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Prompt number : 40
Title : Over Soup and Kisses
Pairing : Luhan/Xiumin
Rating : NC-17
Word Count : 3,027 words
Summary : Minseok catches a cold so Luhan comes over bringing soup and warm blankets to keep him company and help him get better.
Author's Note : Thank you Lore for beta-ing it so quickly!! For the prompter I hope you are ok with the pairing since it was an any/any prompt. I also hope the fluffiness is enough :)

“Go forward go quickly they are close behind us” someone yelled in his ear. “They are coming!”

He run as fast as he could carefully in the shadows of the big buildings. He had never been here before, he didn’t even know how he came here. The gun in his hands heavy as he tried to escape from his hunters. He was scared, really scared, he could feel his heart beating fast, his breathing uneven.

But something seemed odd. In this abandoned, destroyed city, where no sign of other human beings was evident, he could hear a faint song from somewhere. He stopped in an intersection desperately looking around for the source of the song. Then he noticed that he wasn’t alone. Right across the street was one of his hunters, his gun aiming at him. A loud noise echoed as the hunter pulled the trigger and Luhan felt the bullet hitting him as he fell.

He opened his eyes, panting. Sweat dripping from his forehead, limbs tangled in the sheets from all the tossing and turning. ‘It was a dream he thought’. Next to him, on the nightstand there was his phone, ringing. The music he was listening to in his dream. He picked it up wondering who was calling him at 3 in the morning. “Min” was written on the screen.

“Baby? Are you ok? Why are you calling at this hour?” he asked as he answered the call.

A growl. “Hannieeee,” he heard Minseok saying from the other end of the line. “I am sick”

“Oh, do you have a fever? How do you feel?” Luhan asked as he sat up from his bed.

“Yeees,” Minseok coughed. “I am cold and I have a fever and I ran out of meds, can you please bring me some?”

“Of course baby. I will be right there ok? See you in a bit.” He hung up and rushed to get dressed and leave as quickly as he could.

He searched in the dark for the flower pot where he knew the other kept the spare key. He found it and opened the door slowly. All lights were off, reasonably in the middle of the night. He couldn’t hear anything, maybe Minseok had fallen back asleep.

He stopped by the kitchen to leave the food supplies he had brought with him and the meds he fetched after driving around Seoul in a search of an open pharmacy. He flicked the light on the small table by the corridor on while he made his way to Minseok’s bedroom. When he entered the room, he could make out Minseok’s sleeping form all curled up in the blankets. He moved slowly and turned on the small lamp by the nightstand as well. He sat by the bed caressing his boyfriend’s flushed cheeks. He had fever, Luhan could feel the hotness of his cheeks against his palm. He knew the other hadn’t taken any meds till now so he shook him lightly by the shoulder whispering his name.

“Min, baby wake up I brought you the meds”, he saw Minseok stirring in his sleep before opening his eyes.

“Hannie?” he asked before he started coughing.

“Hey babe I am here. Can you sit straight? I need to take your temperature and give you the meds.” Minseok nodded slightly and got up, sitting against the bed frame. Luhan handed him the thermometer and went to the bathroom to wet a towel and place it on Minseok’s forehead. The small man sighed at the cold against his burning skin.

When Minseok removed the thermometer it signed that his temperature was 39 degrees Celsius. Luhan gave him a glass of water and a paracetamol, wetting his towel again. He then sat next to Minseok, hugging the other protectively while running soothing circles on Minseok’s back as the other coughed. Luhan changed the towel regularly.

After half an hour, as the medicine started to kick in, Minseok feel asleep in a restless sleep. His exhaustion added with the sudden, presumably, flu had tired him even more. He was glad Luhan was there for him, his presence reassuring even if Minseok had barely spoke to the other.

Luhan was staring at his fragile boyfriend snoring softly as he slept against his chest when his alarm rang. He closed it and sent Jongdae a quick message telling him that he would be taking a day off and to inform their boss. When Minseok woke up again a little after 7 am Luhan had just fallen asleep.

