped for his glasses.

"Come here," Kyungsoo beckons, and when Junmyeon settles on the space beside him, he surprises him by tackling him into a big, bear hug so uncharacteristically Kyungsoo.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Junmyeon asks, rubbing his back comfortingly. Kyungsoo rarely initiates cuddles, and him doing so means something's wrong. "What's the matter, love?"

"M'sorry," He mumbles against the collar of Junmyeon's shirt, seeking solace in the smell of his cologne and their laundry detergent and Junmyeon's peach shampoo. "I'm sorry for last night. I didn't mean to yell at you."

"You didn't yell, Soo. And honestly, I deserve it," Junmyeon hums, reaching over to take Kyungsoo's hand in his. "I'm sorry, too. I've been a terrible housemate lately, and I can only guess how frustrated you felt trying to adjust to me. I'm sorry I didn't think of you."

"Maybe we're just both too used to being alone," Kyungsoo says. "But I'm really trying, Junmyeon. I really am, and I know you are too."

"Perhaps we're just not trying hard enough," The latter agrees. "But that's fine. We'll keep on trying, and we'll be okay. I'll eventually learn how to cook and clean."

"And I'll eventually learn how to ignore your mess," He jokes, earning him a pinch on the side. "For now, though, we should revise the schedule. Maybe play with our strengths first before we split it evenly."

"Sounds good to me," Junmyeon replies. "Why don't I handle the dishwashing and the vacuuming while you handle cooking and cleaning? Fair enough?"

"Yeah. I like that idea," He nods. "But you've got to try cooking next time."

"I will, but only if you'll teach me," Junmyeon winks, and it's his turn to get pinched on the side. "But seriously. We'll work this out, the whole living in together thing. We'll be able to adjust our routines and eventually learn to be the cute domestic couple everyone makes us out to be. Right? We'll be okay, right?"

Kyungsoo looks up at Junmyeon's endearing, gentle eyes, so full of warmth and forgiveness. He looks at their apartment, cluttered and disorganized but homey and lived-in. He looks at their intertwined hands, marvels in the way that their fingers fit snug against each other and thinks that maybe their habits aren't perfect fits but they were meant to be linked together anyway. He looks at Junmyeon once more and lets affection and love wash over him, freeing him from frustration and ire and guilt, and filling him with light. So what if their habits and routines clash? So what if Junmyeon is a mess and Kyungsoo is a neat freak? So what if sometimes they struggle with the whole living together setup? They face many battles, many roadblocks to their happy ending, but as long as they conquer them together, he doesn't see what's wrong with that.

"We'll be okay," Kyungsoo says, smiling up at Junmyeon and squeezing his hand.

Date: 2016-09-19 10:25 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] nyu-96.livejournal.com
This was amazing, it seemed so realistic yet so sweet. It was a nice read thanks !

Date: 2016-09-20 07:57 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] shortersundays.livejournal.com
eeeee i loved this! :D
i really liked the structure of this fic, how you introduced the history of their relationship and how you then took it back to the present. the way they fell in love read as very natural and it made me feel warm even though it was kept short
i enjoyed seeing how affectionate they are, how genuinely they love each other and how they still seem ~newly in love even after such a long time together. especially loved the moment where ksoo tells baekhyun about the many things he likes abt jm

And it's not just his couch anymore—it's theirs. And so are the curtains, the TV, the bookshelves, the entire flat. It's theirs, a shared living space, a home. really loved this part >< it nicely shows the change in perspective that comes wth moving in together

i really liked the conflict, too; how plausible it was because of their personalities and because it's a serious issue
i liked that throughout the fight, they didn't seriously question their relationship though because they both know how strong their love for each other is and that they can get through it together
(although junmyeon's "We'll be okay, right?" showed that it was gnawing on him n that it did make him insecure despite his seemingly unaffected ("sorry, love") replies earlier)
i love that in the end they decided to put effort into solving their issue Together and constructively by meeting each other halfway

i enjoyed ksoo's friendship w baekhyun and that he received so much encouragement from him but also that baekhyun didn't hesitate to point out that kyungsoo was in danger of disregarding junmyeon's perspective.
i also really liked the little insights into ksoo's work because it was a profession i haven't encountered yet in fic

"Maybe we're just both too used to being alone," Kyungsoo says. "But I'm really trying, Junmyeon. I really am, and I know you are too." this was so sweet!!!! i love the way you ended this fic, implying that they'll be fine and that they'll deal with their differences, and that they'll do it together

thank you so much for writing this fic ❤


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