“Min? How are you, ok?” Luhan mumbled in his sleeping state.

“I feel like I was hit by a truck,” Minseok said groaning after he sneezed a couple of times.

“Come here,” he opened his hands in an invitation for Minseok to lay next to him. He held the other tightly, planting a kiss on Minseok’s forehead.

“Don’t you have work?” Minseok mumbled buried in Luhan’s chest.

“I called Jongdae,” Luhan kissed him once more. “Sleep now you need rest.”

They slept for a few more hours before Luhan woke up to a violently shivering Minseok, gritting his teeth and rubbing his hands together. He gave the smaller man a few more meds.Placing a freshly wet towel on his forehead, he went to the kitchen to make something for breakfast.

“Hannie,” Minseok said, halting Luhan by the door frame. “Thank you.”

Luhan only smiled at him. That beautiful warm smile of his that could make Minseok melt every time he saw it. He smiled and then left to the kitchen.

He made something simple consisting of some French toast and warm tea with honey for Minseok’s sore throat. He put everything on a tray and took them to the bedroom. As he let the tray on top of Minseok’s lap and wet the towel once again he saw Minseok pouting at him and making grabby hands. He chuckled. He sat next to his sick boyfriend and hugged him lovingly.

“A little whiny aren’t we?” he said as he heard the other whimper. The older just nodded. He knew the other became all clingy and dependent when he was sick but he loved having just another chance to take care of his boyfriend and maybe spoil him a little.

“Do you want me to feed you?” Luhan asked sweetly, blowing the tea to cool it down.
“Yes please,” Minseok pouted. He was just so adorable. Luhan leaned in to kiss him but Minseok moved away.

“Noooo, no don’t kiss me! You will get sick too,” he refused pushing Luhan away.

“Min, if I am going to get sick I will because I am staying with you, it doesn’t matter if I kiss you or not. So, let me kiss you,” Luhan tried to reason.

“No no I don’t want to make you sick,” Minseok insisted despite his body contradicting him as he snuggled closer to Luhan’s side. He could be so stubborn some times.

“Stop being so cute and irresistible then,” Luhan said feeding Minseok his French toast. “After we eat I will go shopping. I want to make you some soup.”

“You don’t have to do that Hannie.”

“I want to. I promised you that I will take care of you no matter what didn’t I?” Minseok nodded. “Good then,” he smiled finally stealing a kiss from Minseok. The other punched him playfully in the arm when he realized that he had kissed him back.

After they ate Minseok fell back asleep to rest and let the meds work and his fever to cool down as Luhan left for his grocery shopping quest. He was never really fond of shopping and cooking. His diet mostly consisting of instant noodles and fast food save the times Minseok would cook for him.

‘So, chicken soup’ he thought. ‘How do you make chicken soup? For starters I am going to need chicken’ he was deeply immersed in his inner monolog as he roamed around the supermarket shelves in order to find the correct ingredients. Upon standing in front of the meat section he kept staring at the refrigerator and all the different kinds of chicken. Sure he could always go back and get an instant soup, heat it and decide it was fine but no he wanted to try cooking for Minseok. ‘What should I get? Whole chicken? Wings? Chicken breast? Legs?’ After debating for what seemed like eternity to him he finally decided to call his mother and ask for advice and a recipe.

When he returned to Minseok’s apartment he found the said man curled up in his bed watching cartoons. He chuckled at the image.

“Hey baby how are you feeling?” Luhan asked as he sat on the bed.

“Less tired I guess,” Minseok mumbled behind his blanket.

“Are you still shivering?” Luhan asked, placing a hand on his boyfriend’s forehead to check his temperature.

“No, I think I am ok for now,” Minseok pouted, blinking cutely.

When Luhan tried to kiss that pout off he was pushed back again.

“No kisses!” Minseok hissed. “I told you I am not going to kiss you until I get better. I don’t want to get you sick too!”

Luhan laughed. “Ok ok, I am going to make some lunch, stay here ok?” When Minseok nodded, he returned to the kitchen to start the soup.

Well, making the soup…Luhan could say that it was relatively easy. He put the chicken to boil, he cut some vegetables and rinsed them.. It went well, he might say. Right? At some point Minseok came in to accompany him, driven by the scent. Time passed, the meal was cooked and it was time to eat it.

He served two bowls of soup and went to sit next to Minseok on the couch as the other put a movie in for them to watch. He handed one of the bowls to Minseok and urged him to eat, waiting for his reaction. The other took the hot bowl in his small hands, carefully eating a spoonful after blowing it a little to cool it down. He could see Luhan all tense in front of him, nursing his lip in anxiety.

“It’s good, thank you Hannie,” he smiled to the other.

“Oh good I was so worried I did something wrong,” Luhan exhaled loudly. “Here let me start the movie now.” He pressed the button for the movie to start, covered them with a small blanket Minseok had brought from the bedroom and cuddled with the other. He let his soup cool down a bit before he tried it, but when he did…

“Miiiin!! Why didn’t you tell me the soup tasted this bad??” he asked turning to see the other still eating his soup, spoon hanging midair.

“It’s ok,” the other shrugged.

“No it’s not, there is no flavor! I forgot to put any spices in it!” Minseok wanted to laugh at Luhan’s distraught expression.

“Baby, it’s ok. I like it, sure it could have had some flavor yeah, but you made it and I know you tried. It’s fine.” He smiled sweetly, eating another spoonful for a good measure.

“Are you sure? I can try making something else…or order, order seems safer.” Luhan tried to get up but Minseok stopped him.

“I am really sure. Now sit, eat. Let’s watch this movie and cuddle.”

“O-ok” Luhan settled again back down taking his own bowl. After some bites, it wasn’t so bad...just plain...really plain...but he could live with it.

Sometime around the middle of the movie, Minseok was practically laying on Luhan. He had his legs folded on Luhan’s lap and his head was resting on the other’s chest, just above his heart to feel his heartbeat. Minseok always mention how he liked to listen to Luhan’s heartbeat, how it was something that could calm him down. His small hand was laying on top of Luhan’s on his belly, while Luhan was running his other hand soothingly through Minseok’s hair. At this rate he thought Minseok would fall asleep before the movie could end.


“What is it kitten?” Luhan asked kissing Minseok’s head, eyes still on the television.

“I talked to Jongdae earlier, when you were cooking,” Minseok spoke drowsily.

“Oh really? What did he say?”

“He asked if I feel any better and sounded amazed you even tried to cook,” Minseok said, intertwining their fingers.

“Well I am amazed too,” Luhan chuckled.

“He told me he knows a way for me to get better faster,” Minseok continued stealing a glance at the other.

“Really? What is it?”

“Well,” Minseok cleared his throat. “You know, get intimate,” he said after a small pause.

It took Luhan a few moments before he realized what Minseok actually meant by that. “Oh,” Luhan gaped. “That goes against your ‘no kissing you will get sick rule’ though,” he commented.

“I know I just said what he told me,” Minseok faked innocence.

“What you are doing with your hand comes in contrast with you words, kitten.” Luhan pointed at where Minseok hand was so subtly playing with the hem of Luhan’s pants, slightly pressing his crotch.

When Minseok didn’t respond neither stopped what he was doing, Luhan lifted his boyfriend’s chin to look at him, only to find the other staring back at him with the most innocent and wide eyes. He looked at Minseok questioningly, waiting for the other to confirm at least that he wanted to try it. It’s not that Luhan believed Jongdae, it was probably something the other just told Minseok because he knew once an idea was stuck in the other’s mind it wouldn’t easily leave and he most likely was looking for something to make fun of him for later.

Either way the only answer Luhan got was Minseok blinking cutely. He chuckled as he leaned forward to kiss the other. This time Minseok didn’t push him away, instead he wrapped his arms around Luhan’s neck. He lifted himself, turning so he could straddle Luhan, as the other hugged him tightly.

In the beginning it was only pecks, small, soft kisses before Minseok tried to deepen the kiss. Luhan stood up carefully, carrying the other to the bedroom. He carefully laid Minseok on the bed, climbing on top of him and covering them both with the blanket.

“We don’t what to get you sick,” he grinned and Minseok smacked his hand laughing too.

“You are so beautiful,” Luhan whispered as he kissed Minseok’s nose making the other giggle. They kissed again, sweetly, tenderly.

Luhan lifted Minseok’s oversized baby blue sweater revealing his thin waist. How he loved Minseok’s small waist. He planted small kisses all over the other’s torso before removing the sweater completely. He turned his attention back to Minseok’s collarbones, as his hand was roaming up and down Minseok’s chest. Minseok held Luhan by his hair when he felt the other nipping his nipple. He gave a small kiss right above Minseok’s heart, smiling.

He continued kissing Minseok tenderly as his hand traveled south rubbing against the latter’s bulge. Small moans left Minseok’s mouth at the touch.

When he felt Minseok’s hands on his shoulders pushing him down, he stopped sucking marks on the other’s neck. He stripped him of his pants and underwear, stroking him a few times before mouthing at the base of Minseok’s hard member, licking a straight line till the top and sucking. He felt Minseok lurching.

He continued sucking Minseok, maintaining eye contact as he swirled his tongue expertly. Minseok reached over to the nightstand taking the lube and offering it to Luhan who poured a generous amount on his fingers. He gave him one last suck before trailing his hot tongue against Minseok’s entrance making the other shiver. But he wasn’t about teasing.

He kissed Minseok’s thigh as he pushed a finger in the other’s tight hole. He fingered him slowly, sucking him again and adding another finger to scissor him open. A third finger was added and Minseok was already drowning in pleasure.

“Luhan,” Minseok purred.

Minseok licked his lips unconsciously as he watched Luhan strip as well, watching the other rolling a condom over his swollen member. Luhan positioned himself between Minseok’s legs, opening them wide and placing them around his waist. The kissed the latter as he entered him causing them both to moan into the kiss. He set a slow, gentle pace.

Luhan pressed their foreheads together and looked at his boyfriend melting underneath him. He watched Minseok’s eyelashes flutter as he came closer to climax.

“Touch yourself, kitten,” he breathed.

He felt Minseok shove a hand between their bodies, quickly stroking himself. His thrusts shattered as he felt Minseok clench around him and come all over his hand. Luhan came soon after as Minseok kissed him.

He collapsed next to Minseok, panting. Turning to look at each other they smiled. Luhan got up to bring a towel and clean up Minseok before they snuggled together under the covers, falling asleep.

After they woke up they bathed and ordered something to eat and continued watching the movie they had left earlier.

Later that night Minseok nuzzled into the crook of Luhan’s neck and fell asleep, free of fever.

Minseok woke earlier on Sunday morning and decided to bring Luhan breakfast in bed. He hadn’t had a fever since yesterday noon and he was already feeling better, maybe on Monday he could go to work.

They mostly stayed curled up in bed, limbs tangled and hair sticking to any direction, watching TV and sharing lazy kisses. They ate a late dinner that Minseok made, just to be safe. Luhan left later that evening to go to his own house and prepare for his work the next day.

Minseok groaned as he woke up in the middle of the night to his phone ringing.

“Minnie” a whine came. “You made me get sick” Luhan whined again.

Minseok chuckled. “I am sorry Hannie, I am coming over.” He closed his phone and begun to get dressed. It was his time to call and fake sickness to avoid work it seemed. ‘Silly deer’ he thought as he left his apartment.

Date: 2016-09-15 06:39 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] oishiiii.livejournal.com
at least they had fun and forgot that they're sick for a moment.

I thought they'd have sex without kissing :)))


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